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5th January 2009, 19:35
The Wisdom of the Soul


O ye Children of Earth, Open the door of the Inner Sanctuary,
Open the door that My Light may enter, and that ye may enjoy the
great beneíits which I have in store for you.
Come unto Me, that ye may earn that Peace, Love and Wisdom which will
make you My Children once more, and which will bring you back into
the Fold of the Great Cosmic Creator.
I give you My Blessing.
Lift up your hearts and rejoice and be no more sad.
I am with you, to take you by the hand and comfort you.
I am in all places at all times, and My Ear is never deaf unto
the calling of those who truly seek Me.
My Blessing be upon all Humanity Eternally, and for all Time.

5th January 2009, 20:25


THIS book is written sincerely and with the sole intention of presenting the various avenues of Spiritual research and material argument which have been opened up to me by the Master Oneferu.

I want my readers to realise from the start that the writings are the corelation of teachings and debates which were attended by the Central Committee of "The Knights Templars of Aquarius." The actual words of the Teacher have been recorded on tape and afterwards copied into a special book kept for this purpose.

The authority for the teachings and statements contained within its pages belongs to the Osirian Group, an Order within the Brotherhood of Master Masons, who are working through specific Initiates now incarnate in different parts of the world. Their task is to make sure that the seed of spiritual truth finds fertile ground upon which to grow, so that the anti-spiritual forces of materialism may be diluted and submerged in the ever rising flood-tide of spiritual enlightenment now being vouchsafed to Man.

There are always many and vigorous arguments brought forward to challenge the authority of a thesis which savours of anything new or of the unorthodox. The attitude is not new and has always been adopted towards those prophets and teachers who have volunteered to return to Earth in the service of God and Man.

Through process of time, initial Truth becomes distorted and diffused and struggles for life surrounded and choked by a mass of illogical and unintelligent dogma, causing it to lose its original meaning.

Each different religion weaves its own special dogmas and ideas around this small but eternal seed, and those who, from time to time, have tried to rescue it from its bed of weeds have been scorned and slandered and in the past, killed, for daring to challenge the weed-growers of Orthodox Theology.

If we cast our thoughts back a little under two thousand years, we shall recall that one, Jesus of Nazareth, committed such an act of sacrilege and was very quickly silenced. That the charges levelled at him were totally unfounded mattered not at all to Orthodox Jewry of the day so long as he, Jesus, was removed.

The same thing has gone on within the ranks of Christianity from the day of its becoming a State religion under the Emperor Constantine.

Christianity has split into numerous sects each one waiting for an opportunity to destroy the other. The method has not altered since the days of Jesus and has consisted of falsehood and false witness. Rulers have used the Church and have altered its constitution to suit their own ends. A very good example in our own England was King Henry VIII, who ruined his one-time friend and chancellor, Cardinal Wolsey, because he finally bowed to Rome and would not flout the power of the Pope in the matter of Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon, Church and State in conflict.
This was an effect of the original cause, when the Christian Fathers sold themselves to the State of Rome, thinking that they were at last safe under the patronage of the world's then most powerful Ruler. They had forgotten Jesus' words: "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and unto God the things that are God's."

The true knowledge of the Spirit must be free and unfettered by any State Control. The Church's role is to lead, advise and guide those in political authority, but never to be in subjection to, or inversely controlling, the temporal power of the State for its own ends. This latter has happened many times, and the Church has ruled the State, as it did in Egypt in the Middle Empire, in Rome, throughout the domination of the Holy Roman Empire, and later in France when under the control of Marie de Medici, Richlieu, and Mazarin. These are but a few examples. There has, in fact, been a constant struggle for material power and the things of the Spirit have been made to fit the temporal and ecclesiastical requirements of the times. The Church, if it is to survive, must in future devote itself to things spiritual and exert its influence in advising and guiding mankind in his search for true knowledge. But, as has been stated by high-ranking Churchmen, it must put its house in order and revise its teachings accordingly in the light of present day scientific advancement. Dr. Barry, the Bishop of Southwell, tells us, for instance, that the story of Adam and Eve does not describe an event which happened at the dawn of history ; it presents one of the permanent and moral realities of human nature. The writer goes on to say, "I want to explain the right way to approach these early chapters of Genesis, and much else that is in the Bible."
By this inference we are forced to the conclusion that the various myths and fables of biblical history must be revised and interpreted to make common sense. The question that arises is, can Orthodoxy give the correct interpretations, and if so, will it do so, thus uncovering the many falsities inherent in its doctrines and teachings ?

5th January 2009, 20:26


That the layman must find himself in the midst of a fog of mistranslation, misquotation, mythological and allegorical dogma, we can understand.

Contrary to the pronouncements of such authorities as Dr. Barry and the late Dr. Barnes, Bishop of Birmingham, we are faced with those of Dr. Billy Graham, the American Evangelist and preacher. He has told us to believe in a literal Bible, every word of it, and was reported in the press of early 1954 as saying: " Unless you accept the divinity of Christ you are the devil's own and you will be tormented for ever." What a dogmatic and bigoted statement to make ! This is the kind of attitude that drives the youth of the Nations away from religion. Instead of showing the light of truth to the ordinary man and woman, people who make such pronouncements are doing the cause of Christianity much harm.

Let us give this Evangelist his due. He has a dynamic personality and a charm of manner that appeals to the emotions. All this, and a strong business sense, coupled with a knowledge of showmanship, will sustain him for a time on a flood-tide of curiosity and mass-hysteria. Emotionalism, however, is not a solid foundation on which to build, and is shifting sand. True spiritual conversion is born of an inner urge which comes in the stillness and enters the temple of the soul. This endures, for it is the simple Truth of God merging with our innermost consciousness, when we can say "I KNOW." Once this realisation dawns, it can never again be quenched, for we have come face to face with Him, and all earthly show ceases to attract us like moths to the glaring light of false illusion.

Jesus preached simplicity, and if the Church cannot put its house in order to the extent of making Theological research interesting and attractive by revising the Bible, explaining or cutting out all those things which simply will not hold water any longer, then its cause is a dying one.

To-day there is a vast generation growing up who want an intelligent explanation, as far as is possible, of the marvels of Creation.

The time is drawing near when science must make a marriage with the spiritual and work hand in hand with it. It is no longer any use propping up and preaching dead and worn out dogma,but it is also useless to say to the rising generation that "it's all wrong." This line of approach will only tear down the accepted social and moral barriers for a right standard of living. People should be taught to see God in His true relationship to Nature. The student must be shown that the law of Nature is cause and effect.
That a wrong deed will be the cause of a resultant similar effect, and that the wrong-doer will find that his misdemeanours will boomerang back upon him, wherever he may hide himself, be it in this life or the next. This will give him a very potent and
logical reason for not transgressing the moral code. The laws of Moses, handed down from Atlantis, contain the greatest moral and social ethics that have ever been put forward, embodying the essence of all theological and temporal requirements. The trouble is that Orthodox Churchgoers will parrot them off in church but they do not give them a second thought when outside the building. How often is the law "Thou shalt not bear false witness " trampled in the dust, and people's characters torn to shreds on the slenderest hear-say evidence. Yet the people who give lip-service in the churches are amongst the very ones who are mostly to blame for this kind of law-breaking. They seldom have the courage to face the victims of their destructive and petty gossip themselves, but usually preface their slanderous attacks with such words as, "Don't mention my name, but everybody says . . .! " Always beware of the '' they say'' brigade ; they are the present-day Pharisees under the cloak of Christianity, the wolves in sheep's clothing.

I would say to all those who read this book, examine yourselves individually along the lines indicated, and cease to bury your heads in the sands of wilful forgetfulness. Think of all those to whom you have done likewise and make your peace with God.

Jesus said, " love one another." We are all the children of the Universal Creator and have, as our birthright, His Divine gift of freewill. We can use this as we please in finding the way back to Him. Some may take longer than others, but in the end all must pass the portals of at-one-ment with God.

The Jews accused Jesus of consorting with publicans and sinners, but Jesus knew it was in the midst of spiritual ignorance that his calling lay. What need to heal the healthy? It is to those who are in need of spiritual help and comfort that this book is dedicated.

At this point in my foreword I am going to clarify and answer a question and a charge that has sometimes been levelled at my unorthodox Theological Theses.

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Firstly a question that is always ready on the lips of the orthodox, "Why do you have to get your information from an Egyptian priest who lived some 1,300 B.C. and who, therefore, would certainly know nothing of Christianity? " I beg to differ. The teachings that have come through inspirationally from the Master Oneferu are the initial Truths of the Christ Spirit, which Jesus proclaimed at a later date, and which have been brought through by all great teachers wherever and whenever they have had a mission to perform, from earliest times.

Orthodoxy confuses the man Jesus with the Christ Spirit which is universal and emanates from God. His Prophets and Teachers throughout the ages have manifested it upon Earth in their endeavours to enlighten humanity. Each has taught and lived it according to his personality and individuality, thus a different facet of the jewel has been seen in each one. They have also been chosen according to the period or age in which they have lived. These Masters and Teachers are not the products of any particular age, but are themselves eternal in the service of God and Man.

So I say to all professing Christians, '' act according to the age-old Truths which the Master Jesus taught. In his words, “ Go ye and do likewise." Show the light of understanding to all who seek it, in so much as it is perceived by you yourself. Be yourselves teachers and saviours of men, judge not those who are in like manner trying to serve God in sincerity and humility.

Now the charge to which I referred. I have heard it said that those who espouse what is called an unorthodox outlook are not Christians. If you have read with an unbiased mind what I have said concerning the Christian Spirit, it must be evident that what answers the question, also answers the charge.

Before concluding, I should like to make clear the position occupied by the Initiate Brotherhood of Cosmic Masons and their connection with the Order of the Knights Templars of Aquarius. We have been asked why this Order appears to have usurped the name of a famous mediaeval band of Masonic Knights. I was instructed by the Osirian Brotherhood to form this Order. Shortly afterwards the name of the Knights Templars of Aquarius was given me with the explanation that this Order was to be reformed for this age, to perpetuate the Truths of Cosmic Masonry, whose spiritual name is The Templars of the Grail.

The Mediaeval Knights Templars were originally formed A.D. 11181 for spiritual purposes. They were amongst those socalled Christian Knights who were responsible for the Crusades, the holy wars against Saladin the Turkish leader who was in possession of the traditional Holy Sepulchre. Actually, they achieved very little and were always quarrelling amongst themselves. They finally withdrew from Palestine because of these quarrels and lack of funds, without gaining their objective. They still kept their Orders in being on returning to their own lands; such as the Teutonic, or Black Knights, the Knights of Malta, and many others that could be mentioned. They further deteriorated into bands of Godless brigands who robbed and plundered other people's lands and possessions; and the Teutonic Knights, who, even so, still carried the emblem of the cross on their equipment, were amongst the worst. The Templars were liquidated in 1312 A.D., having lost all semblance of their original spiritual calling.

The name was later revived and became an Order of Material Masonry. The Knights Templars of Aquarius has no connection whatsoever with these materialistic Orders, and receives its instructions and teachings from the Initiate Masters of the Grail, whose Chief Initiate is the first Son of God outside the Trinity of Godhead, El Daoud, or God's Beloved Son.

The Grail is the spiritual Truth or God-Consciousness, which flows out to mankind, and which he can manifest for the benefit of his fellow-men according to the wisdom he has. It is the Cup of the Mysteries, whose Truth is only veiled to those without understanding.

To conclude, I think I can do no better than quote the Master Oneferu on Cosmic Realisation :

" Even as there is no beginning and no ending, the Book of Cosmic Knowledge has limitless pages. Never think for a moment that you can read through it in one life-time upon Earth, or aeons of time to come. You must strive onwards, always seeking the knowledge veiled within it, turning the pages one by one. You cannot understand or turn those that follow, until you have learnt the lessons of that one which is open before you at the moment."

The Knights Templars were formed in A.D. 1118 and distinguished themselves in the Crusades for the Holy Sepulchre. The Order became the Pope's Bankers. They were immensely wealthy and eventually lost all semblance of spirituality, extorting money and lands from those they overcame by the sword. They were suppressed by Pope Clement V in A.D. 1312. Jacque de Molay, who was Grand Master during the suppression, was burnt at the stake in Paris, A.D. 1314. Amongst other charges, he was accused of practising the Black Arts.




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SPIRITUAL values cannot be placed under the microscope of materiality. If we try to solve these mysteries by this method, then, the more we probe, the more we shall become lost in a labyrinth of what we like to call illogicality. There are so many apparent contradictions which we find confronting us, mainly because we are apt to view all things appertaining to the spiritual, through three-dimensional glasses. We lose sight of the fact that directly we start dealing with spiritual matters we must forsake three-dimensional standards by which we live. Having thrown away these limiting shackles, our minds will be free to explore those mystical realms of Spirit which hold the answer to so many of the problems which face us upon Earth.

In this chapter we shall deal with Spiritual Essence in relation to physical matter, and I hope to make it clear how this Spiritual Essence and physical matter are but different aspects of the Creative God-Force, merged with one another, to evolve finally into the higher animate and conscious forms of incarnate life.

When God awoke from His slumbers and became immanent, finally giving birth to the great Universal Creative design, He saw all things in a Thought, and they WERE.

The Osirian Teachings tell us that there were orginally two life forces created ; the children of the Breath (initially created Twins Male-Female), and beyond them and further removed from the Initial God-Force, a Spiritual Essence (the Overplus).

This Overplus of the Creative-Word solidified into gross matter; and, individually, the Solar bodies are vital with His Creative Thought Seed. This Spiritual Seed or Essence, contained within the planets, is released and drawn out by Solar rays. Having within it the Creative God-Force, it reaches out, evolving up through plant life, until by evolutionary design it becomes conscious and individual. It finally manifests as Divine Sparks of the Coat of Skin. These are born and reborn in their own specific sex-band for a further period of time, until, at a later stage in their evolution, a male and female, who have reached the same degree of development, will attract one another to become Male-Female Twins.

Spiritual evolution has followed two paths: the Adamic family, born Twin-Beings, who tread the path of progression ; and the Divine Sparks who are evolving and continue to do so.

A question that arises here is this. At what stage in the evolution of the Overplus does Animal Life emerge to take its place in the great plan of Creation? The Master Oneferu has told us that it is a stage in the evolution of the Overplus, which exists between vegetable matter and the higher, or human conscious life. Animals have Group-Souls and, when sufficiently advanced, join with other Groups-Souls to form a Divine Spark.

Darwin's theory is wrong in so much as he muddles physical with Spiritual evolution. He pre-supposed that because Animals have physical bodies, and the higher animals (as he viewed human beings) also have physical bodies, that the human and animal kingdoms have sprung from a common root and origin. That, in fact, they have evolved from the unicellular amoeba. He did not, of course, accept the possibility of Man being a blend of spirit with the matter. The spiritual part was completely overlooked. We have shown how spirit in its descent into matter, on the outer circle of Creation, has to evolve upwards again towards the God-Force, through that very matter in which it is crystallized. As it releases itself, through aeons and aeons of time eternal, the gross matter will gradually dissolve and break up into its natural elements, returning again into the womb of the Father-Mother God.

Thus the process of evolution will continue upon its great eternal circle from Spirit into gross matter and upwards again into Spirit.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

7th January 2009, 18:48


WHAT is mortal birth, when does life commence, and during mortal life, does the body have within it an animating spiritual force, which is not there the moment after death has occurred ?

I propose to answer these questions of birth and death as the Master Oneferu has explained them to me.

Medical Science argues that life takes place with the first intake of breath when the baby is born. With its limited material outlook it has no other explanation to offer. If we do not accept the presence of an animating life-force, such as the soul, then we also must agree with the doctors and scientists, and admit that man is purely physical.
This is a question which has its roots in the beginnings of Creation, and if we are to believe that Man is blended spirit and matter, then we must tackle the problem from its source.

What I want to show you is how the process takes place, and that mortal incarnation is a growing up, or crystallizing, of spirit and matter together.

In Chapter I, I have shown how spirit is evolving out of, and through, gross matter. Yet they are but different aspects of the same essence and are blended one with the other throughout the entire process of evolution and progression. In other words, all is spirit and matter blending and merging along a universal path. The process of physical birth is no more and no less than this, and has the same laws governing it.
The physical union of incarnate man and woman produces a physical body. They, of themselves, could not produce spirit. As, however, it is a fundamental law of Creation, we are told, that spirit and matter attract one another and merge, it follows that the embryo of the physical union of man and woman will attract a Spiritual Force and a human soul will be incarnated.

This leads to another point. As like attracts like, it is very necessary for those who intend to bring children into the world, to keep a close watch upon their thoughts. The power of thought, and how it influences human birth, is not realised by most people.

In the days of Atlantis, when the priests understood the Spiritual Laws governing attraction and repulsion, those wishing to marry consulted a Priest Initiate, who could advise them whether their union was likely to be a happy and spiritually pro ductive one, or the reverse. They were able in those days of Spiritual Knowledge (and later in Egypt) to read the influences exerted by the heavenly bodies within our solar system. To-day this knowledge has been, generally speaking, lost and only a few know how to cast solar-charts accurately. It has, in fact, fallen to the category of vulgar fortune-telling and the making of money, for the most part.

Now let us analyse how it is that the Spiritual Force becomes incarnate. Firstly, the physical embryo takes shape in the womb of the mother. The various organs and nerve-centres grow and expand if the union is healthy. During this process and when Quickening takes place, the body begins to absorb the awaiting Spirit-Force which merges with, and permeates, its physical vehicle proportionately as it grows, reaching the brain at birth.1

This will explain why it is that a spirit comes into the flesh apparently shorn of any previous knowledge, acting in what we call a normal childish manner, having ideas and desires commensurate to its age.2

As the physical body continues to grow and the brain cells and nerves become more mature, so the Spiritual Force is further absorbed into the physical vehicle and can function as a normal adult human being.

Death is the reverse process to that of birth, and when the vital or life force of the Spirit begins to withdraw itself, then the physical organs deteriorate and become atrophied. We often refer to old people as being in their second childhood. The ultimate result is physical death of the body, when the spirit snaps the cord of attachment and is completely withdrawn.

Some incarnates have the knowledge and power to arrest the ravages of time within the physical. They achieve this through the power of thought, that Universal essence which, when fully understood, gives vitality and strength to the incarnate Spiritual Force, which is passed through to the body and acts as a physical build-up, keeping the organs healthy and the limbs supple. With positive constructive thinking, the progress of physical decay can be slowed down, especially if the incarnate spirit has work to do which must be finished before it finds release in physical death.

So we see that the spirit is the animating force which keeps the body alive. When it is withdrawn, incarnate life ceases to exist and the flesh decays. The spirit withdraws itself from the nerves and brain as a receding essence, finally pulling itself away from the physical shell, like a hand withdrawing from a glove, until it snaps the vital cord, when mortal death ensues.

The spirit's point of inhalation into the body is the solar plexus, and that of exhalation (as in projection and death) through the crown of the head.
It is for this reason that children often see Fairies and Elementals, for as yet, and until the adult state is reached, they are functioning for the greater part in Spirit. When the absorption of the Spirit is complete the psychic perception wanes and must be re-developed.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

8th January 2009, 20:45
Chapter III


WHEN incarnate, the Vital-Force, Essence or Spirit, has also, in addition to its physical covering, the Astral and Etheric sheaths. This can be likened to a Chinese puzzle-box, one within the other, yet all are capable of separation whilst incarnate, if the knowledge is available and, eventually, when the natural process of physical death takes place.

The Etheric sheath, or shadow, is not a lasting part of the incarnate state. It is merely an emanation. All matter has an Etheric counterpart or emanation. In the case of the disintegration of that matter, then the Etheric fades and dissolves.

