View Full Version : What about them?

29th August 2013, 15:57
So I have been pondering a thought that gives me restless nights, who can tell me, how it works, bear with me, there are a few questions in one theory, so if good and evolved souls pass on after have learned the lessens to be learned and have reached the necessary spiritual growth, do they pass on to the next plane or do they stay here to help and guide? it seems to me that the cosmic universe is very unbalanced right now, it seems as though the evil in this world or the dark souls/young souls/soulless far outweigh the good souls. if the earth is the lowest hemisphere for souls to be brought into to evolve and learn, then it seems that the earth is overrun with darkness more than light. some souls just don't learn, some take quite a few lifetimes and if the good souls (the wise) all leave this plane, who will then guide the lost souls? what will happen when there is only chaos and destruction because it seems pretty much like that at the moment, what makes me sad is that whilst every soul must journey his/her own path to learn and evolve so many innocent lifes suffer, all beings living are here for a reason, it just feels like some people and animals live pointless lives, because apathy must be turned into empathy yet it is a lesson some do not learn and lifes goes to waste because of this. I am scared for everyone and everything on this earth who is left in the hands of ignorant souls, and too few to guide and protect and teach, without enough of them this earth seems lost to darkness, but I ask, can you choose to go to a better place or do you stay and help? everyone wants something better and will not necessarely pass up the upportunity for that, so please explain to me if this is the case, how will this earth survive all the darkness if there is not enough light to guide humans back to the light within? what about all the lives that must suffer the same fate over and over because the souls don't evolve?:unsure_1: