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22nd May 2008, 20:51
Een van my vriende in die 4X4 klub vandag, en ek maak seker dat ek niks hiervan van hulle vertel nie, hulle lag my af

There is no sign (and no hope, IMO) that SA will manage to avoid the typical post-Colonial meltdown and mayhem that every independent African country south of the Sahara, has experienced, or will experience.

I believe that, when the African uhuru / independence bubble bursts (and all the norms of civilisation, and infrastructure, have been destroyed), just about the entire sub-Saharan region will have to be re-colonised, and those nouveaux colonists will most likely be the Chinese .... the Western Europeans don't have the guts for it any more. If natives of Africa think they had it tough under "white" imperialists, they are in for a tough time when the "yellow" imperialists take over.

The only variable in what I call my 'pendulum theory' is the length of time it takes for the pendulum to reach its lowest point, and how long it takes to go up again ....

Ou man kan ek hierdie man reghelp hy is "negateF" hou the hel":tongue_1: Help me