The Etheric can be seen by sensitives as an illumination surrounding a physical body or material object. It is an electrical force generated within the body by the spirit, and by impulses of thought which are continually passing through the physical. It is for this reason that the Aura (for that is the name by which it is known to students of the occult) changes with varying physical states of emotion, illness, etc. The sensitive is, in fact, witnessing the registration of thought vibrations and impulses as they flow throughout the physical body and exert their influences, good or bad, upon it.

Perhaps from what I am telling you, you will be able to realise how important it is to control thoughts, as far as it is individually possible. It is the outcome of negative and destructive thought-forces which produce disease, both physical and mental. They attack the human body, often causing premature death.

The Spirit, of itself, has no visible Aura, and when clothed in the Astral sheath will show a radiance illuminating it from within. This radiance must not be confused with the emanation of the physical and Etheric which outlines the contours of the physical body during incarnation of the Spirit.

The Soul, in spirit, gives off nothing but light, which like the rainbow should be visible as evenly-balanced colour bands, if it is of the higher Spheres of Thought. The more evenly balanced the colour bands are, the more spiritual harmony it has. The predominance of any particular colour band will disclose its character and the particular thought band on which it functions.

This is why it is so essential that incarnates who make contact with spirit, should make sure that their own vessel is purified. I have heard it said that the private way of life of a medium does not matter. Never was a more mischievous and wrong statement made. Like attracts like, and communicants will contact exactly what they, themselves, are.

The effect of these colour bands surrounding the spirit is that of rings passing and pulsing in and out of one another. White, magnesium white, is the highest degree of colour vibration. At the reverse end of the spectrum, when the lower forms of spiritual consciousness are reached, you will come to the bands of varying red, blending into browns, greys and finally, black. Yet the ray of God-consciousness, although unable to be seen, is there, running through the entire colour spectrum. It is the slender link with the Great Creator which penetrates all sorts and conditions of men and is hidden deep down somewhere in their consciousness. It is capable of being found even when the lowest depths have been plumbed.

The Astral sheath is an image, in etherialised matter, typifying the physical form. It grows with the physical body, from quickening in the womb of the mother until the peak of maturity is reached. When the spirit is withdrawn from the physical at mortal death, the Astral also comes out of the body, acting as an Etherialised vehicle for the released spirit. The Astral does not, as is averred by some, remain with the spirit as its etherialised covering throughout its various incarnations. When the spirit, after an earthly incarnation, leaves the body, the Astral remains only so long as the spirit is unsettled and unaware of its surroundings. Sometimes, for instance, a spirit may not have realised that it has passed over and will still hanker after those things it has left behind on the Earth plane. In these conditions, the Astral remains as a sheath and protection for the spirit. Directly realization dawns, however, and the spirit acquires knowledge of a higher degree, then it will discard the Astral and move into a higher thought-band. When the spirit again incarnates in another mortal body, then the process is repeated and a new Astral sheath, grows with it, conforming to the type and race of the new physical body.

When the Astral shell falls away from the progressing spirit, the process of dissolution is like that of its dead physical counterpart. It eventually disintegrates as does the Earthly body. This is, however, where danger may lie for those incarnates who meddle in an uncontrolled way with spirit communication. The Astral shell, as I have said, does not dissolve immediately, especially whenit has clothed an unenlightened entity. These Astral shells can be revitalised for a period of time, by mischievous denizens of the Astral regions who can use them to manifest to Earthly communicants. They can pick up the vibrations, still existent within the Electro-Etheric shell of the original owner, and in such a way practise fraud and deception upon those who would contact the spirit of the deceased, through physical phenomena.

Hauntings do not come into this category, but are of two kinds. Firstly, strong thought-concentrations, to which sensitives can attune themselves (they are really Etheric pictures, having no substance other than in the clairvoyant vision of the sensitive); these may be so strong, in fact, as to register as objective forms in the mind of the medium. Secondly, hauntings may be the result of Earthbound spirits who, through lack of understanding or as the result of sudden or violent death, are precipitated into the planes of spirit but do not realise what has taken place. Sooner or later such Earthbound entities will understand what has happened, when the link with earth will be severed and the hauntings will cease.

A final question is: can a discarnate spirit, who is discarding its Astral sheath, circumvent this deception by disintegrating it? Yes, it can, if it has the knowledge to do so, through thought; just as on the Earth plane a physical shell can, and should, be destroyed by fire after the spirit has finally separated from it. A spirit is not held responsible for its Astral shell's disintegration, any more than it is for its physical counterpart's dissolution. Many aver that cremation is harmful, because they believe the spirit is still attached to the physical for a period of time after the actual passing has taken place. Do not heed this. The cord or vital link is always severed, and it is this severing process which causes mortal death. The Soul can more quickly leave its Earthly conditions when its outworn coat has been finally destroyed. Fire will not hurt spirit, because it is one of Nature's Elements.

Let us end this chapter by quoting Commandment No. 6 of the Twenty-One Statutes of Atlantis, i.e. " Seek not to call up the Spirits of the discarnate unless ye be the Masters and Teachers of the Divine Mysteries (Laws of Nature), for if ye do this thing, then shall ye be guilty of practising the abominable rites of Black Magic. "

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

9th January 2009, 21:57
Chapter IV


SPIRITUAL projection may be either conscious or unconscious. For those functioning within the Astral Schoolroom of Earth and the three dimensional incarnate state, it is the channel through which knowledge is accumulated. It is the projection of the Soul Consciousness, the God Consciousness within, reaching out and upwards to make its contact with the Universal Creative Spirit of God. When this contact has been achieved, then knowledge can flow freely into the incarnate spirit. It is the positive thought expressed which makes the projection take place. The incarnate must, however, make the demand, the first move.

The knowledge is there for the taking and when allusion is made to the veiling of the mysteries, the implication is not so abstruse as would at first seem to be the case. "Mysteries" is merely another way of giving expression to the word "Truths." They are only veiled to individuals in a greater or lesser degree until they are understood. All things that we do not understand are mysteries to us.

The great Book of Cosmic Wisdom has many pages, and each page must be mastered and its knowledge absorbed and inscribed upon the soul's eternal consciousness. Then, and only then, are we permitted to turn the page and say '' that was a lesson well learnt." With knowledge will come the desire for more, and the soul will project and probe further in its quest for perfection. This will not be achieved on Earth nor will that complete state of at-one-ment be reached until we enter again the very consciousness of the Great Creator.

Much wisdom is acquired during sleep when the spirit travels to one of the schoolrooms or lodges where teaching is carried out. Each individual soul will automatically be attracted to its appropriate lodge compatible with the amount of knowledge it can absorb. Understanding gained in this way is brought back and stored in the subconscious mind of the incarnate entity. Sometimes a memory of what has been learnt is brought through by the conscious brain. This knowledge will probably manifest as disjointed fragments. These should be recorded to see if they cannot, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, be joined together to make a complete and comprehensive picture.

During the sleep state those who have the desire and the ability to help in God's Great Plan can be of service. They are able to visit people and countries, and through their consciousness of the power of Thought, influence the thoughts and reactions of individuals, especially those in control of the destinies of Nations. Astral travelling for this purpose can be achieved by making the demand and creating the thought, the last thing before retiring to sleep. Discarnate spirits can also be helped by the same means.

In the realms of spirit, like immediately attracts like, and a spirit can only travel along that pathway which is similar to its own band of consciousness. It will contact and absorb all things along that particular avenue. Other wave-bands of consciousness will be completely outside its understanding. The key to higher knowledge is the desire expressed to reach outwards. When the realisation is awakened that there are other wave-bands of consciousness, then the door will be opened and further knowledge will be assimilated proportionately to the spirit's ability to absorb it.

The question is often posed: how many spheres of conscious ness are there in the Spirit Planes of the Universe ? There are as many spheres as there are facets of consciousness, and these are limitless. There are numberless consciousnesses working along the same paths. All those who have progressed to the same stage of spiritual development will make their own spheres of consciousness, just as is the case upon Earth. This brings us to the realisation that true Socialism is a spiritual state of existence in which Souls who have reached similar stages of learning, or consciousness, are drawn together by its unifying bonds. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the material or political brand. Freedom from the body places you automatically on a thought band or vibration compatible with your own. Political Socialism, on the other hand, would force all, irrespective of spiritual awareness, to live communally within the limits of a State-evolved standard of society.

It would bring all down to its social standards instead of trying to raise them to the higher ideals of spirituality. Political Socialism promises something for nothing, which fails because it is contrary to the Laws of Nature. Knowledge of the Spirit only comes through personal endeavour, which often leads through a stony wilderness before the spiritual oasis on the distant shore of achievement is reached. No use to sit down in the middle and say I will strike unless you, God, bring it to me," because He will not There is all eternity to learn God's truths, and the longer a soul takes, the harder it becomes, so behaving like a naughty child will not help in the least.

The assimilation of knowledge moves on like the shadow across the face of a sundial. It appears not to progress at first sight, but it does move forward all the time. So it is with the flow of knowledge to the seeker after Truth.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

11th January 2009, 22:31
Chapter V


MUCH is talked and written about Karma, but do those who use the word to describe a fellow human being's earthly lot, understand the fullness of its implications? I think, in the great majority of cases, they do not.

Karma is bound up closely with freewill and is, in fact, its child in every sense of the word. The Creator's gift to His children is freewill, and we can either follow the pathway of the Spirit or we can follow our own mortal desires which are born of the flesh.

Initially a human spirit was evolved pure and stainless, and not until it took upon itself the mortal body of flesh and blood did the spirit become enmeshed in material desires. So started the battle of the spirit against the lower promptings of its mortal garment. Karma is analogous to a refiner's fire, and as man chose this pathway of the flesh, to come into the Presence of the Creator, so he has to pass through successive stages of incarnation until he is strong enough in spirit to forswear the desires of the flesh, and march on steadfastly towards the light of at-one-ment.

What does it mean to forswear the desires of the flesh? Not a spineless avoiding, and turning from, all worldly desires and pleasures, but a conquering of excesses and all those things that provide an anti-spiritual make-up.

Jesus pointed out that both Heaven and Hell must be known by the Earthborn traveller before he could enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

This process of learning takes many decades, either longer or shorter, according to the learning propensity of the spirit, and it is during these earthly sojourns that freewill and Karma play their part.

Each time that a soul returns it will be met by a recurrence of situations engendering those weaknesses which have to be overcome and conquered before it can be reincarnated to more harmonious earth conditions. What happens in a previous incarnation may not manifest next time in the same way but it will be the same in essence. A Karma will be existent, but not necessarily in the same guise as it was before, yet it can present the same situations and lead to like


causes and effects. Eventually the lesson is learnt and a page of the Book of Knowledge can be turned. A specific Karma has been worked out and, in so doing, knowledge has been acquired.

You may say, " this subservience to Karma is not freewill, because it appears that I am incarnated and brought face to face with unpleasant things that I would rather avoid." Quite so, but remember that you started the Karmic sequence of events; you were evolved with a clean sheet, you, and you alone, have made the blots.

Karma is the operation of the Law of Cause and Effect and we should do well to remember that every action, every word, to a greater or lesser degree, has its resultant effect. It is like throwing a stone into a pond. From the central point ripples will go out causing a reaction to any object floating upon its surface.

Karma operates the law of attraction and repulsion. Like will attract like. It is no use grumbling at our lot, because we have attracted it to ourselves, and only by this realisation and a firm determination to root out all those things of an undesirable nature, can we strike off the links of our Karmic chain, until finally the last one is discarded, in the realisation of Divine Consciousness. Karma has ended in the supremacy of Cosmic perception and we can come into the Great Presence bearing in our hands His Divine gift of freewill. In overcoming Karma by the acquisition of knowledge, our freewill has become attracted towards at-one-ment with God, so that we do not further require it, being in complete harmony with the Creator.

We can say, as did the Master Jesus, "' Ye who have seen Me have seen the Father "; for surely our light will so shine before men that they will see the Divine Essence, regarding it as a jewel of more worth than all the riches of Earth.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

11th January 2009, 22:38
Chapter VI


UNIVERSAL Brotherhood is something that has held Man's imagination throughout the ages. This elusive Utopia has been striven after in many ways by mortals, but has often translated itself into the dogmas of Socialism and Communism.

In France, at the time of the Revolution, '' Fraternite '' was amongst the slogans that were proclaimed. The same was the case in Russia, and in fact all countries where despotic rule has flourished for any length of time.

Yet these epic examples have taught us that brotherhood will never be achieved through violence and ignorance, because the new possessors of power invariably vent their pent-up wrath upon those whom they have overcome, often in the most ferocious manner.

This is not the way. The Brotherhood of Man can only be achieved by educating the soul incarnate in Man, and by teaching him to find his God-consciousness. When this can be achieved upon a large enough scale the materialism of oppression and greed for power will automatically disappear.

In the finding of the God within, all desire to possess worldly things as the only means to happiness, will be extinguished. With knowledge of the spirit will come a desire to help one another by passing on the spiritual riches which we have acquired through experience and striving.

Mankind's troubles will only be healed when all those possessing spiritual awareness come together in one complete whole, when out of the aggregate of their knowledge, a lasting Temple of Truth will be built. The more seekers who come to this Temple the nearer will humanity be to the Kingdom of God, or ultimate spiritual at-one-ment. Only through Universal Brotherhood can modern civilization be saved. We are all part of the Great Cosmic Whole and each individual must work in harmony with the Universal God-force.

Humanity will, sooner or later, have to realise that the soul of man is part of the God-consciousness from which it sprang, and which is dormant unless awakened through individual effort of striving and reaching out, in an attempt to solve the great enigmas of life. These mysteries of Creation should be made vital, and interesting, so that each incarnate soul will want to know more of why he exists and for what purpose he is here.
Orthodoxy does not seem to grasp this fact, so that one wonders if the Churches have missed the real significance lying behind the miracle of nature as she manifests to mankind.

If Man would apply to himself what nature is showing him, then his eyes would be opened. Mostly he misses the marvel of the rebirth of plant life each time that the warmth of spring caresses the root, seed and tree, nursing them back from winter sleep into new life. Surely here we have an example that all life is eternal and does but change its mortal garment from time to time.

God also inspires and educates Man's soul through artistic inspiration. It is creative, and forms the basis of the human social structure. Materialism has no place for art as a spiritual force, but sees it only as something by which to entertain or enrich itself, so that now we are faced with a decadence in artistic inspiration which is making itself felt through the whole social fabric. True inspiration never came out of anything that was unnatural. Perversion of sex is another of those parodies, and today it is increasing alarmingly, chiefly in the artistic world which it is perverting and twisting. The monstrosities which are produced in art and music are the physical manifestations of this vicious cult.

What do we mean when we use the word beauty ? Surely it should mean something that raises our spiritual vibrations and puts us upon a higher plane of consciousness. Look at a beautiful sunset; the glories of a tremendous mountain range; hear the sound of beautiful spiritual music, the music of the great masters, many of whom have now passed on ; the beauty of Shakespeare's prose and flowing verse; the touch of the brush of a master painter. All these things raise our spiritual perception and make it possible for us to open the doors of our souls to the great spiritual truths which are waiting for us.

Opposed to these blessings are the discordant music churned out by some modern composers; the distorted sculptures and paintings; the meaningless verses; lewd literature in the name of realism, all of which touch the strings of our lower astral vibrations. These are the parodies threatened in the curse of Lucifer.

A great proportion of modern music is a noise — that is all. Sculpture — much of it is just distorted lumps of clay and stone; and paintings — well, these are pictures in so far as they are daubs on canvas, but they are mostly meaningless and contain a sinister mockery. They pull those who worship at their unholy shrines down to the lower layers of spiritual thought, and are the " open sesame " for all the evil entities ever willing to do the behests of the Black Masters.

These fallen spirits, some of whom roam the astral regions within the earth's magnetic envelope, have an organised programme of spiritual sabotage. They are the wolves in sheep's clothing to which Jesus so often referred. Some are incarnate and some are not. Those not in the flesh are busy transmitting all manner of wrong information — styling themselves great ones and impersonating them. They produce that which is so near the truth as to be almost indiscernible from it, but the foundations are those of falsehood and, in many cases, ignorance.

You may ask, how was it that God allowed evil to manifest, for obviously he could have removed it had He wished ?

Thought, remember, is all that there IS within the Universe. It is the Cosmic Thought which holds all that we know, both spirit and matter, together. If that initial Creative Thought were withdrawn, then complete nothingness would result. This is, of course, beyond our finite intelligences, so we need not ponder its meaning. It is like asking a radio set with a limited radius of reception to pick up messages from thousands of miles away. It simply could not be done.

This question of God making an apparent compromise with evil can be answered in this way. As we have said, all that IS (all Thought) emanates from the One Creative God Source. By this we must at once realise that evil is a part of the Spiritual Spectrum, but is at the opposite end to the higher Thought Forces. God could not therefore cut out a part of His Creation, but must wait for evil to be gradually weakened and absorbed through progressive stages of evolution.

The accumulation of knowledge through personal experience will, in time, accomplish this; but, in the intervening periods, this knowledge only comes through trial and error — cause and effect. Sometimes, the results can be disastrous to mankind, but always there is time given to recover and rebuild upon a more spiritual basis until, finally, greater knowledge will overcome and drive out error.

At this point man will actually have deprived himself of his treasured birthright — FREEWILL; but it will be a voluntary surrender, because, in the finding of at-one-ment with God, he will not desire those lower planes of thought, and so the pull into materialism will be overcome and the soul will have become one with God. In Jesus' words we shall have entered the Kingdom of God.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

13th January 2009, 20:44


THOUGHT is probably one of the most widely used words in the dictionary and yet, I wonder, how many of us really grasp its enormous potential. Thought is ALL things, everywhere at all times, from the beginning unto the end—whatever that may signify to our small three-dimensional brains.

God is the Father-Mother of Thought, and as such manifests to His Universe through Thought. In a moment of Cosmic Time ALL things were, and are maintained and held in being by His WILL. The God-Force saw all things in a flash of positive Creative Thought, and IT WAS SO. All things are evolving and moving towards the solution and consummation of that initial Creative Word.

Let us turn from this Universal aspect to that which affects our Earth. It is by comparison but a speck of dust upon the edge of the " Milky-Way "as astronomy knows it. As all things are the result of the Creative Word, then it follows that we, upon Earth, the human race, have also the consciousness of that Creative Thought within ourselves, although in many it may still remain latent and unawakened. Remember our souls contain a sperm of the God-Force, and so, in a lesser degree, manifest those Divine attributes which they have received from the Father.

To maintain ourselves upon Earth, we must think. By thinking, we set in motion a process, both spiritually and materially, which creates those things necessary for our existence, and if we think Wrongly, many things which eventually create our Karmas. Firstly, our thoughts originate from a Spiritual Essence which is received into our physical instrument, the brain. This translates and works out the Spiritual Thought in a blue-print of whatever may be in the making. But whatever it is, it could not have been born into physical shape without Thought.

Let us here take careful council with ourselves, because if, as we have said, all Thought comes from the Supreme Creator or God-Force, then how does it come about that Evil exists? Perhaps if we visualise Good and Evil as two extremes of Spirituality, idea of Evil's relationship to the God-Force. It is the opposite of all that is positive and constructive. To take a few examples: Evil destroys but never builds; hates, but never loves; is selfish, and never selfless; takes, but never gives, except, maybe, in self-interest. These are just a few obvious examples, but if you think the matter out for yourselves, you will find that you can continue almost indefinitely.

In our Earthly lives, if we allow the reverse of positive, constructive spirituality to get hold of us and live within our consciousness, it will gradually build up a Karmic debt which will haunt us. It will bring us back to similar conditions until we have learnt, through trial and error, to repolarise our thoughts by analysing them to see if they be constructive or the reverse.

