View Full Version : His last day...

10th September 2013, 13:03
Such another cold winters day
I suffer, I starve, the fate of a stray
My broken down body is at display for mankind to see
I really hoped that someone with compassion would come to save me
But they all walk on by, throw stones and yell
What have I ever done to endure such a life of hell?
Night is coming and I feel my heartbeat fading
Filled with sorrow, filled with despair
Not one single human showed they care
So I try to curl up my aching body,
close my eyes and slip away alone,….unloved
As I lay there dying I wondered, is there anyone out there who cares,
about another dying stray…

Die Vrou
12th September 2013, 08:03
Daar is ontelbaar baie sulke gevalle van 'n lewe wat doodgaan .. stoksiel alleen .. hartseer !!