About the Nag Hammadi Library Section

In December 1945, a set of 52 religious and philosophical texts, hidden in an earthenware jar for 1,600 years, was accidentally unearthed.

This corpus of 1,200 pages is currently conserved at the Coptic Museum in Cairo and contains one text in particular that made the headlines - the Gospel according to Thomas, which was originally called 'the secret words of Jesus written by Thomas'.

The library comprises 13 books, known as codices according to the scientific name given to any collection of sheets folded in two and sown together. These books represent the oldest known specimens to date.

A example of the codices discovered in 1945 at the foot of Gebel el Tarif mountain: most of these codices were protected in a leather case, such as the one shown here.

An Overview of the Nag Hammadi Texts

Codex I  
(Jung Codex) 1. The Prayer of the Apostle Paul
  2. The Apocryphon of James
  3. The Gospel of Truth
  4. The Treatise on the Resurrection
  5. The Tripartite Tractate
Codex II 6. The Apocryphon of John
  7. The Gospel According to Thomas
  8. The Gospel According to Philip
  9. The Hypostasis of the Archons
  10. On the Origin of the World
  11. The Exegesis on the Soul
  12. The Book of Thomas the Contender
Codex III 13. The Apocryphon of John
  14. The Gospel of the Egyptians
  15. Eugnostos the Blessed
  16. The Sophia of Jesus Christ
  17. The Dialogue of the Saviour
Codex IV 18. The Apocryphon of John
  19. The Gospel of the Egyptians
Codex V 20. Eugnostos the Blessed
  21. The Apocalypse of Paul
  22. The First Apocalypse of James
  23. The secomd Apocalypse of James
  24. The Apocalypse of Adam
Codex VI 25. The Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles
  26. The Thunder, Perfect Mind
  27. Authoritative Teaching
  28. The Concept of Our Great Power
  29. Plato's Republic 588A-589B
  30. The Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth
  31. The Prayer of Thanksgiving
  32. Fragment of the Perfect Discourse
Codex VII 33. The Paraphrase of Shem
  34. The Second Treatise of the Great Seth
  35. The Apocalypse of Peter
  36. The Teachings of Silvanus
  37. The Three Steles of Seth
Codex VIII 38. Zostrianos
  39. The Letter of Peter to Philip
Codex IX 40. Melchizedek
  41. The Thought of Norea
  42. The Testimony of Truth
Codex X 43. Marsanes
Codex XI 44. The Interpretation of Knowledge
  45. A Valentinian Exposition
  46. Allogenes
  47. Hypsiphrone
Codex XII 48. The Sentences of Sextus
  49. The Gospel of Truth
  50. Unidentified fragments
Codex XIII 51. Trimorphic Protennoia
  52. On the Origin of the World