Again we must realise that as we have within our souls the seed of creative power, all our thoughts, in a greater or lesser degree, are creative and they are real. This is a very important point and I cannot repeat too often that our thoughts are factual living things, either for good or for bad. If, for instance, you send out positive, helpful thoughts, you are creating a potential which will not only help others, but will help you in your endeavours; because, as like attracts like, so you will collect around yourself just the same degree of Thought thai: you have sent out. Thoughts live and can take root within the Astral sheath, and if destructive will create a condition of disease and dis-harmony within the mortal flesh. You will become mentally and then physically sick.
Thought is a jewel of numberless facets. It is, as I have said, the motive force behind ALL that IS. On the physical plane, Thought cannot be visualised or defined, except to say that it is some form of electrical potential which can be measured. Its values when dealing with mathematics remain constant, but not so when dealing with speech. Speech values alter individually, and, unlike mathematical values, will be capable of different interpretations by different people.

Thought also is the foundation of music, colour and art of all kinds.

The great masters of music can hear whole symphonies playing, just as if they were conducting or listening to a material orchestra. That is why they are able to write their musical scores. You can think sound just as you can think colour. You cannot separate colour and sound, for every sound has its colour, and vice versa. Wagner was able, not only to see and hear in colour and sound himself, but was able to convey it in his music so that the listener can see it as well. There is music throughout the whole Universe. When we produce music on the physical plane, when we produce sound, it is the same as producing colour. When sounds are ugly, they jar upon the physical ear. It is the same with colours that do not blend. They have an irritating effect upon the sight.

The negative and evil forces have infiltrated into the minds of the youth of the Nations, by using the primitive, broken rhythm of jazz and all it comprises, just as they have used modern music, modern art and literature, in their attempts to influence the minds of the masses, thereby making an attack upon the channels of human inspiration. It is this lowering of the standards of spiritual values which is responsible for the mental and moral chaos existent throughout the fabric of civilization today.

It is therefore essential that those with a knowledge of the power of Thought, should assist in building up as strong a Thought Potential for Good as quickly as possible, in order to neutralise the destructive Thought waves at present polluting the Earth.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

13th January 2009, 20:58


HEALING is probably one of the most complex of all the Spiritual Sciences. It has so many and varied aspects that we can only deal here with just a few.

Let us first analyse the power of Thought in its relationship to spiritual healing. Before we can hope to heal, we must study its potentialities. Thought, as we have said, is the mainspring of Cosmic Creation. It is therefore essential as a positive, vitalizing force, in healing both mental and physical disease.

We must realise that most diseases start in the mind and are the result of negative thoughts. These react on the physical body, because, as has already been shown in earlier chapters, the spirit blends and merges with its physical counterpart.
Abnormal brain functions will cause neurosis and depression, translating themselves into nervous reactions in the body. This process of wrong, or negative thinking is also responsible for the actual decay of the physical vehicle.

There are, of course, other reasons for physical disease, not connected with a negative mental process, such as a karmic condition, but this need not have any effect on the brain. This latter depends on whether the entity has sufficient understanding and the will to rise above the physical infirmity, thereby gaming in spirituality as well as being a living example to others.

We can more readily expect quick results when healing those who are spiritually aware of the benefits which can be received. If the patient is materially minded, unawakened, or antagonistic, it will necessitate a double process for the healer. Before the rays of constructive healing can be effective, the healer must direct strong, positive thoughts in order to dilute the negative resistance or thought force which has been built up.

Suppose, for a moment, that we look at this subject from the receiving end. Those who are enlightened and in sympathy with the healer, can not only benefit themselves by opening the door of their inner consciousness, but can be of great help to others in like circumstances. In order to do this, it is essential to relax both mind and body and allow the healer's thoughts to flow through. At the same time, they should consciously hold the thought that they are passing them out again from themselves to all other like-sufferers. This is achieved through the simple process of visualizing the healing rays going outwards through the crown of the head and embracing all those who are in any way suffering disease.

The rays emanating from the healer are drawn into the body of the patient through the solar plexus. Thence they find their way into all the nerve centres, diluting and absorbing that magnetism which is in disharmony with the positive Divine Will. Gradually, and according to the ability of the patient to absorb and transmit this spiritual essence throughout the physical, the diseased parts of the body will be recreated. If the patient has faith in the Divine Power working through the healer, he (or she) will become receptive to harmonious vibrations and thereby the healing process is started.

Many denominations of religious thought have, throughout the ages, attempted to tackle this problem of disharmony within the physical body. Orthodox Christians often wonder how the Master Jesus was able to work miracles of healing, and they mostly deny its possibilities for others. The thought often presents itself: why cannot we do the same ?

There are many healers to-day who are credited with the most spectacular cures, but somehow Jesus' healing was different. Why ? The answer is that healing ability is proportionate to the spiritual at-one-ness of the healer with the Creative God-Force.

Jesus was an outstanding example and when he told his disciples to go and heal the sick, he wanted to show them, that by carrying out his command, they, also, could achieve his degree of spiritual power and heal in like manner. He was not only talking to them but to all who have it in their hearts to follow the way of the spirit, in the service of God and Man.

Some schools of healing confuse disease of the body, caused primarily by a distorted mental attitude, with disease resulting from purely physical causes. This latter may be congenital and the result of karmic debt, or it may be purely the result of an accident.

Whilst it is right to use constructive thought when dealing with diseases of the physical body which have their origin in the mind, it is wrong to deny the necessity of taking advantage of medical advice, in cases of purely bodily illness or accident. It is right in all cases to suggest positive thoughts to the sufferer, thereby calming the nervous system, but wrong to imagine the physical condition will be righted by Thought alone. Medical Science is meant to work hand in hand with spiritual healing.

The projection of positive Thought, as we have said, can do nothing but good, but much so-called spiritual healing comes under the heading of hypnosis, and is only effective during treatment, or for a short period following the healer's contact with the patient.

Many spiritualist healers mistakenly attribute their powers to the aid of discarnate spirits who, they believe, " come through " and treat their patients. Under the direction of their spirit " control,'' they pass their hands over and about the physical body and make motions suggestive of throwing away some contaminating force. This latter action merely draws off the negative magnetism, which has become entangled in the patient's aura. It does not draw into the patient, however, a fresh supply of the God-Force, which is the re-creative healing essence, unless the healer has the knowledge required to open the door. If he has, then he will not waste his, or the patient's, time invoking the ministrations of discarnate spirits but will make his contact with the God-Force direct.

In this respect it would be better if the term used were spiritual healing and not spirit healing, which latter is misleading. Spiritual healing infers a direct contact with the All-Father, whereas spirit healing conjures up pictures of discarnate Spirit Guides, Red Indians, and so on, who would appear to be at the constant call of an earthly medium. These merely confuse the issue and, if they had real knowledge, they would themselves teach their earthly protègés that direct contact with the God-Force is the essence of true spiritual healing.

To be completely successful with spiritual healing, the patient should be in harmony with, and receptive to, the healer's thoughts. Results can be beneficial, however, even if the healer works without the sufferer's co-operation, because he is using a factual force which is being directed through him to the patient. On the other hand, if the healer is operating blindly and without knowledge, he can take on a sufferer's condition just in the same way that contact with infections and contagious physical diseases will result in the ailment being passed on. In spiritual healing this applies particularly where the disease is initially mental, or the result of contact with Astral and destructive forces. These are always ready to attach themselves to people who blindly experiment without proper guidance. They express themselves through the human mind as phobias, inhibitions and various types of neurosis, caused by the destructive thoughts which they impose on their incarnate victims.

Orthodox Christianity is now, more than ever, investigating the merits, or otherwise, of spiritual healing; but at present it is still bound by dogma and often misinterprets the teachings of Jesus. He did not mean us to call upon him when we heal, but rather to draw in the healing power from the Creator as he, himself, did when performing his so-called miracles. He was manifesting Truth and Knowledge, insomuch as he knew how to use them correctly.

Healing is a purifying and spiritualizing process and our source of supply of spiritual balm is God Himself. As our knowledge and belief is, so will our power to heal be in proportion.
Within the past 2,000 years, no prophet or teacher has been able to manifest such an abundancy of God-Force as did the Master Jesus. Yet, he was always exhorting men to follow his example and do likewise, clearly showing that his apparently miraculous powers were not his alone, but the reward of all those who truly sought them in the service of God and mankind.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

14th January 2009, 20:22


WHEN attempting to help people who are in trouble, either mentally or bodily, do not be worried or feel frustrated if your efforts seem to fall short of your expectations. Do not let expectations come into the picture, because if you do, and you are disappointed with the results, then you, yourself, are likely to become negative in your own thoughts. Because, in many cases, you cannot see any physical change visibly taking place, this does not mean that your efforts to help have been wasted. They have not. Nothing that is positive and constructive is ever lost. It goes into the vast pool of pure Thought that is being formed all over the Earth plane.

You must continue, because if the persons on whom your thoughts are centred have a Karma to work out, then by your constructive help you can bring them into a fuller life of love and a desire to help others, and by so doing they will be on the road to helping themselves. Eventually we must all help ourselves. Others can show us the way, but we must use the tools for our own salvation when and where we find them. Continue, therefore, to light the way; and although you may not, or cannot, by reason of a Karmic condition, entirely alleviate their lot, whatever it may be, you will have thrown a positive constructive thought into the scales for them. Sooner or later it will help them to balance out their debt by striving after the Truth, so that they will cease to kick against the pricks of their self-created cause and effect.

It does not matter if those you are trying to help do not react as you would wish, and even appear affronted and antagonistic to your efforts. Everything is governed by the Karmic Laws. You cannot know what is causing people to act in such a way, or what is preventing them from fully co-operating with you. It may be the result of years of doubts and fears which have to be overcome. We have all had these negative thoughts at various times, but when we can recognise them as such (and with the gaining of knowledge we can), we are able to reverse the process of negation. By countering with strong positive thinking, and thereby weakening these intruders, we can finally close the gateway of fear through which all evil enters.

We are told that Jesus said, " Love thy neighbour as thyself." Many find this hard to comprehend and harder still to carry out. He was not using '' Love '' in its physical sense but in its spiritual interpretation. He meant, rather, that we should seek to wish our fellow-men the peace of mind that comes to those who endeavour to carry out the Father's Will. The peace that passeth all understanding. We send out those thoughts of love every time we stretch out a helping hand, every time we show a light in dark places, every time we feel the urge to pass on that knowledge which we have sought and gained.

Sometimes it is good to delve down into the depths of our own consciousness when we are faced with problems concerning others and find ourselves critical. We may realise that at some time we have done the same thing, re-acted the same way. Then it is we gain understanding and tolerance for our fellow-travellers.

Jesus also taught that before we could hold up the light of understanding to others, we must first have a knowledge of both Good and Evil. In other words, the master cannot teach unless he, himself, has had to learn the lesson. If this were practised on the Earth plane, there would be less suffering, sorrow and strife, and the words of Jesus would become clear before our minds, " Judge not lest ye be judged."

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

14th January 2009, 20:47


THE definition given to the word ''prayer" in the dictionary is: "The earnest asking for a favour." To many people it has become a habitual ritual which is hurried through without any meaning, as quickly as possible. I would say that those who pray in this manner are more to blame than those who have lapsed altogether. The former are hypocrites and are seeking a salve for their consciences, whilst the latter do not have any faith in its effects, and by their actions, plainly admit it. Prayer means to the majority the act of asking God for a favour. It is, in fact: "Give me, help me, save me." This in itself is a wrong attitude and prayer offered up in this negative manner will not achieve any constructive results.

God, the Infinite Creator, does not have to be pestered with requests for this or for that favour. Mostly we go to Him as a last resource when all our human endeavours have failed us. We must never seek to pray in a spirit of, "what can God give me," but, "how can I make myself worthy to receive and understand the wondrous benefits which He, through Nature, has put at mankind's disposal?"

God dwells within the Council Chambers of the soul and, if we would find Him, we must open their portals and commune with Him there. We can only receive true spiritual understanding by striving after, and making ourselves worthy of, the knowledge and comfort we shall find in this way.

Prayer should symbolise for us the manifestation of a; Thought. The thought that we are opening up the channels of inspiration between ourselves and the Cosmic Creator. Let us think of Him as the progenitor of all things that ARE within His great limitless Universe. We must cease to think of God as a Being Who is merely interested in the affairs of this very small part of His Creation.

He is in all places at all times. He is the beginning and the ending through all Eternity. He is the Essence in all that we see and cannot see in Nature. He is Universal Creative Thought which holds all things in Being.

If we would make contact with Him, we must learn to control, transmute and transmit our thought essence, and by so doing we shall have earned ourselves an entrance into the treasure-house of Nature. The golden key will be ours, and as we grow in knowledge, so we shall find thai: it will open for us more of the hidden doors within the great Universal Mansion. We must of ourselves stretch out and acquire our knowledge through our own striving and seeking. God's Jewel House has no locked doors, and he who has the desire to explore its rooms can do so only in so far as he is worthy through his own achievements.

"Ask, and it shall be given unto you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." These exhaltations are the essence of the teachings of the Ancient Initiate Brotherhood whose chosen messenger for the age of Pisces was the Master Jesus, who came to re-kindle the eternal age-old Truths.

Prayers will profit us nothing if we desire mere earthly things, but if we seek to obtain a knowledge of those Truths which are Eternal and which will endure, though earthly values change and crumble, then, through first seeking the Kingdom of Heaven, or Cosmic Consciousness, all things, as Jesus said, shall be added.

When we pray, we should pray for spiritual knowledge. If we do this, we shall create a potential which forms a link between the God-Force without, and the God-consciousness within. Having built this bridge, constant usage of its roadway will allow the spiritual traffic to flow backwards and forwards, and with time and perseverance, knowledge will be accumulated. As our spiritual knowledge increases, our earthly lot will become easier to bear because material things will lose importance.

Even as the light of the sun pales the candle flame so that it cannot be seen, so the acquisition of spiritual knowledge gained through constructive and selfless prayer will bring us nearer to God and complete peace within ourselves. This is the wisdom of the soul which perishes not, but lives eternally within the innermost sanctuary of the Spirit of Man.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

14th January 2009, 20:48


ONE of the most urgent questions that Man has been trying to solve throughout the ages is that of individual survival. In his quest he has espoused many "isms" and cults. So far, factual proof beyond doubt, of individual survival, is still wanting.

Spiritualism has travelled a long way along the road but, as we shall see in Chapter XIII, there are many factors in the human composition which can be, and are, often responsible for much of the so-called Spirit phenomena.

We must realise that we are beings with physical and spiritual attributes, and as such, many of our functions originate from purely spiritual sources outside ourselves. Inversely, many can be traced to purely physical origins. This is where the trouble starts. Where does one begin and the other end ?

It is a very complex problem and one that we must reason out ourselves and investigate very carefully before we jump to any false conclusions.

Before we can attempt to assess the pros and cons for Survival we must examine ourselves to see iff we have a balanced outlook. If our reasoning is purely materialistic, then all those things of the Spirit will seem to us mad, and we shall relegate them to the rubbish heap of our reasoning faculties.

If our outlook errs on the spiritual side then our desire to produce the evidence may cloud our critical faculties and lead us along all sorts of false trails.
What we have to do is to check all evidence that comes to us, even if we are faced with disappointment after disappoinment. The best subject is, of course, yourself. You may think that you are not sensitive, or a medium, and therefore it will be no good investigating yourself in this respect.

Remember here, that all faculties have to be trained before they can function properly, and it is only tireless effort in face of apparent failure which will bring you to your goal. When dealing with yourself you will know first of all if you are honest or dishonest, and whether you are resorting to deliberate and conscious fraud. Sift carefully all messages and phenomena which occur, to see if they can be explained by physical or natural causes.

Never discard the "unexplained" by the word " imagination." What is imagination and where does it come from ? It is a spiritual attribute and as such should be taken into account. It has its very direct link with inspiration for it requires imagination to beget inspiration. It opens the door of Spiritual perception and lets in the light of Truth.

What we receive we must, of course, interpret in physical terms through our brain cells, but the inspiration will give us that ' something" which is all things—all knowledge in a flash, which will set the wheels of the Material working, and give us an insight into those realms, as yet only dimly perceived by most mortals, who consider them too ethereal to warrant time being spent on their exploration.

Only by diligent study can the way of the Spirit be explored, and the soul come at last to Cosmic at-one-ment with the Great Creative Spirit we call God. This Spirit is Universal, and permeates all things ; it is the Dynamo which holds spirit and matter in their appointed places. It is the Source from which comes the Creative Thought which encompasses and envisages everything.

This being the case, it becomes obvious that within each one of us is the essence of that creative Thought-Force, which, when fully understood, can put within our reach all the potentialities of the Parent-Force.

It is useless to say, ''Why can't I do this or do that, I am not aware of any such force within me?"

The answer is plain. The treasure house of the spirit can only be unlocked room by room, and we must stretch out and find the key which will fit each lock of each door within God's Great Mansion. We shall not be able to open the doors of those rooms within our Consciousness, which are as yet lacking the furniture of knowledge and understanding. To take an example: it would be dangerous for any individual to have the power of life and death over his fellows by the mere act of operating one of the hidden Cosmic Laws.

This power can not be permitted until the individual has mastered self to such an extent that no opposing force, however strong, could cause him to lose his spiritual balance and strike at his opponent from a motive of anger or revenge.

The nearer we get to God, the more our material desires shrink and become of little importance. True spirituality manifests itself by its actions. It radiates love for all mankind, helping them to go forward in spite of the inconveniences that may be encountered personally in so doing.

This is the law of cause and effect and through its operation we can, and do, supply our own wants from out the Treasure House of God. We attract to ourselves those very thoughts and actions we send out and operate in our daily lives. Often we expect to find in others what we ourselves have. We may even be conscious of our faults, and yet we do little to remove them. Faults become habits and as such are difficult to cast out of our natures.

"Seek and ye shall find." This exhortation can be taken in two ways. If you seek for the good in your fellow-beings, then you will repel the evil. Like attracts like, and so you will find whatever you look for. Thus if you look for evil, you will find it, and your relationship with your fellow-men will be of an unpleasant or unfortunate nature.

Seek God in all things and learn to keep His treasures under proper control. It is not always wise to let everybody know what is in the mind, or in the making, when commencing a project. It is therefore essential that, individually, we learn to control the transmission of Thought. Just as we, on the earth plane, receive thought impulses from the spiritual plane, so do we transmit, either by word or thought, to both incarnates and discarnates, any of whom may be desirous of frustrating or nullifying our plan. In this way we create an opposition for ourselves and make our task doubly difficult.

For this reason it is necessary to use discernment, making sure that those whom we choose for associates are attuned to the same spiritual vibrations as ourselves.

Spirituality is like the rainbow and exhibits many layers, or colours, of thought. In seeking to raise our spiritual stature we should always keep this in mind. Whilst we must, of necessity, contact planes of thought that are inferior to, or grosser than, our own, for the purpose of helping and teaching, we must be careful how we accept messages coming from these planes. They may choke and cloud our own spiritual knowledge making us a prey to all sorts of doubts and fears.

Once we are launched upon the pathway of at-one-ment, which means that with greater knowledge we have a greater responsibility to our Creator as well as to mankind, we must learn to discern clearly whether those things which come to us are from the higher or lower spiritual layers of the Cosmic Thought-Force.

Those who aspire to the spiritual leadership of mankind must, through earnest striving and probing into the secret recesses of their souls, learn to unlock the many chambers hidden within this Cosmic Temple.

We must not rely upon others, much less discarnate spirits, who in the great majority of cases have not learnt their earthly lessons, and have, through protracted periods of trial and error, to return to the earth plane to continue their schooling. Yes, they have to reincarnate. An unpleasant word I know for many who do not like the responsibilities it implies. It should also make those who continually seek to communicate with discarnates realise that they may be getting all manner of mischievous messages, in fact, often culled from their own minds by the entities contacting the medium. It may actually be only the lower, or astral-self, of the medium operating in a telepathic capacity.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

15th January 2009, 22:24


GROUP Teachers from the higher planes of Spirit are working today by use of inspirational telepathic contacts, or thought rays. It is the work of many who have passed on, and who have absorbed Cosmic knowledge themselves, to act as receiving and transmitting stations for these higher Teachers, and so become in their turn the teachers and guides to circles or groups all over the world.

