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Fulcrum X
19th December 2008, 23:27

Indrukwekkend wie se verjaardag ons eintlik vier danksy ons geliefde "Christelike Kerk".

Christmas (Christ) Day, Christus Dag is werklik net nog n vakansiedag vir gelowige(s) wereldwyd, ons kan nie werklik se dit is net n Christelike dag nie.


19th December 2008, 23:52
Indrukwekkend wie se verjaardag ons eintlik vier.

"In Egypt, the son of Isis, the Egyptian title for the queen of heaven, was born at this very time, ‘about the time of the winter solstice’"


Fulcrum X
20th December 2008, 00:06
Hello Stefanus,

Horus was die seun van Isis en Osiris, maar wie kan dan vergelyk word met Isis en Osiris? God die Vader en Moeder met dan God die Seun? Of Vader Adam en Moeder Eva? Ons het al hierna gekyk onthou ek, ek kan net nie onthou wie ons gese het nie? Dit maak dit half moeilik, Mitra se varjaardag is mos ook in hierdie tyd rond?

22nd December 2008, 04:10
Fulcrum X,

Osiris die seun van El Daoud.

Book of El Daoud, the Father King |
Teachings of Osiris


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Osiris (Greek language, also Usiris; the Egyptian language name is variously transliterated Asar, Aser, Ausar, Ausir, Wesir, or Ausare) is the Egyptian god of life, death, and fertility. He is one of the oldest gods for whom records have been found and first appears in the Pyramid Texts around 2400 BCE.

He was widely worshiped until the forceable suppression of paganism in the Christian era.

Osiris was not only the redeemer and merciful judge of the dead in the afterlife, but also the underworld agency that granted all life, including sprouting vegetation and the fertile flooding of the Nile River. The Kings of Egypt were associated with Osiris in death such that as Osiris rose from the dead so would they, in union with him, inherit eternal life through a process of imitative magic. By the New Kingdom all people, not just pharaohs, were believed to be associated with Osiris at death. Osiris is an Egyptian life-death-rebirth deity.

Osiris is the oldest son of the Earth god, Geb, and the sky goddess, Nut as well as being brother and husband of Isis, with Horus being considered his posthumously begotten son. He is usually depicted as a green-skinned pharaoh wearing the Atef crown, a form of the white crown of upper Egypt with a plume of feathers to either side. Typically he is also depicted holding the crook and flail which signify divine authority in Egyptian kings, but which were originally unique to Osiris and his own origin-gods, and his feet and lower body are wrapped, as though already partly mummified. The information we have on the myths of Osiris is derived from allusions contained in the pyramid texts, and, much later, in narrative style from the writings of Plutarch and Diodorus Siculus.

Origin of name

The origin of Osiris's name is a mystery which forms an obstacle to knowing the pronunciation of its hieroglyphic form. The majority of current thinking is that the Egyptian name is pronounced aser where the a is the letter ayin (i.e. a short 'a' pronounced from the back of the throat as if swallowing).

The name was first recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphs only as ws-ir or os-ir because the Egyptian writing system omitted vowels. It is reconstructed to have been pronounced Us-iri (oos-ee-ree) meaning 'Throne of the Eye' and survives into the Coptic language as Ousire.