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22nd October 2012, 08:36
Michael Tellinger in Durban - Sunday 4th Nov 2012

I will be doing a special presentation in Durban, South Africa, on Sunday 4th November 2012 at the Catalina Theatre, Wilsons Wharf. Starting at 12 noon to 3 pm. Tickets are R100 at the door and booking is advised through adele@zuluplanet.com

There is so much information at this stage that it is impossible to present everything in one sitting. So I will combine the core of info from my 3 books to show a long and incredible journey that brought us all here to this point where more and more people are looking for real answers about our human origins – our connection to the stars and our cosmic family.

I will present exciting evidence that has been derived from archaeology, the millions of stone ruins across southern Africa, ancient tools and artefacts; the laws of nature, scientific research and our latest understanding of genetics and the true role that our DNA plays in our physical and spiritual presence on Earth.

All this information is deeply entangled with the nature of reality and the convergence of science and spirituality that makes it easier for us to wake up from our long sleep as a species – our great awakening in a time of great change – and come to terms with who we are and why we are here precisely at this point in time. It is also connected to the crumbling socio-economic structures around the world and the fall of those who have desperately been trying to control us as living breathing human beings. My personal experience with action against the banksters has given me a new insight into this control system that has enslaved us for more than 6,000 years.

What I have learnt from my personal journey is that “human nature” is not one of laziness, greed or violence, but actually the complete opposite. It is one of giving, compassion and infinite creation. Remember that at the quantum level, everything is connected, and that makes all of us connected – that is why at the deepest level of our battered souls we yearn for Unity Consciousness, to resonate as ONE and with this cosmic resonance of unity create abundance for all on all levels. This is what our lives are supposed to be all about. Infinite bliss – connected to the divine source of unity consciousness.

Share this with those who may be interested - Hope to see you there if you are nearby.

Keep exploring – Michael Tellinger