These discarnates are known to spiritualists as Guides, and are the same as the biblical Guardian Angels. Mostly mankind is totally unaware of the fact that he has a spiritual friend who will help him through his earthly existences, and until such time as he is enlightened enough to find his own God-contact.

It is in this respect that the mischievous or Satanakuic spirit plays havoc with those people who dabble, in an uncontrolled manner, in matters psychic as has already been explained.

Communication with the spirit world is opened by the throwing out of thought waves which contact, and are picked up by, any entity that happens to be tuned to your waveband.

The Open Sesame is Thought. Therefore it is very necessary that people seek the right channels of entry into the unknown. They must know how to protect themselves from the physic eavesdroppers and impersonators.

Once the door has been opened to the wrong vibrations it is very difficult to shut it again, and when a contact has been made it remains, and tries to establish itself in the mind of the person to whom it has become attached.

Always make certain how you open this door, and be sure that you seek protection. This is done by thought and can be achieved in many ways. That is why the ancient Initiates used signs and symbols with which to protect themselves.

A symbol creates a thought in the mind of the sender, and is picked up by those who are of like vibration. One of the best safeguards for protecting thought is the sign of the Ankh enclosed within the circle of Life, which can be traced symbolically upon the solar plexus.1

Any contrary or negative thought will be unable to penetrate the barrier thus set up and the way will be clear for right communication. Evil thought waves cannot break through and will drown, whilst the true knowledge will continue to flow.

It is as well for us to realise, at this point, that each Solar System within God's Universe is a complete and separate entity from its brothers. Earth is the grossest of matter within the whole Universe of Creation, and the Solar System of which Earth is a part, is amongst the grossest of matter within Eternity.

El Daoud is the Father-King over all the Spheres of mattet and gross matter within this System.

The whole of matter can again be likened to the rainbow because this symbolises so much; colour, light, thought and materiality. Materiality is only a low form of Spirituality, and lowest matter blends with highest spirit in a spectrum.

There is no communication, one with another, of any Solar Systems because the forms of life-force existent on these different systems are not co-lateral, and could not co-exist with each other in any way whatsoever ; neither are they necessarily subject to the three-dimensional state of life.

The same applies to the individual spheres of matter in any one Solar System. Each individual world has its own Cosmic organisation and is as a stepping-stone to greater knowledge within that particular plan. For instance, there is no interplanetary communication within pur own system. Do not confuse material spheres, i.e. other planets, with interpenetrating Spiritual spheres, from which the higher Teachers minister to the spheres of matter and gross matter under their charge.

When the knowledge necessary has been acquired on any world, the individual life-force, in whatever form it may take, passes on to greater knowledge and the door is shut and barred behind it.

We, here, have to learn earth's lessons upon Earth because they are only appropriate here. We have to learn them through trial and error—cause and effect—in fact through reincarnation, and this will continue until such time as we have mastered our own selfish desires by finding the God-consciousness within.

We shall only come by Truth through our own efforts and by opening the depths of our inner consciousness. The knowledge of how to do this is the key to Divine Wisdom. Many red herrings are being drawn along the track today, and in the original "Book of Truth," given through my hand and published by Riders some 29 years ago, it is stated that at the commencement of the Aquarian age, false teachers and prophets would arise, making all manner of fantastic claims to knowledge. It is the quality of the Teachings that must be looked for when assessing communication.

If we follow the great World Teachers, we shall find their common theme is the effacing of Self, and that at-one-ment with God can only be achieved by self-striving and probing into the hidden chambers of our own Divine Selves.

When we have mastered all the lessons to be learned in this manner, we shall be fitted to leave the Earth plane and its astral spheres for ever, and will go on to the mastery of that greater knowledge which awaits us.

This knowledge we could not possibly assimilate or even remotely comprehend, in our present state of three-dimensional ignorance. We shall get it only when we have raised ourselves to the state of having earned it, and not before.

We have got tot learn to sift, when we are searching for Truth and Knowledge, in order to pick out what really comes from higher sources as opposed to the various half-truths which appear in the guise of spiritual teachings. Interspersed amongst these are certain pirated Truths which strive for life and light, but in their environment, become dangerous, because many people at once assume that the whole misguided hotch-potch is true.

I know people today who are so bemuddled with the multiplicity of books on the psychic and occult which they have read, that they can't make up their minds where they stand.
Once the consciousness is opened indiscriminately, then the astral ne'er-do-wells, who are always seeking for a chance to contact the incarnate state again, will play havoc by the hold they gain over the lives of the people they are deluding.

I am often asked, "How does one know what is right and what is wrong ?"

This is a very difficult question to answer, and depends largely upon the nervous and mental state of the enquirer. Never accept communications without preliminary protection, as has been explained, or without prayer. "Ask and ye shall receive," Jesus said. He was speaking spiritually. The true and earnest seekers will receive help from spirit if they will ask for it, and above all if their motive is a selfless one. In other words, if they are seeking spiritual contact and knowledge for the benefit and upliftment of mankind, the astral mischief-makers will fail when faced with truth and honesty.

The pathway of spiritual contact is not sensational, and the contact will be in keeping with the motive that prompts the seeker.

Spiritual progress is, as I have often said, like the spectrum. It has degrees, or layers, and we automatically open up channels possessing like thought-forces to ourselves.

Do not be dismayed if at first you find that your advancement is slow, or that you are not getting the desired spiritual contact. If the messages appear mischievous or contradictory, or are merely on a fortune-telling level, then look for the nigger-in-the-woodpile within yourself, because that is where it lies. If your seeking is entirely selfless, then you cannot contact other than that which you desire.

It is all a matter of like thought attracting like, not spectacular or sensational. It requires quiet and humble concentration and study, a helping hand here or there. Like the Boy Scout, you must do your daily good deed, even if it be only a kindly thought transmitted through your consciousness to a soul in distress. Your thought will unite with all such other thoughts sent out, and build up a great potential of help and comfort for that person.

Remember, the present age does not differ from ancient or biblical days, and the channels of inspiration are open to those who truly seek for the teaching and upliftment of mankind, just as they were then.

The Ankh symbolises Life, which is the Creative God-Force, whilst the circle encloses and protects all who seek in true and impersonal spirituality.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

16th January 2009, 19:29


THE Spirit, when incarnate, has three functions. It is split into three operative parts all having a common root. This is why it; is, in the vast majority of cases, devoid of any past memories so far as the conscious mind is concerned.

These three parts operate thus : through the higher-self, the middle-self, and the lower, or astral-self. They function as follows : that part of the spirit which operates the lower or material self has, whilst incarnate, the work of supporting the mortal body. It produces the magnetic force necessary to sustain the life of the material body. Thus, if this part of the spirit is weak or lazy the body will become sick and diseased.

As I have explained in an earlier chapter, the true spiritual healer will heal through the fact that he stimulates the lower spiritual to reach out and absorb the vital magnetic force, and thus the process of mortal disease is arrested. If the patient's spiritual awareness is awakened, the cure will be permanent and not just a restimulation when the boosting power of the healer is present.

The reason why incarnate spirits, generally, do not have memory of their past existences is because the root of Karmic memory is in that portion of the spirit which rules the middle self.

Until the door is opened between the consciousness of the lower-self and the middle-self, there can be no collaboration between these two spiritual parts. The individual will not recognise any Karmic responsibilities, and will be unaware of the higher spiritual force within, which it can contact with advantage.1

Much so-called psychic phenomena is the product of this lower-self which has various potentialities. The memory stored within the lower-self is only the memory of present incarnate existence, which, (when the lower and middle-selves are in accord), at physical death joins itself on to the middle-self of the discarnating spirit and enters the store-house of the soul. It enables the enlightened seeker to profit by past experiences and advance along the pathway to Cosmic at-one-ment.

When this state is arrived at, and the three spiritual parts act in concert as one complete whole, then Cosmic Consciousness is reached.

As I have said, the lower-self has the function of recharging and sustaining the physical body. It also serves the brain, which is the store-house of incarnate existence—the memory or card-index system—bringing forward, when required, what has been corelated by the physical brain cells.

This lower-self cannot reason, but must call upon the middle-self to dissect the subject-matter placed before it by the lower-self.

Thus we see that if the middle-self is not called in for judgment upon the lower-self's "ideas," the individual will be one of whom we would say, "they just have no common sense or reasoning powers." In other words, they are the types, too often met with, who accept anything out of hand which presents itself to them.

The middle-self has reasoning power and memory—the memory of all Karmic experiences right up to our present incarnations. You may say, "If this is the case, then why is it that discarnate spirits very seldom admit reincarnation ?" The answer seems simple if we analyse it carefully. If these two selves (the lower and the middle) have not worked together whilst incarnate, then there will still be a barrier existent between them when in the discarnate state, and the Astral body, which is the vehicle of the lower-self (and its etheric counterpart), will still be unaware of its Karmic experiences, only knowing that one from which it has just passed.

In fact, many who are precipitated into the astral without spiritual knowledge of any sort, do not even realise that they have passed over, and try vainly to contact those they have known upon Earth. When they again incarnate, they are housed in a physical body having a "new" brain which will, as the physical storehouse, only know those things which it learns in its new body. The experiences of its previous lives will have gone to join the middle-self memory which, as we have said, stores all past Karmic experiences.

It will only be those spirits who have co-ordinated these three spiritual aspects, who will be conscious of those wider vistas outside their last mortal existence. Do not mistake my meaning; I do not wish to infer that they will necessarily know the exact circumstances of previous Karmas, but they will recognize, in frustration and adversity, a purpose, and by so doing will be able to work out its solution.

Then we come to the higher-self. This is the Cosmic Consciousness within. This self knows everything, has memory, reasoning, and something which the two others have not—creative power. Thus if we wish to be successful in our earthly undertakings, we must have contact with this higher-self which will make our "ideas" become positive facts.
Let me here make quite clear a most important factor. When I speak of the lower, middle and higher-selves, I do not mean to imply aspects of good or evil. I merely use the terms as spiritual divisions, or compartments, to show how they function one with another.

Again the question poses itself, " How is it then that evil seems to triumph to the exclusion of good ? " Evil does not triumph in the long run, and when we argue in this manner we are only, (by our limited understanding), assuming that the begin-all and end-all of life is this finite physical existence we are at present conscious of.

If we try to force the higher-self to aid us in schemes which are anti-spiritual, in fact and motive, then we are courting disaster and increasing Karma on the debit side.

So we can see that before we make demands upon the higher or creative self, we must do so with the full knowledge and cooperation of the middle-self. If not, we shall be meddling with a force that will destroy us if we use it for self and ignore the promptings and reasoning of the middle-self, which must be allowed to control and dictate to the lower-self.

In these cases of blind demanding, it is the higher-self, or God Consciousness, which calls upon the reasoning power of the middle-self. But if the lower, physical self, which is without reasoning powers, is too strongly entrenched, and not in harmony with the middle-self, then reason is thrown to the winds and we carry through our project in face of all opposition, not caring whom we hurt or even physically destroy, so long as we gain our own selfish desires.

Often we speak of our "conscience," which is, in fact, the still small voice of the God within us, enshrined in the higher-self. It calls out pleadingly, imploring us to stop and think before it is too late, often to be stifled by the mortal physical desires prompting our demands whatever they may be.

In other words we have free-will, which can either be used for the achievement of spiritual at-one-ment, or we can plunge into the vortex of materialism, thus building up fresh Karmic debts which have to be worked out upon earth—the scene of our past crimes against spirituality.

I saw it written recently that the doctrine of reincarnation was retrogressive. What nonsense! Anybody talking thus, merely displays his ignorance. Reincarnation only spells frustration for those who will not seek the higher spiritual knowledge. By their failure to "know themselves" they plunge into error after error, forcing themselves to return again and again to earth's schoolrooms until they have, by their own striving and humility, come to the footstool of knowledge and understanding, when they will be free to go forward to realms of knowledge as yet unexplored. In simple language, we are our own gaolers.

This explains why people under anaesthetics have been known to talk languages of which they have no knowledge. The barrier between the lower-self consciousness and the middle-self consciousness is removed, allowing a previous incarnate consciousness to be uncovered.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

16th January 2009, 19:29

Now I want to return for a moment to that aspect of the spirit which I have called the lower-self. It produces the supply of all those necessities which are essential for the spirit to manifest when incarnate. It is that part of the force within us which is responsible for much of the phenomena erroneously written down as "spirit communication." This lower-self, which (for simplicity's sake) I will call X., is the manufacturer of vital force which, as I have already said, sustains the physical—body.

According to the supply of this vital force, so will the physical be either healthy or diseased. The body grows old and decays because this vital force gradually weakens if not exercised. It finally withdraws itself altogether at physical death.

X can be trained in a number of ways so that objects can be moved around, and things that are apparently unknown to ourselves be described. This of course requires practice, although some individuals have an X force which operates almost naturally, and without much training.

Everything must be developed whatever it may be. I will take the art of singing—being a singer myself. It takes years and years of careful daily study and practice to achieve anything like perfection, which actually is never reached. That is why we strive onwards, always seeking this elusive goal.

When I practise, I have something talking to me most of the time—telling me what to do, and it always proves to be correct. Mediums have suggested that it is the spirit of a deceased singer guiding me. Actually this is not so. I have, with years of practice, trained my X force to such an extent in this particular field that my middle-self is able to work with X, who asks it questions to which it replies, causing a collateral physical reaction. The act of singing is initially spiritual, and the sound I wish to emit must be accurately conveyed by my spiritual ear to my brain. This materialises the required sound through the physical medium of the vocal chords, producing an audible note or succession of notes making a tune.

This X force is also responsible for telepathy, and, in a great many cases, poltergeists. These latter can mostly be pinned down to some abnormality, or very strong urge, which has been frustrated in the individual. In fact, persons have been consigned to mental establishments because of the physical happenings which manifest in their presence.

What actually takes place is that rods of ectoplasm are projected, which automatically relieve the frustrated feelings of the individual, by moving or throwing things about.

I know a case in point, which happened to me years ago, and which resulted in such a physical manifestation. Actually the person responsible for the occurrence thought it was a spirit influence, and although only a child of some five years, said so.1 He was angry and frustrated because I would not take any notice of him at the particular time he wanted attention. In later years this theory has been proven by the fact that physical manifestations do, at intervals, take place in his presence, which both he and his wife are aware of. He has a very strong physical X force, that is why he can invariably get what he wants in life without any difficulty.

X manifests as personality. If it is strong, and virile, it will push itself out and attempt to overwhelm the X force of anybody whom it may wish to influence. If it is weak, then it becomes overwhelmed itself, and the opposing individual will superimpose his will. This is where introspection steps in and we manufacture a persecution complex, thinking that all the world is against us. In reality it is we, ourselves, who are our own enemies.

We should train this X force to go out into the world and do some positive work for us. Nature gives us the tools, but if we will not bestir ourselves to use them, the blame is ours.

So that you may the more easily be able to distinguish these three spiritual forces within us, I suggest we think of them in future as X the lower-self (the physical administrator), Y the middle-self or reasoning force, and Z the God-Force, known as Zen to the Orient.

Do not fall into the error of thinking that I am discounting communication with spiritual forces—I am not. What I do say, most emphatically, is that in the great majority of cases this so-called communication is nothing more than the X force taking control.

The perfect mediumship can only be achieved when X, Y and Z all work in harmony. Then the door of communication with the higher-self is open, and the information obtained will be of a really lofty and instructive nature. It will be a reaching out to the God-consciousness, or Z force, and because the Y, or reasoning force, no longer questions or tries to block the flow of knowledge by forming a barrier in between, the higher spiritual beings will be able to contact us inspirationally, and the knowledge, added to our own, will be constructive and helpful.

Much harm is done by promiscuous and unguided contact with astral or earth-bound spirits, who have failed to learn their earthly lessons, and so must have further schooling upon Earth. These spirits delight in making contact with incarnates, and are often not what they profess to be. Actually what they do is to pick out, through telepathy, what the earthly inquirer wants to know. They contact the inquirer's X force, which is the store-house of all present physical experiences and memories. Having done this, it is quite simple to impersonate people, known to the inquirer, who have passed on. The contact may not even get this far, and the inquirer and the medium (if one is consulted) will simply play a game of foils with their two X forces. Both will be quite unconscious of what is taking place and the messages will be accepted as coming from a friend, relative, etc.

Much of what I have said on spirit communication will, I am quite sure, arouse criticism. If so, then I can only say that it is caused by a latent fear that deep-rooted ideas may be upset. After all, we should strive after the truth, as opposed to sensation, even if it does knock the bottom out of some of our most cherished beliefs. If we are not strong enough to admit when we are misled, then we shall never attain to any of the greater knowledge. It is only through trial and error that we at last come to real spiritual understanding.

The exploration of ourselves, and our possible contacts with spiritual forces, requires much courage. The path is stony and often lonely. We raise up abuse and antagonism, both of which are born of fear that we are going to upset somebody's preconceived notions. All we can do is forge ahead to the best of our ability, looking neither to the right nor to the left. We must be honest with ourselves and with others, speaking fearlessly of those things which we honestly believe to be the truth, even if it gets us into hot water.

Spirituality cannot be put under the microscope but is an essence, and once we have made its contact, we know. It joins itself to that God-Consciousness within.

We have unlocked the doors of God's house and can pass through its portals at will, relying upon ourselves alone to make our contact with God without the necessity of any intermediary.

Jesus said, "Man know thyself" and "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you".

A vase was thrown at me across a space of about 20-ft. without any apparent human agency.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

19th January 2009, 22:33


If we would only take a short time each day to sit apart from the rush and turmoil of daily life and relax ourselves body and soul, we should be able to open the doors of our God-consciousness. Its very presence would cleanse us mentally, thus reacting upon our physical bodies, purging them of the devitalising results of worry, fear, and all such things that we have to face daily.

If we did this and communed with our inner selves, then the need for such people as psycho-analysts, hypnotists, etc., would be superfluous. In any event these people, most of them not believing in an immortal soul, put everything down to inhibitions, either of early life or those accumulated through racial evolution or ancestry.

Whilst in part this may be true, it is only a portion of the story. They treat the individual's physical brain, but they fail to look further and teach their patient to find his cosmic self. They never tell him to commune with himself and talk to his spiritual self, simply because they do not accept the existence of an inner God-force. If a patient exhibits any interests in psychic or occult knowledge they invariably ridicule it. They are, in fact, so inhibited with physical quirks that they themselves require an analyst with spiritual awareness to put them right and show them that Man is comprised of spirit and matter blended.

As it is, a lot of permanent harm is done, and the patient is so cluttered up with psycho-analytical theorising, that contact with the spiritual is almost completely blocked. Instead of contacting the higher-self he is forced back upon a purely physical hypothesis.

It is time we realised that we are not on this Earth to follow idly a life of self-indulgence, but to help in God's plan and to learn the lessons that confront us and so strengthen ourselves spiritually. He gave us conscious being, and consequently wants us to enjoy the great spiritual gifts He has to offer and not to abuse them.

If we strive upwards always seeking for more knowledge, which we can find within our own God-consciousness, it will lead us straight onwards and we shall not lose the way.



The frustrations which confront us are the boulders which lie around to bruise us if we digress and take some byeway by giving ourselves up to self-will. This is Nature's way, through cause and effect, of withholding her treasures until we reaffirm contact with our higher-self, which at length brings us to God's Kingdom.

The wise parent will often put away some lovely toy that has been given to a child because he knows that it is too young and will not appreciate what it has got. Indeed it may be of the kind that could bring mortal injury to it. So the parent keeps the toy until the child has shown itself capable of appreciating and using it with benefit and not injury to itself.

The Kingdom of God is within us—so near and yet so far off— but when we have found it, all desire flees away in the complete Cosmic harmony that it brings; the Knowledge of God which passeth all understanding. That is the Crest Jewel of a Spiritual Victory.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

19th January 2009, 22:43


IN taking you along strange and unorthodox paths, some of the things I tell you may not be acceptable to the mentally rigid. How you react to these things and receive them is in your own hands.

A truly wise man will always investigate and give thought to something new before discarding it. The pioneers of all ages have been villified and, in many cases, done to death for their beliefs. Yet often when they have passed on, the coming generations have turned them into saints and heroes upon the vindication of their theses through time.

It is in the misuse of acquired knowledge that Man sins against the natural laws of God. The lessons and tribulations of Earth are only of Earth, and therefore must be learnt and overcome upon Earth. The sooner we rise above them and learn them, the sooner we shall cast off Earth's shackles.

The great Masters have taught reincarnation and speak of it very generally. At the time of Jesus it was so universally accepted that it did not require constant reiteration. In St. Matthew, XVII, vs. 10-13, we read for instance:

And his disciples asked him saying, " Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come? " And Jesus answered and said unto them, "Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things. But I say unto you, that Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of Man suffer of them." Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.
Again in St. Matthew, Chapter XI, vs. 10-15, we read that Jesus said, when speaking of John the Baptist:
For this is he, of whom it is written, Behold I send my messenger before thy face, which shall prepare thy way before thee.

Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist . . .
For all the Prophets and the law prophesied until John.
And if ye will receive it, this is Elias, which was for to come.
He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Again Jesus points to the fact that John and Elias (or Elijah, as it is written in the revised version) were one and the same spirit incarnated first as Elijah and later as John.

Then in St. John, Chapter I, vs. 21 to 22, we read: "And they (the Pharisees) asked him (John), ' What then ? Art thou Elias ? ' And he (John) saith, ' I am not! Art thou that Prophet ? * And he answered ' No.'

"Then said they unto him, 'Who art thou ? that we may give answer to them that sent us. What sayest thou of thyself? '

This denial of John's is even more interesting and conclusive than Jesus' pronouncement that John was Elias. Firstly, it shows that even such an Initiate as John had no knowledge or memory of his previous incarnation as Elias (Elijah), and secondly, that the Pharisees accepted the fact that he was the reincarnation of some Teacher or Prophet. The biblical text tells us that they pursued the subject by saying, "Who art thou ? That we may give answer," etc. In fact, they expected him to say that he was somebody from the past.

Many shy at the thesis of reincarnation because it is not a soft or comfortable one. It teaches us that there are no easy rest houses along the eternal road. The work of self-education has to be accomplished sooner or later, if we are not to get left behind. Wrongs have to be expiated and injuries and debts to others be redressed. We must learn the control of Self and find the God-consciousness within us, the I AM, if we wish to qualify for citizenship of those higher material and spiritual worlds within the Great Cosmic Universe.

An analogy can be drawn between our progress through life and a child's progress through school. The school holidays can be likened to release from the mortal flesh. If the child has learnt his term's work well, he will move up into a higher form on returning to school. If not, then he will remain in the lower form for a further period.

Do not deny reincarnation because you yourself cannot yet realise it, The day will come when you will, in the light of a fuller understanding. The Mysteries of Creation and their workings will only be made clear to those who reach out for them. They are veiled to the uninitiated who are not ready for their unfolding; indeed, they could not grasp them, rejecting anything they cannot understand, thus limiting their chances of progress.

Jesus gave warning in his teachings, not to cast pearls before swine. In other words use discrimination with whom you discuss the hard-won jewels of knowledge.

The boy at the bottom of the school will not be able to understand teachings given to the boy at the top.

Many people have said to me, "If survival after physical death is true, why cannot it be proved once and for all to the masses ? "

Have you ever stopped to think how bad this would be for those who are steeped in materialism and even vice ? Before they can reach understanding, they must admit their faults by coming to the footstool of humility and knowledge.

People must learn to strive and seek for themselves, and it is those persistent seekers who eventually find the God-consciousness within themselves, and then they know. They have made contact with those higher planes of spirit and in so doing, have found God.

To-day, Man understands only the meaning of wealth which gives him material power over his fellows. Spirituality means nothing.

International distrust grows and Nations build up huge atomic stock piles, each trying to outdo the other in frightfulness.

Lord Cherwell, a member of the Atomic Energy Commission, is reported by the Press of July 15th, 1954, as saying, "Whether Homo Sapiens will accept the vast benefits which science offers him, or whether he will use the colossal powers scientists have put at his disposal to restore the surface of this puny planet to the primeval slime from which it has emerged in the last thousand million years, the future, and perhaps the very near future, will show."

On September 2nd, 1954, the Press gave prominence to certain statements made by Dr. Adrian, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, and President of the Royal Society, when speaking at the 116th Meeting of the British Association at Oxford. Dr. Adrian is reported as saying that the human race cannot stand more than so many atomic explosions. They had a cumulative effect and might upset the whole balance of human life as we know it. Atomic explosions gave similar results to Solar disturbances.

It is the duty of each individual, as a child of the Infinite Creator, to take an active part in fighting the evil of materialism and thus bring about a return to spirituality.

Start now and make yourself conversant with what is going on in the world—your world. Read your daily papers even if you don't like unpleasant things. See the murders, the thuggery, and the moral and sexual degradations so numerous today through lack of Spiritual understanding.

We are in the "Latter Days,'' and again I stress this urgent fact; unless we return to true spirituality and are prepared to work ceaselessly and fearlessly to this end, modern civilisation will sink down into the abyss of social chaos and destruction which it is surely forging for itself.

No use to pray to God to save us. It is for us to make ourselves worthy of salvation by doing His Will, thus making ourselves a shining example before men. We must seek God within our own Divine Selves and by so doing help others who stumble along the pathway of life. We must not seek knowledge for selfish ends, but impersonally and for the benefits we can give to those who lack understanding of the spirit. This will fill our souls with an inner satisfaction which will be worth all the toils and tribulations of mortal life.

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

20th January 2009, 20:24


ON the evening of December 10th, 1954, when the Templars' committee had assembled for their weekly meeting, a vision was shown me by the Master Oneferu, and I shall describe it here so that the reader can see it in his " mind's eye." It is symbolical of present day confusion and depicts the battle that is taking place for the Soul of the World:—

I (El Eros) am viewing a scene as from a great height. This is set in a spacious round building and for want of a better description, let me say it resembles the Royal Albert Hall in London. Round the arena are many doors at equal distances apart, most of which are barred and bolted.

My attention is drawn to one door in particular, which is open, and standing guard at its entrance is a knight in silver-white armour. His hands are clasping the hilt of a cross sword which is sheathed and resting point downwards on the marble floor. This is the same knight that I have seen on several occasions over many years. I know him as the Keeper of the Grail (which is the symbolised form of Cosmic Truth or God-consciousness), the Father-King El Daoud.

In the very centre of this vast hall is a large circular table around which are placed chairs corresponding to the doorways which I have already mentioned. Massed all round is a vast milling crowd of people of all races and beliefs.

On the far side of the circular table stands a priest-like figure dressed in white, and emitting iridescent colours from time to time so that he flashes like a jewel. He points to a pair of scales placed in the centre of the table. He, himself, is standing at the sign of Aquarius, for the table is divided into the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

The priest now raises his right hand and he is seen to be holding a twin feather, gold down one side and purple down the other. The crowds about him are silent and watch to see what he will do and say.

The Feather, he tells them, is the Feather of Truth which would outweigh, in spirituality, all earthly wealth and achievement. Then he places his Feather upon the scales, inviting the multitudes to place their mortal wealth and achievements on the vacant or opposing scale. There is much laughter and jeering at the suggestion of a mere feather outweighing the combined mass of earthly wealth and power.

One by one the Earth's rulers throw on to the scales their worldly goods, but the Feather outweighs them all and the people begin to wonder. Some drift over to the far side of the Hall, where the followers of the white priest stand, and bring with them their wealth to be given in the service of spirituality.

A white radiance which forms a cone from a point high up in space covers the top of the table upon which stands the scales. This is the light of Truth and Understanding which shall enter all places of darkness to show those who dwell therein the light of true knowledge. Those who see and understand shall be clothed in its healing rays, but those who reject it shall be cast into the refining fires of their own Karmic making.

(I understood that this was the true meaning of Hell, as opposed to the light of understanding, which is the state referred to as Heaven and the Kingdom of God.)
Then I see, cloaked in the shadows of materiality and self will, a powerful Earthly Ruler, who, with his followers, defies the light of the spirit and dedicates himself to worldly might, seeking to dominate the whole Earth. And the white priest warns him of his folly, telling him that others like him were tempted and had fallen.

Now there appears to be a great conference amongst this ruler's satellites as to whether or not they should help him in his greed for power and omnipotence, against the spiritual powers symbolised by the Feather.

The Black Lord's House is already divided against itself for his supporters are separating into opposing groups. Certain of his followers beg him to pause and not be too precipitous in challenging the Feather. Some are for an immediate trial of strength. Others point out that failure would mean destruction and the loss of all their worldly power. Yet how could a symbolical feather hope to match them, and the material power and riches at their command ?

The radiance covering the table, now widens its circle, and as its cleansing rays sweep outwards, it sears and discomforts all those who are in disharmony with the spiritual knowledge which it brings. It fills them with the foreboding of disaster and many more detach themselves and walk fearlessly into the light.

As the ranks of the Black Master become smaller, it seems that his power is concentrated into a dark pillar or column, and many of those within its dark circle are filled with fear and are quarrelling amongst themselves. Some are urging one thing and some another, yet clearly action must be taken for his sphere of dictatorship is gradually narrowing and shrinking.

Whilst they take council, they see the Feather still outbalancing all earthly wealth and power, and they throw themselves to the ground, forsaking the Black Ruler who is left with his load of material ambition and power, now too heavy for him to support. Those who have been his vassels in the past, now deny his authority when he bids them cast the Crest Jewel of his evil power on to the scales. Seeing that he stands alone, he prepares to use all the power at his command to destroy mankind, although he knows that it will also destroy him. But before he can do this, there is a great earthquake and he is swallowed up and buried beneath his own iniquities.

The Earth is saved, and the multitudes turn again and follow after the Truth and give their hearts to Love and Brotherhood.

A great brightness envelopes the whole scene and beautiful music is heard which manifests itself as a swirling mass of rainbow colours.

All has faded, and where had been the table and the scales, there rises a white Lotus flower, its yellow stamens reaching upwards like hands, seeking the Spiritual Essence within a descending sea of colour.

Then a voice like silver is heard, "I am the heart of the Son, I am come for the Marriage Feast, when all mankind shall be received back into the womb of the great Cosmic Trinity. So endeth the first day of God, the Universal Creator of All Things that ARE, that WILL BE, time without end, where there is no time, ever growing bigger, more vast, without end, Eternally— Amen."

Part I - The Wisdom of the Soul

20th January 2009, 21:24



WHY have we, the human race, arrived at such a state of confusion and chaos ?

This is a question that is posed very often these days, yet nobody seems to have given the correct answer. If we are to find it then we must go away back to the beginning of things and search out the fundamental truths which were incorporated in Man.

These have survived, being eternal, even to this present age of chaos, but for the most part he is unaware of the still small voice always ready to be of spiritual service to him.

If we think carefully, and reason with ourselves, we are brought to the realisation that in the beginning (whenever that may have been) Man was educated and cared for by Nature, and so long as he observed the laws by which she operated, then all things were well for him.

Mankind lived in harmony and peace with all Creation. The animals were also peaceful and there was a bond of companionship and love between the human and animal kingdom.

As time moved on, some human beings awakened more quickly to the wonders surrounding them than did others.

At first this was harmless, and the desire to obtain power for personal benefit had not yet presented itself to Man's mind as being the first essential of human existence.

Finally, however, with the accumulation of knowledge, this came about, and he grew aware of the wealth of natural laws and phenomena surrounding him. More and more he gave his attention to mastering them and finally turning them to his own purpose.

At first no ill results were visible and the subtle process of free-will in its relationship to accumulating knowledge, crept on like a moving shadow, always going forward and bringing with it an ever growing light of understanding.

At length came the day when, individually, Man realised that his knowledge was more than that of many of his companions; in fact, he could, with benefit to himself, make use of the labours of those less quickly awakening brethren around him. This appeared beneficial also for them, because they received food and lodging for their work and were relieved of the hazards which stalked all seeking to support life in those far off days.

So it was that groups and clans sprang up within the human community of peoples, and each clan was dependent upon the intelligence and knowledge of its self-appointed Chief-man.

At last these Chiefs began to realise a sense of well-being within themselves, and harboured a pride that their particular clan was superior to another, thus sowing the first seeds of what has eventually become world nationalism.

Now the Chiefs of these clans had claimed areas of land over which they exercised control.

All was still well, and peace and harmony reigned amongst them. As I have said, the subtle shadow of knowledge and understanding was ever creeping relentlessly onwards until at last it brought with it a realisation of power for domination over the lives and freedom of others.

Yes, that was the first nail in the coffin of peace and brotherhood for mankind in those far off days.

Do not be mistaken and think that Man was, as your scientists tell you, a brutish animal-like creature, warring with, and destroying, all who came near him. He was not. He was gentle and peace-loving until the day when he realised that he had within himself "Power." That, he argued, was his right to use as he willed, by reason of his greater knowledge which had gradually accumulated, until now he could dominate and control those of the human family who had not arrived at his state of understanding.

He now ceased to be kind and gentle in his new-found knowledge, and forced his fellows to work for him for his own benefit, and on his own terms, having less and less regard for the conditions of those under his domination. With time the various self-appointed rulers coveted the lands and possessions of each other, and as obviously they could not obtain ownership of them by the mere fact of asking, they resorted to force, which is the firstborn of power.

All this had proceeded for many ages of Earth's time ; then there happened a thing which had not yet entered into Man's consciousness. Certain men became aware of a mysterious spiritual force within themselves which was quite apart from the purely physical body. Gradually they explained and taught this to others who in turn realised this fundamental truth and spread it further. At last the day came when certain men of intellect realised that this newly discovered spiritual understanding could be brought under an organised central control.

Houses of spiritual learning were built and intending students could acquire knowledge under the guidance of teachers. These teachers, who had the pure spiritual wisdom, taught those who came to them that they must seek Truth within, even as they themselves had done.

Then was it that the Chiefs, or Rulers, of the various communities began to realise the danger accruing to themselves, and devised a plan whereby it could be removed. They initiated centres of teaching, within the territories over which they had dominion, and under the guise of helping the people in spiritual matters, they elected teachers from amongst their own supporters. These had instructions to expunge gradually and unobtrusively all that conflicted with the code by which they lived and governed.

At last we come to a social order having within its fabric Religious and Temporal power. Church and State, working side by side, sometimes in harmony and sometimes bitterly opposed, with Religion as the dominating force and controlling Secular authority.

Part II - The world we live in

20th January 2009, 21:36


IT is some seventeen-thousand years now since a great and wonderful civilization was engulfed, destroyed and despoiled by the monstrous but avenging forces of Nature.
That Nature whose knowledge, if cherished as a thing of beauty and used for the benefit of mankind instead of for power and gain for selfish ends, can bring untold blessings upon the whole human race.

Yes, Atlantis and all its marvellous culture was engulfed and sank beneath the bosom of the ocean.

Today the only visible remains are the Azores, which are the summits of the great mountains of the Sacred Heights where dwelt the Sons of God, the divine Teachers, who in the great and Golden days governed and taught a satisfied and contented community of people.

Then came the day when evil reared its head, as lust for power and domination swept through the consciousness of Man.

The result was that divine knowledge was used for the benefit of those who had stolen its secrets, until finally such a potential of evil was created that Nature was spontaneously detonated, destroying all that came within the scope of her avenging hand.

Yet, civilization did not entirely perish, for many colonists had left Atlantis during the centuries before the Great Cataclysm, and they brought their culture to parts of Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Egypt, India and China. Others of course, went in a westerly direction, and relics of the civilizations they founded are constantly being brought to light in the Americas.

These were the beginnings of the new civilization which grew throughout the world, until over a period of some seventeen-thousand years it has developed into world culture as we know it today. Started, comparatively speaking, by pioneer bands of colonists and refugees who, moved by an inner consciousness or Cosmic urge, left their doomed homeland.

Through the intervening periods of time, nations have risen and for a while dominated the world of their day, only to fall into decay and themselves become the prey of other and greater conquerors.

Why have these various nations, within the Great Family of humanity, stood divided by war and greed for power and domination over their fellows, and why have they striven individually for dominion over the whole Earth ?

The answer is given in the Osirian scripts, for in The Book of Truth, Part I,1 Chapters IV-VIII inclusive, we read in the Curse of Satanaku:

Behold I, Satanaku, will strive with thee for the mastery of the world called Earth. I will defy and set at nought the commands of Godhead . . . those same commands shall I parody, in so much that men shall not know in which direction to turn, that they may receive the true word of the Father God . . . And I ... will cause thy twin names to be hated and despised of all men . . . because thou Adam-El-Daoud hast harkened unto the voice of thy female half, who is Evam, and hast listened unto the temptations that have proceeded out of her lips, so hast thou been the cause of Evil to bring dishonour upon the heads of those evolving Yehavic divine sparks. And I will wrest from thee the dominion of Earth, for, behold, I am a God even as thou.
This curse of Eranus, or Lucifer, is the challenge which was thrown down by that Son of God when he, as a divine representative of Earth, was admonished by his elder brother Adam-El-Daoud, God's Viceroy for the Spheres of Matter and Gross Matter within our Solar System, because he was meddling with the evolutionary plan for the children of Earth.

In the Biblical account, or legend, we are told that Adam lent an ear unto Eve, his female counterpart, and did eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden.

What happened, in fact, was that Eve, or Evam, according to Dhuman custom, acted as the medium or ear to her male half El Daoud, and gave him the knowledge of what Eranus had contrived to do with evolution, and also told him God's commands concerning Eranus' future.

These were that Evil (personified by Eranus) was to be used to strengthen Man's purpose for good, by causing him to reincarnate over periods and thus work his way back to the original point in the divine plan when error or evil originated. Eranus' threat was that he would parody all God's commands so that Man would not know what was right and what was wrong.

The Biblical legend, by misrepresenting the facts, put Eranus threat into operation. It talks of Adam and Eve as the first man and woman, whereas in reality they were among the first male-female Spirits created outside the Trinity of God the Father-Mother-Son.

Eranus' "will" came into conflict with El Daoud's authority, and so the fight between Good and Evil was started

In consequence of Eranus' Curse, and God's decision to use Evil to test or strengthen Good, we have had a constant fight being waged throughout the ages, ever since Man came into the mortal flesh. It has been a mental fight to a great extent because Man has freewill and can take whatever pathway he wishes. He can listen to the promptings of his lower-self which is in contact with all the lower astral vibrations of thought, or he can aspire to climb higher and reach upwards through his higher-self, or God-consciousness.

In this way be can become a force for good upon Earth by his knowledge of the laws of nature, and by demonstrating the benefits to be gained in using them for the good of others.

Jesus was such an example and put his teachings into practice.

1 See also Atlantis to the Latter Days, Part II, Chapter I, page 118, Aquarian Press.

Part II - The world we live in

21st January 2009, 23:01


WITH the fall and destruction of Atlantis, the ancient wisdom was, to a very great extent, lost and was only saved from complete obliteration through the emigrants who escaped. It was their descendants who gradually recaptured that knowledge and made it possible for mankind to rebuild again from the corner stones of their learning, culminating in present day civilization.

During its thousands of years of prosperity, Atlantis became the greatest empire of the ancient or antediluvian world. Colonists and explorers made their ways both east and west, some going as far as China.1

The Atlanteans were red men and the Red Indian tribes existing in the new world, previous to the Spanish invasions of Cortez, etc., were the direct descendants of the original Atlantean colonists.

The Egyptians were also red men, and likewise had their origin from those Atlantean refugees and colonists who moved in an easterly direction prior to, and at, the flood.
Noah's party separated into different colonies and so it came about that Mizrahim or Horhotep, son of Ham, son of Noah, disembarked at the spot where Alexandria now stands, whilst Noah and his party of boats proceeded onwards to the east, and beached on the coasts of Palestine and Asia Minor.

Thus we see that it was the descendants of Noah, through his son Shem, who settled in the regions of Asia Minor and Mesopotamia. They later left Ur of the Chaldees after the birth of Abraham, circa 1780 B.C., and under the leadership of Jacob, or Israel as he became, wandered as nomadic tribes throughout Mesopotamia, Syria and Arabia; finally coming to the borders of Egypt, at the end of the 13th Egyptian Dynasty. The Egyptian social system which, as we have seen, traced its origin from the descendants of Ham, Horhotep, and their progeny, had collapsed and a state of anarchy existed throughout the land.

These Israelites, Nomads, Shepherd Kings, or Hyksos, took advantage of the situation and consolidated themselves in the delta region of Lower Egypt, a rich grain producing area. They controlled Memphis and held the northern part of the country to ransom, whilst minor native Egyptian Princes ruled from Thebes. They maintained themselves for about four hundred and twenty years but were finally defeated by a Theban Prince called Khames2 and taken into bondage. They remained thus until the latter half of Amenhotep III's reign, when they commenced their "Exodus" into the Sinai Desert and finally to Palestine, under the leadership of Moses, Joshua, Samuel, etc.

Archaeologists continually scoff at occult information concerning the construction of the Sphinx and Pyramids of Gizeh. They have loftily said that the Gizeh area has been so excavated that nothing could have possibly escaped them. They denied the existence of any temple near, or connected with, the Sphinx, and yet now the so-called Temple of the Sphinx (really the Temple of Purification for the intending neophyte before he was taken to the Sphinx) is open to sight-seeing tourists.

These same authorities also scoffed at the idea that there were any passages or temples and chambers under the Sphinx and Pyramids.3

Yet, today, we can see the results of the labours of the late Dr. Selim Hassan, an Egyptian who preferred to work out things for himself rather than accept orthodox dogma.
He discovered a subway cut out of the living rock which passes under the causeway running from the Sphinx to the second Pyramid. From this subway shafts penetrate downwards some 130 feet connecting with rooms and chambers none of which bear any relationship to tombs or funerary chambers4. They are collonaded sanctuaries and hallways—temples and ritual chambers. In none of these has been found any trace of funerary accoutrements or sarcophagi. Why ? Because they are all part of the great Masonic Initiation centre planned by Mizrahim or Horhotep when he landed on the shores of Egypt at Alexandria, or I should say, where it now stands.

Horhotep laid down the plans, and each of his successors, in turn, undertook to complete this masonic shrine. Within it are hidden all the laws for the government of nations, together with many scientific secrets of which modern science is only just touching the fringe.

To come up to date, let us examine the discovery of the unfinished pyramid at Saquarah. The discoverer, Dr. Zaharia Gonheim, predicted that it would yield up the mummy of a Pharaoh, but when the alabaster sarcophagus was opened it was empty and, as Dr. Hayes of the Metropolitan Museum, New York, stated, was brand new and polished inside. In a report published by Mr. Leonard Cottrell of the B.B.C. in the Radio Times of August 6th, 1954, he says : "As is now known, the Sarcophagus discovered in a central chamber in the pyramid proved to be empty . . . The discoverer believes, and in this he is supported by a number of archaeologists, that the chamber containing the sealed but empty sarcophagus is a ' soul burial' intended for the Ka or spirit of the dead monarch. . . .

Dr. Gonheim's theory, as I have explained, is that this was a dummy burial which had some connection with the "Heb-sed" ceremony, and whilst not all archaeologists agree with him, he is supported by Dr. William Hayes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, who was present at Saquarah and with whom I had the opportunity of talking."
So you see at last, archaeology is seeking for an answer to the question : why are the bigger pyramids devoid of mummies ?

In the Osirian scripts it has been clearly stated for the past thirty years that the larger pyramids are Initiation Temples and not tombs. The empty sarcophagus plays its part in the mock burial of the body of the intending initiate. It symbolises the burying of all those things appertaining to the material world, a negation of material mortal self, and a dedication of the spiritual self, the real self, to the commands of the spiritual force within incarnate Man.

In the 1952/53 season Professor Emery found at Saquarah traces of a civilisation which existed six thousand years ago. He discovered the tomb of a king of the First Dynasty (Waji) equal in culture to that of Tutankhamen, who lived two thousand years later.

These early Egyptians did not suddenly arrive at this state of civilisation. Were the Pharaonic Dynasties the result of an earlier race landing in Egypt, and bringing their civilization with them, asks Emery ?

They were, in fact, the Atlantean Emigrants as has already been stated.

In March, 1947, Colonel Maurice Sheahan, Far-Eastern Director of Trans-World Airways, saw from the air a giant pyramid in the remote mountains of the Sherjsi Province in West China. He estimated its height at one thousand feet and its width a bare one thousand five hundred feet. The Pyramid seemed completely to dwarf those of Egypt, he said to the Press.

On June 26th, 1954, was found an intact and perfect stela giving the history and the expulsion of the Asiatic invaders of Egypt, called Hyksos. It stated that King Khamos was responsible for their final defeat circa 1600 B.C. On March 6th, 1926, I was given a detailed prophecy of which the aforegoing is the fulfilment. This document was in the hands of my publishers when my first books were issued in 1927.

Herodotus, who visited Egypt immediately after its conquest by the Persian Cambyses, recounts that the Nile connects with a large chamber under the Great Pyramid and completely insulates it with water.

In previous volumes, detailed prophecies foreshadowing these discoveries were included. Detailed plans were also given through to me in 1928. First of these discoveries started to be reported in the Press of March 4th, 1935, one of the headings reads "Subway found below Pyramids."

Part II - The world we live in

21st January 2009, 23:20


AS time progressed in Earth's affairs, nations both great and small, have risen and fallen giving place to immensely powerful modern empires. With this expansion the desire for power has gathered and grown in men's hearts.

During this period, those who controlled religious thought realised that if they were to secure for themselves positions of undisputed power and wealth within the World's social structure, they must remove from orthodox teachings those beliefs which still remained, exhorting the individual to think for himself. Any suggestion indicating that he could find God and make his own contacts, without the State priestcraft interposing themselves, must be ruthlessly discouraged.

And so, we see the gradual march to power of the State Churches with their dogmas and creeds, suppressing without mercy any who tried to bring true spiritual knowledge to the World.

As we have said, Prophets and Teachers have returned to the Earth plane from time to time, and have carried the torch of God's Truths before them, and often they have suffered martyrdom for their fearlessness and courage.

It has been asked how it was that the tyranny of orthodox repression throughout the ages, did not have the desired effect of extinguishing the light carried by these pioneers and Prophets of true spirituality. The fact is that the knowledge of the Spirit, when once realised, so penetrates men's hearts that they count mortal life and material things as nothing compared with the truth of spiritual at-one-ment.

It is now well nigh two thousand years since Jesus came to Earth and raised the banner of Brotherhood and Love. The result is one that we all know. The State Church of the day at once sensed danger. They actually had no spiritual knowledge where-with to refute his teachings, so they tried to trap Jesus into saying and doing, things that were against Jewish law. They deliberately misinterpreted his sayings, when he was teaching, as blasphemy against Jehovah, and eventually they built a case around him which, according to the law of the day, demanded death. In other words, they could not refute the truths he taught so they saw that he was silenced beyond recall.

Jesus said, "I come not to bring peace into the World, but a Sword."

Well did he realise that when, eventually, Christianity became a State religion it would split into numerous sects and denominations, all bitterly opposed to each other even unto death.

Jesus taught men to seek the Love of the Father which was enshrined within the consciousness of each individual. "Love thy neighbour as thyself," sums up exactly his interpretation of the essence of true brotherhood between men.

To-day world religious denominations are in bitter opposition as to who holds the true knowledge of God. They crouch over the bones of their disintegrating untruths or dogmas like hungry dogs, lest they lose even that which they have.

How many of the blind followers of orthodox Christianity to-day really know of the beginnings of the State-controlled Christian Church ?

Rome was converted to Christianity by the Emperor Constantine's edict. The conversion was an uneasy one and required much compromise to bring it into effect. Yet, it had to come. The Emperor knew it, and the Christian Fathers knew it, and unless a wedding could be arranged between the followers of Mithra and the followers of Christianity there would be continued strife and bloodshed.1

As the worship of the Sun was a great part of Mithraic thesis, it was amongst other things agreed that Sunday should be given a prominent place in the new religious constitution. There was little of Jesus' teachings in this Mithraic ritual, however, nor was Love given the first consideration as a necessary part of the Master's Teachings.

So, the Church of Rome was born, to become the Roman Catholic Church as we know it to-day. A church which has committed some inexcusable deeds of savagery. A church, knowing many of the fundamental truths and mysteries, but one that has always made quite sure that they are kept within the knowledge of only a few, very few, of those controlling this Religious-Secular organisation.

Some years ago, I had a very good friend who was not only a devout Catholic, but also a nobleman holding a position of honour within that Church.

One evening we sat together in his flat discussing religion. Suddenly I asked him point blank what he thought of the Osirian Scripts which I had received inspirationally and which had just been published in book form. His reply was very remarkable and his words were to this effect. " Within these four walls I will admit," he said, "that we know all that is contained in your writings."

"Then," I said, "why do you not give it to the people if you know it to be true?" "That would never do," he said; " once these things reached the masses we should lose our power."

Maybe many will totally discredit my statements but I am not worried by this, it is the truth, and as such I tell it.

Yes, Orthodoxy has not only withheld true knowledge from its adherents, but it has conveniently removed many who have been fearless enough to hold and propagate opposite views, however true they may have been.

Look into the records of the Orthodox Christian Churches during the Middle and Late Middle Ages. You will find a veritable crime sheet. Remember the Spanish Inquisition; the political intrigues and murders carried out by the Borgias in Italy; Richlieu and Mazarin, Cardinals of the Roman Church and both consecutive heads of the French Government. They wore and carried the vestments and trappings of so-called priests of the Church which claims to be the mouthpiece of that Jesus whom they call "the Christ."

The debit side of the account with God is not confined to the Roman Church alone. During the Reformation at the time of our own King Henry VIII, the Roman Church in England was persecuted just as mercilessly as it had persecuted others when in the heyday of its power. We should also recall the atrocities of the Huguenot Massacres carried out in France in the year 1575.

I have touched on only those happenings within the Orthodox Christian Church which are known to most of us, and go down as some of the blackest spots in Ecclesiastical history. They are but a few of many such stories of tragedy, and intrigue for power, in the name of God.

Sometimes the Church controlled absolute power, and sometimes the State.

The swing back has come in the Communist countries to-day. Communism in Europe mostly flourishes in those countries where militant Catholicism is the State religion.

This is no less the case in Russia, because the Russian and Greek Orthodox Churches are but a small step from Rome. In these countries whilst Ecclesiastical wealth was unbounded, the people lived in utter poverty. They were exploited by the Church which had control of vast acres of land and property, prior to the Communist revolution.

To date this has swept over most of Europe, reversing the order of things. But one evil has begotten another, and the failure of the Church to teach sound truth to those under its charge has bred hatred and revenge in the hearts of the present generation. They have known poverty and hunger, and having been reared in such conditions are an easy prey for their Communist Masters and Exploiters.

The true way of the Spirit does not fit in to the Communist way of life anymore than it did with orthodoxy. True, they still allow the Church to function, but only so long as it does not teach anything that is in conflict with the party machinery. Those who lead the Churches in these countries are carefully selected by the State and it is their duty to teach their youth only what upholds the Communist doctrines.

Thus we see that the State also is committing, and has committed, crimes of murder and violence to ensure its continued domination.

Do not mistake me, there are many true and God-fearing men within the ranks of orthodoxy, but they do not control the Ecclesiastical ship within the Secular State and must carry the banner of Truth almost single-handed. They do what good they can where they can, and in some countries they face life imprisonment and even death.

Both Ecclesiastical and Secular power, then, are responsible for our present state of world chaos and spiritual bankruptcy.

The climb back will be hard, but the world's karma to-day is Communism, bred and born through the ages by those holding power. When they should have thought of others, they thought only of themselves, and the under-dog could only pick up the crumbs that fell from the master's table. Now, through brotherhood and justice, these past injustices must be expiated. Not by force of the atomic bomb and war, but by the love and trust of one human being for another; the Brotherhood of Man throughout the world. We must remove all distrust and hatreds and remember that we are all children of the One God, the Great Creator of the Universe; and, sooner or later, we must conform to His plan which is complete at-one-ment with Him.

It is often stated by Christian Theologians that there was no real link-up with Mithraism, but only a coincidental resemblance between certain rites. On the other hand, it is well-known that the Christian Church, at its various Synods and Convocations, has removed or re-written things that have not suited its leaders of the day.
See Through Gates of Ivory, by Arthur Weldon (Fowler & Co., Ltd.).

Part II - The world we live in

22nd January 2009, 22:27


WORLD religious thought today is like a veritable babel of dissentient voices all trying to shout one another down.

Christianity has split into numerous sects, each one proclaiming that it, alone, has the essence of true knowledge. The Master Jesus knew this would happen, and he gave warning in this respect, when he said that a house divided against itself could not stand. Also he is quoted as saying, "I come not to bring peace but a sword," How true these sayings are in view of the present chaotic state of world religious thought.

It is for this reason that the ordinary man and woman are breaking with Orthodoxy and are seeking the answer to life's problems for themselves. Some have ceased to believe in anything and are complete agnostics, even atheists. They see the so-called spiritual leaders of the world indulging in activities which are completely opposed to teachings they claim to endorse and uphold.

Orthodox Christian writ, for instance, lays down the law, "Thou shalt not kill." Yet, when any of the Christian nations have been involved in war, they have conveniently enlisted the special sympathy and benediction of God in their countries' causes, whether they have been the guilty parties or not. God is at once made to condone this legalised murder especially for them, and raise the ban on bloodshed. The Commandment quoted above does not mean the laying down of arms in the face of aggression, but only to use them in upholding the principles of Truth and Justice.

If they are going to bring humanity back to spiritual ways, then there must be a return to initial Truth; if not, present civilization will perish. The story is not new and nations have risen and fallen because fundamentally their spiritual outlook was wrong. They have typified an example of the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing," and variously they have been swallowed up by a greater and bigger wolf.

Amongst all the babel of orthodox squabbling as to who owns the greater knowledge of God, is the evangelist. He looms up from time to time, like a fanatical dreamer. Many such, I am sure, are individually honest, though some are not. The theme they usually adopt is that you must believe in a literal Bible and that unless you accept the divinity of Jesus you are the devil's own child and will be eternally tormented.

Against these, we can quote the pronouncements of Dr. Barry, Bishop of Southwell, who said, " The Story of Adam and Eve in the Garden is not factual and it serves no Christian interest to pretend that it is. It does not describe an event which happened at the dawn of history." Dr. Barry is right in saying this, and it would be much better if there were more Churchmen courageous enough to come into the open and state their views.

The time has come when Theologians throughout the world must get together and admit that God is not the personal property of any particular sect or creed, and that He dwells within the Soul-consciousness of each human being. Generally they speak as if He had created nothing more that mattered, in limitless eternal space, than our Earth. Let us face the facts; Earth is, comparatively speaking, just a small grain of dust. It will not be any more individual to other heavenly bodies than the mass-formation of the "Milky Way" is to us. Yet, orthodox Christian Teachings still insist that God sent His only begotten Son to the Earth. Why single out Earth, if He had really only one Son ? What was to happen, in the meantime, to all the other probably equally deserving planetary systems whirling in eternal space ?

Almost, it would seem, they believe that the Universe was created to be the Earth's satellite ! We can appreciate this attitude in the less enlightened days of Jesus, when the Earth was considered to be the only world on which conscious life existed. In his time, the science of Astronomy had not reached that state of advancement which we claim today. If we accept this progress in the scientific field, then surely it follows that our reasoning powers must have progressed in proportion, and we should throw overboard all such untenable and illogical dogma.

Part II - The world we live in

22nd January 2009, 22:34


TODAY it would appear that chaos and confusion reign throughout the entire world. The downward rush has increased steadily since the advent of this twentieth century. The two World Wars have left a litter of unsolved problems which defy even the most astute brains.

As has been said earlier in this book, we live on this earth by the laws of cause and effect, and bad causes have bad effects. Both these wars were heralded as "the war to end all wars," yet those in control of the destinies of the Nations must have known—both victor and vanquished—that the slogan was still-born and doomed to an early burial.

World War I was fought mainly for economic reasons and our enemies were well on the way to ousting the British Empire, as it was then almost always referred to, from its place of first-power of the world.

Two blacks don't make a white, and our opponents were even more to blame than we had been in the past, when we strode on to undisputed conquest after conquest.
Germany of 1914 was determined to dominate the world, and thought she had an almost certain chance of doing so by use of force if necessary. She had for long been building up her power with the sole aim of giving effect to her intended inroads into other countries.

Britain on the other hand was not, and never had been, the aggressor. She intended to defend herself and all that she owned. So far so good, but she was not entirely blameless.

Huge international armament-combines were trafficking in the lives of human beings for money. Armaments were made for friend and foe alike, and although not officially admitted, these facts became the property of many who perished in consequence, and whose sons and grandsons have carried down this knowledge. In both wars the cry went up "no profiteering," yet many made fortunes, literally out of the blood of those who perished in the fight for "freedom," as it was called.

Previous to the rapid advance of education, many had grown up untutored and believing implicitly what they were told. The Press up to 1924 had been almost entirely right wing in bias. Then came the age of wireless, and huge Corporations such as the B.B.C. linked round the world, sending out and receiving news from all parts. The masses were at last able to know what was taking place in the other countries of the world, their world.

Fearless men like Ghandi carried the banner of justice and freedom high and were sentenced to long periods of imprisonment as enemies of British rule. Yet they were not traitors or enemies ; they were doing the same as most Englishmen would have done had they found their country occupied by a foreigner who was exploiting them and their people.

Let us be fair, and realise that the days have come when the old slogans justifying force and war will no longer stand, because this generation knows that wars are the result of international vested interests endeavouring to obtain control of world markets. Human beings are beginning to awaken to the fact that the Creator made all men without preference of rank, creed or race, and it is the duty of those who are more advanced than their fellows, to help them for their own good and not to exploit them.

Why has China become Communist ? The reason is not far to seek. Europeans have exploited the Asiatic peoples for many years now, and this fact has not been overlooked by Soviet Russia, who has been quick to take advantage of an already difficult and deteriorating situation.

Once again the cry is "freedom," and whilst we know that Russian or Communist ideas of freedom do not agree with those of the Western Nations, it has a very definite meaning for the peoples of Asia, who interpret it as freedom from foreign domina tion, and Russia has found fertile ground on which to sow her seed. She is helping the Chinese and supporting all who are throwing off the European yoke.

It is no use to worry about the rights or wrongs of this or that "ism." Those Chinese who are now in early or middle manhood, are the children whose forebears were oppressed and exploited by those running the country for their own financial ends, whilst leaving the native communities to live as best they could. Consequently this generation is not trusting the occidental again. They see the dawn of a long awaited freedom, in which their native lands will once more be under their own control, or so they think. What they do not realise is that their new masters are the creatures of the Communist Central Organisation, and will be utterly ruthless even to their own people if it be necessary in the interests of the Communist doctrine. Theirs is not freedom in the full sense of the word. They may be free of the occidental, but they are now under the domination of men who will tolerate no opposition. The only political road is that one laid down by the Communist Party Executive.

Communism is a policy of dictatorship and terror which brooks no interference, and ruthlessly sweeps aside all opposition. It is evil at the roots and is inspired by the forces of destruction, lusting for power and domination over the whole world.

This was the curse of Lucifer (Eranus), that he would wrest Earth from the forces of love and spirituality and would rule it himself with those spiritual rebels who had followed him.

Pacifism and apathy are the allies of this Anti-God-Force of Communism ; so let the youth of the free world cease to be like flies playing around a spider's web. They should take warning lest they lose their freedom as this monster creeps on and on, devouring all those who come within its reach. Remember, the systems by which the free world is governed may not yet be Utopian, but they are as Heaven to Hell when compared with Communist slavery.

Part II - The world we live in

25th January 2009, 00:26


AMONGST the many destructive forces gripping the world at the present moment is the threat of atomic warfare. This is, in fact, as great a menace as Communism. Yet we need not think in terms of War to realise that the present nuclear experiments being carried out in the United States and Russia, are building up a force that will destroy life on this planet, as we know it to-day.

Eminent scientists admit that the amount of atomic experiments that can be carried out safely are limited, and that they do not know if, or when, that limit will be reached.

The Master Oneferu told me as far back as 1928 that if Man continued his downward rush into materialism, he would be destroyed by the inventions of his own hands. To-day we have reached that very stage in Man's material progress.

Both the United States and Russia are already fearful of the growing wave of opposition to their experiments. Recently Mr. Konstantinov, a Soviet Academician, wrote an article in Pravda, the Communist Party's newspaper, denouncing all those, both inside and outside Russia, who allowed themselves to be scared by the idea that an Atomic War would end present-day civilization. He said, "this view is theoretically false and politically harmful."

Actually, the Communist rulers of Russia are at great pains to allay any fears on the part of their naturally superstitious people, especially the uneducated peasants, who would be likely to attribute any unexplained phenomena of weather, etc., to atomic experiments. Obviously the fears expressed by Western and United States scientists have seeped behind the "Iron Curtain." The Press, on the same day as it gave prominence to Mr. Konstantinov's prognostications, also printed the views of leading United States scientists who urged an enquiry into the effects of too many atomic tests. This is what the Federation of American Scientists said: "It should be clear that accelerated hydrogen-bomb tests by several Atomic Powers will ultimately reach a level which can be shown to be a serious threat to the genetic safety of all the people of the world."

Well may fear grip the hearts of those who have unleashed this Frankenstein upon the world.

On Monday, 7th March, 1955, the biggest explosion in a series of nuclear tests occurred in the Nevada Desert. Within a matters of hours, tornadoes, bringing hail, lightning, thunder and rain, swept across Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, etc., causing millions of pounds worth of damage.

Again the meteorologists denied that this had any connection with the atomic tests, but, says a Press report of Friday, nth March, 1955 :
It is further noticed that the storms have occurred on both sides of the massive radio-active cloud caused by the explosion. This cloud travelling eastwards, was two miles above the Earth and was about one thousand miles long and two hundred miles wide. It has moved out over the Atlantic.

Of course the official Meteorological bureau denied that this havoc and devastation was caused by the atomic experiment being carried out in the Nevada Desert.

Suppose for one moment they officially espoused the idea, what do you think would be the result upon public opinion ? It might quite easily create a mass demand for the cessation of these experiments. This could only benefit the world if the Russian Proletariate were in a position to order their rulers to cease making atomic weapons also, but they are not.

What is unofficial, carries no weight, and denials can always be put up to refute individual views. Therefore, officially, there is said to be no reason to suppose that atomic explosions cause the varied and devastating terrestrial upheavals which have been gradually increasing during the past eight years. Russia is playing the same game to keep her people unaware of the true facts.

One thing nobody can deny is the proven fact that atomic weapons cause very far-reaching and disastrous effects to human beings who become contaminated with radio-active particles. Dr. Kimi Houda, a Japanese doctor who visited this country in March, 1955, stated that three-hundred thousand people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, only one-hundred thousand died from the actual bombing, the rest died the most terrible deaths from the effects of the radio-active conditions created.

When we stop to think that these bombs would to-day be obsolete, we should do well to pause and ponder what the effects of a modern H-Bomb would be on any city. Science can't get away from these facts.

What matter how the Earth is afflicted terrestrially, if it becomes unfit to contain and support human life by reason of the continued nuclear experiments, irrespective of war. This is the problem which faces humanity at this moment of time.

Dr. Houda further stated that people in Japan are still becoming ill as the result of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bombs after a period of 10 years. She said that quite recently a student fell ill in Tokyo. A blood test was taken and he was found to be suffering from radio-active disease contracted when Hiroshima was bombed.

What the present atomic experiments produce eventually in the human race as a whole, only time will tell; then it may be too late. A leading member of the Atomic Commission said recently that the Earth could only take a limited number of atomic explosions and God alone, so far, knew what that fatal number was.

There is no doubt that the peoples of the world are tired of wars and the constant threat of destruction and disruption of domestic life, and if allowed, they would live in peace with one another. Fundamentally men are the same the world over and they will react to, and follow, leadership. Thus the responsibility lies in the hands of those people who are shaping their destinies for good or for bad.

Today, any Tom, Dick or Harry can seek political election, although he may not possess the necessary qualities to warrant his having a control over the lives of his fellow-men.

In the ancient days of Atlantis and in early Egyptian times, all those aspiring to the leadership of men and nations had to qualify, through centres of Initiation and Learning. There they were schooled in the ethics of government. Their teachers lived by the highest moral standards necessary to produce and maintain a contented and prosperous community. Envy, malice, corruption, greed and lust for power for personal gain were not tolerated, and all persons exhibiting these qualities could never hope to hold public office however small the calling might be. How many of the world's present-day leaders would have qualified, I wonder ?

The inference is quite clear for all to see. Distrust, and all those undesirable things, can only be fought and overcome by a change of heart in the rulers of the world. Absolute selflessness must first be their motto, for only in the negation of Self can faithful, honest and unswerving service be given to the communities over whom they rule.

It is useless to discuss pacts for disarmament under present conditions. The West could, with a little self-analysis and conscientious searching, set its house in order. Communist Russia, on the other hand, would not under the Kremlin's present rulers. She has so saturated her satellites with her evil doctrines of force and hatred that any volte-face on her part now would bring about her own downfall.

The only course open to the Anti-Communist nations is to hold the balance of power, so that the constructive Thought at present being poured upon mankind from the Spiritual planes can permeate humanity's consciousness. Eventually, this will balance the destructive Thought which seeks to kill all opposition and obtain its goal through force, if that be the only way open.

On Wednesday, 9th March, 1955, Dr. Matthews, the Dean of St. Paul's, in a most excellent address over the B.B.C. called, ''The Churches and Psychical Research," pointed out that to the materially-minded man, things of the Spirit seemed illogical. That is so, and it is this material attitude which is causing the chaos and confusion into which we have drifted to-day—to the very brink of destruction.

Gradually a spiritual light will dawn in the hearts of the new generation and, as I have just said, the rulers of the nations must, in the transition period, hold the balance of power until the young and tender spiritual child taking shape in the womb of humanity, is mature enough to speak for itself, as the one great voice of Universal Brotherhood and Fellowship amongst men.

It is the duty of all who realise the tremendous power for Good that can be achieved by each individual, to direct his or her thoughts into the great pool of Universal Brotherhood.. This power will be the light that comes in the morning, driving away the darkness and fears of the night.

Part II - The world we live in

25th January 2009, 00:43


I HAVE been asked on many occasions to explain how the destruction of the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations was the result of Man's discovery and misuse of Nature's secrets. The Atlantians certainly had no atomic bombs, and war in those far off times was fought with weapons such as swords and bows. How then could they have produced a situation in which their civilizations were destroyed ?

In a broadcast of March, 1955, the Dean of St. Paul's (Dr. Matthews) said that it was always difficult to make people, with a material outlook, accept the existence of any factual spiritual forces. Very true, and it is because of this that humanity is in such a state of chaos at the present time.

The destruction of these ancient continents was brought about through evil thought emanations on the earth. When negative, or evil thought forces are concentrated in great enough strength, they attract to themselves like forces from the astral planes, which are absorbed by those within the earth's mass. This causes an etheric reaction, eventually resulting in atmospheric and terrestrial disturbances. Once these forces have made contact with the material plane, they build up huge negative magnetic centres which act as receiving reservoirs, continuing to grow and grow until they come to such proportions that they culminate in a physical explosion.

So-called orthodox science will, I am sure, scoff at this explanation as absurd, but let me remind them that they are only able to understand those things that come within the three-dimensional way of life. They have no conception of the different types of magnetism or electrical forces which exist within the great limitless Universe, or just how much they can affect the mass of our material earth. It is a matter of etheric chemistry of which they have no knowledge, and show a petulant disinclination to investigate.

When a person is taking a drug that would eventually kill them, the doctor gradually reduces it, until finally the patient no longer craves for its stimulating effect.

The same applies to evil or inharmonious Thought. The higher spiritual Thought Forces must be brought to the earth in sufficient quantity to offset and absorb the evil potential. In this case, humanity is the patient and the doctors are the spiritual teachers who have come to minister to its wants throughout the ages. To-day they are operating in larger numbers than ever before, because the malady of materialism is greater. Their task is to bring to mankind the medicine of constructive spiritual thought, so that in time it will not require the drug of anti-spiritual materialism which the black forces are using in their attempts to lure it to its destruction.

Man must be made to realise the benefits that can be derived from the many inventions that have come through to the earth plane, if only he will use them for the good of humanity.

In Atlantis the priests possessed a knowledge of harnessing the force of the Sun and using it for the benefit and comfort of humanity. Eventually this knowledge, along with many other natural discoveries, became the property of men who only wanted to use it for their own ends. The result was that they produced a thought potential upon Atlantis which caused it to be broken up, and finally submerged by terrestrial upheavals.

To-day the menace is two-fold. Not only is the destructive thought potential tremendous, but in addition Man has gained a certain mastery over the laws of Nature which has allowed him to split the Atom. He can, as we have shown, destroy his Race with this discovery even if he does not use it in war. The important fact to note is, that he is experimenting with a destructive end in view, and not firstly for the benefits he can give to his fellow men by the peaceful uses of his newly acquired knowledge. The thought surrounding the knowledge is, at present, and was initially, destructive, and it will therefore collect around it all the evil potential with which the earth is becoming saturated.

If he will only realise in time that the advantages to be gained by the peaceful application of his discoveries are enormous and could alter the entire conditions of human life upon Earth, then he will be on the way to recovering from the malady of materialism, which only seeks to turn acquired knowledge to purely commercial ends.

At the present time, greed for money and power is drawing out of the earth its life force more quickly than it can be restored. I have a report in front of me which discusses the possibility of applied Solar Energy being investigated. This is, indeed, a step in the right direction, for once Man fully realises that he can obtain all the potential he wants from the Solar Force, then he will be in a position to cease draining the life blood out of the earth's mass in the form of oil, coal, etc. The earth has produced enough from its own sources of energy to bring humanity up to its present state, but we have reached a point when the demand has outstripped the supply and we must now learn to maintain ourselves through the knowledge we have gained, and are gaining, of the natural forces at our disposal.

The ancient scientists, who also had spiritual understanding, knew how to store and harness the Solar Energy, and it was by this method that they lit their temples and houses in those far off days. This knowledge was lost to Earth with the birth and growth of materialism. None but the more material or astral mysticism remained to Man and the true Cosmic knowledge, guarded by the Priest-Pharaos of the so-called prehistoric dynasties of Egypt, was lost.

It was at this point that Cosmic or Esoteric Masonry was usurped by Exoteric Masonry, which latter has flourished throughout the intervening ages to a greater or lesser extent but has to-day reached its lowest level of materialism, and is bereft of all the higher mysticism. A masonic friend of mine said, not so long ago, "What a pity that we cannot make a marriage, for it seems that you have the soul and we the body." He was not being facetious or sarcastic, but was speaking sincerely, being also a student of the spiritual facet of Masonry.

Part II - The world we live in

25th January 2009, 01:01


NUMEROUS red herrings and false trails are being drawn across the main roadway of spirituality for the express purpose of creating uncertainty and confusion in the minds of the masses throughout the world. Today is the day of the false prophets, referred to by Jesus as those who should come in his name.

In The Book of Truth, Page 97, we read also: —

And the face of my beloved son (Osiris) shall again stand before my chosen ones, that he may both shield the divine mysteries, in that he shall see that they be not given unto false prophets, and also that he may give of them freely to my faithful ones who are still true to that service which they now so gladly offer.

This refers to the present day of Aquarius. If we look around us we shall see all manner of claims being put forward by persons averring contact with the spiritual planes by one device or another.

Our Scientists will tell you that no human beings could exist on such and such a planet, because the atmosphere is marsh gas. This may well be true and would, therefore, exclude the possibility now being investigated by some, that there may be future landings from rocket-propelled machines sent off from our earth. The one faint possibility within our Solar System is the moon. This could be reached, scientists say, but the expense would be enormous, and the return journey very doubtful indeed. Any craft stranded on the moon for any length of time would be in the same predicament as a submarine which had dived to the ocean bed and could not surface again. We all know that with the supply of oxygen finished the crew would die of asphyxiation. The same would apply to a stranded aircraft on another planet.

This equally excludes another much publicised and discussed theory at present gripping pseudo-scientists and occultists, also followers of science-fiction, who claim to be in touch with physical beings from other planets, who use material machines, do land, and can exist on the earth. They are, presumably, dealing with material physical bodies, as mention is made of foot prints from which it is alleged plaster casts were taken. Had these been spiritual beings they would not be in need of machines in any material form.1

The latest red herring is the so-called mechanical medium. The general idea is an electrical circuit which, it is claimed, penetrates all layers of matter, etheric vibrations being set up which stimulate and induce spirit communication and manifestation.

Why will these self-styled scientific researchers always confuse the electrical energy, which we know here in our three-dimensional state, with other forms of magnetism or energy existent outside the electric envelope? This surrounds our planet causing all material electrical impulses to deflect back upon the earth again.

The only method of communication with spiritual forces is through a physical medium. The vital Force of Essence, which is incarnate in our bodies is a purely spiritual force. As such it can stretch out and contact other discarnate spiritual forces whilst itself still in the flesh.

An electrical circuit does not produce a spiritual force, but builds up a material electrical energy which is the same as that given off and generated by the physical body. When contact is made with spirit forces through a medium, it is the spiritual counterpart of that medium which links with the spirit force it wishes to contact. An electrical man-made circuit generates only purely physical electricity and energy. It has no power to produce the spiritual kind.

As for the claim that an instrument can increase the medium's powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, healing, etc., we can see from what has already been said that material magnetic stimulation will not have any effect on the spirit of the medium or help it to greater and clearer spiritual contact. What it will do is to stimulate the physical brain, thus opening the doors of illusion and imagination from the purely physical level.
I think I can do no better here than quote the Teacher Oneferu's pronouncements upon this subject: —

"There are those on the earth plane who claim that instruments have been constructed akin to radio sets, which can produce the phenomena of mechanical mediumship. They can, it is claimed, produce voices and all kinds of communication with the spirit world. This is not so. The Black Forces are ever ready to lay such snares to trip the feet of the seeker. A spirit, when enclosed by the flesh body has physical senses. When a spirit takes control of a medium, it has to use the voice-box, ears, even eyes if necessary, though it is better if the eyes remain closed as it allows the third, or etheric eye to be used more freely. The controlling spirit requires to use all the medium's physical means of expression.

If you build an electrical circuit it will only be able to reproduce a physical sound or voice produced in the first instance from a physical source.

A discarnate spirit lives in a dimension outside the three-dimensional physical realm of gross matter, and does not function on paralleled lines. When incarnate you have a physical ear with which to hear sounds. Those discarnate function by different laws.
A discarnate spirit does not manifest sound as you know it in your three-dimensional plane of matter, and a radio circuit could not bridge the gap and translate the thought-message into sound. The forces of evil are using this idea to tempt people to deviate from the path of soul consciousness in an effort to get easy information."

These radio machines provide fertile soil for fraudulent practices, and a clever radio specialist will be able to fake almost anything so that the uninitiated amateur will be completely hoaxed. The stumbling block to most psychical research is that investigators always fall into the error of assuming that they are dealing with conditions similar to our own. The spirit planes manifest through Thought, and the physical plane through the sound of the spoken word to interpret the thought.

The Dean of St. Paul's, Dr. Matthews, said in a broadcast in March, 1955, that spiritual communication was, in his view, the result of extra-sensory perception. That is so, my Teacher has often told me, but it requires the physical organism of the larynx to give expression to the thought of a discarnate spirit sensitising our brain cells. The brain must transmit the thought into sound and expression. A man-made robot radio-circuit cannot do this. Apart from the fact that we have to find spiritual contact through our own selves, and through the learning and conquering of personal or individual faults, there are also other, and very good reasons why communication through such a device would not be allowed, and is not in the scheme of God's Plan. I again quote the Master Oneferu: —

"Those who dwell in the planes of spirit live within their own particular thought band, and are conscious only of those things that come within it. Imagine the chaos and confusion that would exist if all sorts and conditions of men could purchase a man-made medium for 'thirty pieces of silver/ As like attracts like, incarnate possessors of such a mechanical medium would contact an exactly corresponding individuality in spirit to their own.

This is the age of false prophets and all those who seek to deceive and destroy the truth. The human personality invariably has an affinity for that which is sensational against those things that are true and simple. The sensational creates importance in the eyes of others."

If robot communication were possible it would be one of the greatest triumphs for the Black Forces of Lucifer. We should crucify Jesus all over again by forsaking his teachings and descending into gross materialism in the making of robot mediums.

The teachings of the Master Jesus are initial Truths, and therefore eternal, and do not depend upon the advancement of material science which today is bringing humanity within sight of a disaster even greater than that which befell Atlantis.

The magnetic conveyances referred to on Pages 158/9 of my recent book, Atlantis to the Latter Days, do not become gross matter when within the ionosphere (Electric envelope) but manifest as forms of etherialised matter which register on radar screens as airborne objects. There are no such things as material space-craft carrying visitants from other planets, and with time, and continued lack of proof, these claims will die. This I was told in early 1954, and the statement was duly published.

Part II - The world we live in

25th January 2009, 21:24


TO-DAY, the day of Aquarius, spiritual forces are projecting upon the earth, and God is offering new light to mankind.

Already there is a growing demand for an enquiry into the radiation effects of atomic explosions upon the life of the human race. Those in authority are trying, by all manner of means, to stifle the growing uneasiness,1 but this cannot be done because it is being stimulated by a vital spiritual Thought-Force now falling upon those sons of men inhabiting the earth. It will grow in spite of all opposition, and the more it is ignored the more it will thrive and flourish.

The great masses of humanity throughout the world are tired of wars and destruction, and have begun to realise that those who have led them for so long have done so mostly for their own personal benefit.

Yet, those who earnestly desire peace must beware and not fall into the trap laid for them by those evil men who would exploit the present agitation against the carrying out of atomic experiments. If enough effective opposition can be created within the Anti-Communist nations, if ignorant and fanatical people, for political vote-catching purposes, cause a stoppage of the manufacture of nuclear weapons, then the Communists would have dealt a death blow against freedom.

My Master tells me that Communism will never rest from its attempts to subdue the Anti-Communist nations in opposition to it. It will give all manner of "lip-service," primarily with the object of turning the people of the free world against their respective governments.

The present situation is dangerous, very dangerous, and the balance must be held whilst the masses within the Communist countries are themselves made to realise that they are being exploited by their masters in the Kremlin, and that they only enjoy their meagre freedom so long as they do not become deviationists from the Communist creed.

The Kremlin will carry on its atomic experiments whether or not they are destructive to human life by reason of radiation. They have extensive slave labour-camps in the Northern wastes of Siberia, so what matter if their wretched prisoners die, the victims of radiation. It is an excellent way of disposing of them, and there are millions of these lost souls who are forgotten by the world.

Do not be led astray; whilst the new age of spirituality is growing up, the only deterrent to wholesale aggression by the Communists lies in the knowledge that there is an opposing force that will destroy them should they be foolish enough to go too far. The danger to the free peoples comes from within their own countries and is the outcome of mass-ignorance concerning the true situation.

The time has come when political party-manoeuvres must not be allowed to jeopardise the very life and existence of the free world. Let the politicians lead the way to a real brotherhood by working together as a solid phalanx in facing the monstrous Frankenstein that confronts them. A nightmare stage has been reached because this Frankenstein has the dog by the tail, to speak metaphorically.

In the various parliament houses we hear it said that there is no danger from excessive radiation to the genetic life of the human race. Within a matter of hours, leading scientists have contradicted this political pronouncement. I am stating facts and can produce the published evidence.

Truth is the only course to take in solving the problem. Make the people see what the result would be if the democratic nations threw away their arms and presented themselves without means of defence to the Communists.

They have seen what Hitler set out to accomplish, and they know what would have been the fate of all freedom-loving peoples if he had triumphed. Let them profit from that lesson and not make the mistake of encouraging an even worse fate to overtake mankind and destroy him, through petty prejudices and feuds arising out of political antagonisms and greed for power.

You may ask, why, in a book dealing with spiritual matters, have I dwelt so much on the political angle ? The answer is clear enough. Right thinking and spiritually minded people will see that only men of the same calibre as themselves are sent to take office in the government houses of the world.

If the meaning and knowledge of true spirituality and brotherhood can be brought home to humanity, the battle will be won sooner than might be expected. Remember, it is a solemn duty for all those who know and realise this truth to take up their appointed places with the new spiritual army which is growing up and forming itself. Apathy is the ally of the black or anti-spiritual forces, and they know full well that when people are living in comparative security and freedom from fear, they are apt to be blind to the stark realities lurking just around the corner.

I urge you, my readers, to give my words serious thought; otherwise the day may dawn when you, too, will be in the net of the Communist hydra.

Peace, through strength, is the call of the moment and we must show that strength and fortitude which has been our mainstay in all previous adversity. Above all, we must spread the Truth wherever and whenever we can, in a spirit of love and a real desire to help our fellow men. If individually, each one of us did this, the dangers now facing Earth would vanish almost over night.

Unity is power, and Man has the freewill to solve his present problems if he so desires.
Some will reflect that theory and practice are not easy bedfellows, but whose fault is that? Man's, because instead of doing those things which his God-consciousness urges, he prefers to take the line of least resistance' and do what will cause him a minimum of trouble, especially if, by carrying out the dictates of his conscience, he will become unpopular in the eyes of his fellow men.

The day has arrived when only completely selfless judgements and actions will count. The plight of the present-day world is the result of selfishness and Man's inhumanity to Man. Why not try selflessness for a change ? It is the only road to follow if self-destruction is to be avoided and if you believe Man to possess an immortal soul. If he does not, then humanity is doomed to perish, being no more than a biological parasite causing its own destruction through inherent greed.

About eighteen months prior to the atom bomb being dropped on Hiroshima, the London Press carried articles by top-ranking scientists denying the existence of any explosive force other than the T.N.T. bomb. One of the objects of this denial was to allay a growing apprehension that Germany had some secret weapon. Thus we see that official denials are subservient to situations rather than truth. The same applies to present nuclear experiments and their suspected genetic effects on the human race.

Part II - The world we live in

25th January 2009, 22:31


TO conclude, I will give a brief summary of events which have taken place during the past 3 years and of how weather conditions have steadily deteriorated.

At the time of completing this book, i.e. in April, 1955, meteorologists appear to be finding it increasingly difficult to give accurate forecasts for more than short periods. The explanation for this is given in the prophecies at the end of this chapter.

Earthquakes have also been getting more frequent and are taking place in widely separated localities throughout the world, continually. Apparently harmless tremors are reported almost daily where there appears to be no material damage, but they are all linked to the internal canal system within the earth's interior which is breaking down, thereby causing immense cauldrons of subterranean volcanic force. As they merge and grow bigger, the stresses and strains they exert on the earth's outer covering will become greater, with the result that an upheaval of unprecedented magnitude will eventually take place.

Many people who pride themselves on their balanced outlook will scoff and say that weather and earthquake conditions are no worse than they have always been, and this is where they show their ignorance. Agreed, there may not have been a world-shaking catastrophe within living memory (I take this period because it is all that interests most people, for Man is initially selfish), but the number of earthquakes has considerably increased for reasons which I have just stated. They are continual, and the entire Mediterranean and Pacific areas have suffered, and are still suffering, many shocks of "disaster" magnitude.

To recall just a very few which have occurred during the period 1953/55. There were the Greek devastations of August, 1953, the disastrous earthquakes in Cyprus of the following September. A chain of tremors was, and is, constantly being recorded in this area, stretching right through the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf. In 1954 we had the cataclysmic 'quakes which hit and destroyed the North African town of Orleansville and surrounding villages. My Teacher had told me that such as these would come, and careful records, with dates, have been kept, so that it cannot be said they were thought up after the occurences.

However, I will repeat again that the peak of weather conditions and earthquakes has not yet been reached and the future, so far as mankind is concerned, depends upon himself and his destructive scientific experiments.

In the Pacific, continuous 'quakes and rumblings are also being recorded, and coincidental with the disasters I have just mentioned, were those which hit the Island of Suva, on the 14th September, 1953. Again, in New Zealand, in Auckland, on the 30th September, 1953, an earthquake of major proportions was reported previous to those already referred to, as taking place in the Loyalty Islands, south west of Fiji, in the South Pacific, on August 26th, 1953. These have continued since, throughout the whole of the Pacific area, including Japan, when Tokyo was shaken as well as the Fijian Island of Suva again, on November nth, 1953, the latter being some 2,000 odd miles to the south east of Tokyo.

Dr. Lee, of Kew Observatory, was reported in the London Press of 15th September, 1953, as saying that experts believed that there was a connection between the earthquakes of the Pacific and those of the Mediterranean, although the nature of it was not known. He said that experts could make no prediction about future earthquakes or their possible location.

Since this statement, earthquakes have occurred almost continuously in these two main areas of the Mediterranean and the Pacific. The heaviest took place in the Philippines on the 31st March, 1955, when some two hundred people were reported killed, thousands more being injured and made homeless. The South Island of Mindinao seems to have taken the brunt of the disturbances and the harbour, at the south of the Island, has sunk four feet below its original level.

These then, are but a few of the upheavals that are taking place. Over a period covering the past 3 years, I have a large-sized press book which is full of reports of terrestrial and cyclonic disasters mostly of major proportions. High winds, floods and temperatures out of all proportion for the season in which they have been recorded, have been world wide. Here are just a few in 1954 alone:—

Europe, biggest February freeze-up for 50 years with July in Paris coldest for 78 years, and, as the report says, "floods and floods and floods,"
Greece, coldest January for 60 years—32 degrees of frost.
Britain, drought in April, more than two months' normal rainfall in June, coldest August night at Kew since records began.
South Africa, Capetown, snow in May, severest storms for 50 years.
Asia, Monsoon floods unprecedented during July/August, in India and China.
Ceylon, floods worst for 45 years.
Japan, 1,619 dead and missing and 876 ships sunk in September typhoon, which was probably the worst in living memory.
Australia, Queensland cyclone causes £2,000,000 damage in February.
U.S.A., 7,000 feet thick dust storm rages in Kansas.
N. America, 3 major hurricanes in six weeks during September and October.
Trinidad, worst December floods for 20 years. Argentine, near zero cold wave in July.
A report in the London Press of December, 1954, asks, "was the weather of the past 12 months affected by atom and hydrogen bombs?"
"It has happened before say the weather men ........True, but the weather upsets in past years have followed tremendous natural disturbances." The report goes on to say, "Despite their scepticism the world's weather men have been concerned enough to look deeper into the effects of Hydrogen bomb explosions. Fifteen nations belonging to the World Meteorological Organisation set up an investigation team in September, 1954."

The weather disturbances listed above only cover the period 1954, but since then the weather has further deteriorated and there seems to be no sign of an improvement.
It is not necessary to quote more of the dozens of reports of cyclonic and terrestrial disturbances in my press book, which have been recorded since December, 1954.

Now let us turn to what has been told me through the Master Oneferu. He says that the present world weather and seismic upheavals are of two causes. Firstly, the natural shifting of the earth's polarity, which causes it to wobble like a top on its axis, results in terrestrial and meteorological changes approximately every two thousand and eighty years. These are more or less gradual, and spread themselves over each sectional period, of which there are twelve, corresponding with the signs of the Zodiac. This shifting of the earth's polarity is known as the precessions of the Equinoxes and the complete precess takes twenty-five thousand years to cover the twelve Zodiacal signs.

The second cause is of two kinds in itself. Firstly, it is the result of inharmonious or negative magnetic forces being built up on the earth plane and within the magnetic envelope.1 This process in its initial stages, has an unseen effect upon the earthly elements and therefore remains unrealised, and consequently, uninvestigated. It finally manifests in world disturbances of greater or lesser degree.

Things which are out of rhythm and in disharmony with the Creative Law of Nature, destroy themselves and cause a spontaneous physical combustion. This is a law of the Etheric and is practically unknown upon the earth.

These negative forces are built up and attracted to the material plane through Man's materialistic thoughts and actions. I say thoughts, because all things are Thought in the first instance and have to be given material expression to manifest and maintain themselves upon Earth. Man must therefore cleanse his thoughts, so that the material results may be constructive.

Secondly, Man has gained a knowledge of Atomic fission and unfortunately, he has used this for destructive ends. He is still using his increasing knowledge for the same purpose and is continuing to carry out experiments which cause disruption of the earth's magnetism. These let in excess Cosmic radiaton which fuses with, and increases the radiation effects of nuclear fission.

The effect of an atomic explosion is the same as passing a magnetised object over a compass. The needle will be deflected as the polar pull is momentarily overcome or broken. The same happens to the earth. The explosion acts in the same way as the magnetised object to the compass, and the solar pull, which keeps the earth on its orbit, is loosened, causing the earth to fall away, but reasserting itself as soon as the sun's magnetism is restored.

Here is the explanation as to why the expected total eclipse of the moon of January 19th, 1954, appeared not to be total.

Reports in the Press read thus:—"Dr. H. B. Wilkins, Director of the lunar section of the British Astronomical Association, said at 3 a.m. to-day (19.1.54)—

'The Eclipse followed the usual pattern in the early stages. . . . The most remarkable feature was the persistence of a bright crescent of light on the lower, or southern, edge during the total eclipse. In this respect it was the most remarkable eclipse I have ever seen. The reasons for the bright crescent were that the moon did not dip very deeply into the earth's shadow, and, very likely, that there was some peculiarity in our own atmosphere.'"

This statement seems to be somewhat obscure, for the moon is outside the earth's atmosphere, and therefore the luminous crescent which was visible, originated outside our atmosphere also. It could have been further distorted when the light rays came in contact with our atmosphere, but this contact could only make the original cause more apparent. In other words, it must have been there to have been seen on Earth, distortion or no distortion. Anyway, astronomical experts calculated a total eclipse and did not expect and so warn us beforehand of any unaccountable phenomena.

I, personally, have not studied any of these things, and I am only writing down details of statements that have come through to me and have, as I have said in my foreword, been recorded on tape.

The things that have been discussed here are, for the most part, incapable of material proof, though unquestionably we have the signs of the times already with us, in the shape of world-wide disasters, not only cyclonic and terrestrial, but also unrest amongst the peoples of the nations. This is because they know that all is not well and that destruction from atomic warfare lurks continuously just around the corner.

Man's natural desire is, generally speaking, for the better conditions of life that could be his in view of the many scientific discoveries that have been made during the past century. Yet he feels that, instead of these benefits being his, he may be destroyed before he has had a chance to enjoy them. The present crescendo of opinion amongst the nations that nuclear fission is causing most of the "happenings" overtaking humanity at the present time, is proof that a spiritual awareness is dawning. The fact that the "experts " are investigating these demands voluntarily, and before it is forced upon them, even though their reports and findings are not always made public, is further proof that they, themselves, do not know many of the answers; if they did, they would not require to look further, but could give an emphatic denial. As it is, there are many scientists throughout the world who believe they do know the answer and from time to time have given warnings. These scientific rebels, who have troubled consciences, may yet save humanity by refusing to throw in their lot with those who are the tools of materialism.

Part II - The world we live in

25th January 2009, 22:32

To conclude, I will quote some of the prophecies which have been given to us at our weekly committee meetings. From these, I think you will realise that present world happenings are their material fulfilment.

June 10th, 1953
" . . . the sporadic earthquakes taking place in various parts of the earth will become worse; places free from disturbances will eventually find themselves the centres instead. There is taking place a general deterioration in world weather conditions. The weather becomes affected first, because the evil magnetic vibrations (of thought) can more easily penetrate the ether from whence they plunge into the earth's crust

August 6th, 1953
" . . . sooner than they realise, terrestrial signs will mount up to a pitch that will cause even the most hardheaded to think. This generation will be afforded time to set its house in order. Time in which to turn from the vain things that it holds so dear . . . justice will be done, God is just, and Nature harvests exactly what is put into it; no more, no less. . . The world's magnetism is being broken and distorted . . . every time atomic explosions are forced into the atmosphere."

August 21st, 1953
" . . . The earth's magnetism is being distorted and the polarity has shifted. When these two combine they go towards the making of terrestrial upheavals that will come ..."

August 28th, 1953
]"... there will be another big earthquake quite soon. These major and minor disasters will keep on happening. . . The area of the Mediterranean will be affected."

On September 11th, 1953, the disastrous earthquakes which devastated Cyprus began.

May 24th, 1954
" Different types of magnetic radiation create different temperatures. The splitting of the Atom has lowered this potential (magnetic), causing temperatures to fall (irrespective of season). This radiation reacts on the weather conditions at very high altitudes, and as it builds up, it flows over the earth's surface from the North, from which the change will come. It (the magnetic radiation) has a connection with the Aurora which is an etheric manifestation of this magnetism. . . Gradually these magnetic rays will move further towards the earth's centre.2 The total result is that weather conditions will become exceedingly chaotic. These rays will find their way through the earth's crust, acting as an irritant to the low vibratory (gross) magnetism of the earth's mass. The result will be large scale disturbances which will produce many changes."

September 10th, 1954
I saw a map of the Mediterranean area spread in front of me. A hand came up through the water at the Western end between Portugal and Africa, holding a pair of scissors which cut right up the middle of the Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf. I interpret this as meaning that a cleavage is taking place from West to East.

On the following day, September nth, 1954, was reported the disastrous earthquake at Orleansville, N.W. Africa, S.E. of Spain and Portugal.

December 25th, 1954
"... I told you awhile ago that there would be great storms and winds and much destruction upon Earth, which would make even the most hardheaded begin to think. If you read what is said to-day by men of learning, your scientists, you will see that they are beginning to suggest that the things they are experimenting with, and of which they do not fully understand the consequences, may already have them by the throat. I tell you that this is so, and great winds will sweep over the earth and will cause much disaster . . . the earth will not be destroyed, but mankind will suffer disaster and devastation because he is building up Destructive Thought, which is opposed to Constructive Creative Thought."

Since this prophecy, my records and press books record a chain of major and minor disasters out of all proportion with normal conditions.

December 27th, 1954
"Terrestrial upheavals will afflict the earth. Great winds will, as 1 have already said, blast the earth with their force and with their destroying breath. They will breathe upon the earth and sear the crops and burn them up as chaff, and when Man can no longer bear these things, he will then call unto the great All-Father and perchance He will listen. . . "

On March nth, 1955, the press reported great storms and tornadoes in the U.S. provinces of Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, vast areas of the great plains in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas were ravaged by dust storms, and in Colorado it was estimated that about half the crops of winter wheat had been destroyed by the winds.

January 27th, 1955
"The seasons, as you know them, are completely changed, so that in the middle of a period which should be suffering from the grip of cold and frost, you will suddenly get a hot spell. This will happen all over the world and nothing will go according to accepted standards.

You can expect anything, chiefly because the ice caps at the poles, North and South, have become undermined and (owing to the earth's changed polarity) are moving. The sub-strata of the land in the North, in Greenland, is already shifting and there is a large crack right through the middle. Where you get a crack through a huge formation of ice like this, it creates friction and heat, and this causes a bigger melting. The ice-floes will move down and will be drawn to the warmer temperate zones, towards the Equator. This will, eventually, cause a great rising of the oceans, because when this huge amount of ice melts, it has to go somewhere. The waters will rise and you will have inundations, floods and so on. Also you will have pressure around the weak belt of the earth increased, which will account for earthquakes and volcanic upheavals in widespread areas."

It is interesting to note that Scientists and Weather Experts are now holding a world conference to see if they can assess the causes of the gradually, and now rapidly, deteriorating world weather conditions. The fact that these hard-headed men of science are beginning to wonder if the atomic tests being carried out are the cause of all the trouble, is significant and whatever they finally tell the Public, they themselves know that it is. Mr. T. E. Murray, a member of the Atomic Energy Commission, has stated openly that scientists already know that the number of H. Bombs required to cause a total world catastrophe was considerably less than they thought in 1952. God, he went on to say, was the only One who knew the answer!

During February, 1955, a report appeared in the Press concerning the British North Greenland Expedition. The report stated that the ice of Greenland was melting, and that they hoped to be able to assess the rate at which this was taking place. During January, 1955, it was also reported that an Island of Ice one hundred and twenty miles long, and more than one thousand, seven hundred square miles in area, was adrift in the Antarctic.
These are just a very few of the prophecies and the ensuing disturbances which have taken place, sometimes, as you will see, within a very short space of time after the prophecy was dated. Also the actual areas given have been, I think most reasonable persons will admit, very accurate.

Following this chapter I am including an appendix which lists a considerable number of the earth's cyclonic and 'quake occurrences that have taken place since August 14th, 1953, to the date of my manuscripts being taken over by my publisher, i.e., April 21st, 1955. The number of "natural" afflictions which the earth has suffered, during this short period, will, I think, cause even the most sceptical to seriously reflect when they read the formidable list published in the appendix.

A study of Appendix A will show how social disorders and revolutions have almost invariably gone hand in hand with these terrestrial upheavals. The Mediterranean area, now known as the "Sea of Hate, is an outstanding example.
On Sunday, November 13th, 1955, a big aurora display was seen at approximately 7.30 p.m. from the Channel Islands. This is most unusual at such Southern latitudes.


Part II - The world we live in

28th January 2009, 20:52


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Thro' countless ages and in every clime In search of Treasure Man has blazed a trail No quest too difficult — each prize sublime — From buried gold and jewels to Holy Grail, Or else to conquer lands or mountain peaks He risks his life whilst he new venture seeks.

Yet, still unclaimed is stored the greatest gift Within ourselves, a jewel of priceless worth If we but find the key to open and sift The Wisdom God has breathed in us at birth From sands of Time which have obscured the light And hidden Truth beyond our mortal sight.

As we unlock each chamber of the soul To enter in — to claim and to defend — This Wisdom that will lead us to the goal And bring our search for treasure to an end God will be near to guide and hold us fast And help us to At-one-ment at the last.