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4th June 2009, 19:42
The First Civilisation on Earth

If you have been receiving my articles for some time now and are past the Moon Missions, you will be aware that I have become rather quiet lately. This is not a lack of commitment or some sort of lethargy on my part, but rather the incredible discoveries of the first evidence of humans on Earth that I have been making with a man called Johan Heine and a few other amazing people in South Africa.

This has kept me out in the field and up many mountains exploring ancient stone ruins that nobody has been able to explain before. Much of the research that was presented in ‘Slave Species of god’ can now be corroborated by these truly mind-blowing discoveries.

I am glad to report that I now have an incredible story of the first human civilization on Earth, to share with you and the rest of the world. A civilization that pre-dates everything you have seen to date.

South Africa and the whole of southern Africa is covered by many thousands of mysterious ancient stone ruins. These ruins consist of dwellings, places of work and worship, ancient roads created before the wheel was invented; ancient terraces for agricultural crops and domesticated animals – long before agriculture was supposed to have been practiced by humans, and many more truly mysterious discoveries. This also includes ancient gold mines – thousands of them.

We published a book called Adam’s Calendar in 2008, not realising its true significance in human history and human creation. I urge you to go get the book and absorb what is in it, because we will probably not release it again. While everything it contains is true, the reality is much more bizarre and quite overwhelming. It requires a real paradigm shift in our thinking and the acceptance that we actually know very little about our ancient human history.

In the past year I relocated from Johannesburg into the country, the province of Mpumalanga, to live right among these ancient stone ruins. This has allowed me to continue daily research and compile a new storyline of human habitation and early human activity that spans about 280,000 years.

I established a stop-over for enquiring minds and travellers at a place called Waterval Boven; between Johannesburg and Maputo in Mozambique. I built a museum dedicated to these ancient stone ruins which showcases unique artefacts and evidence of a vanished civilization that existed here for over 200,000 years. A civilization that worshipped the same gods and used the same imagery and symbols as the Sumerians and the Egyptians.
My little place by the Elands River is called Stone Circle Bistro, for obvious reasons. So please pop in if you are travelling on the N4 to Nelspruit.
This is the first city on Earth – the golden city of the Sumerian god ENKI. Which later became ‘The land of Ophir’, the location of King Solomon’s mines and other mysteries that have not been understood before. I will start sharing this information with you in future articles and new books that will be release in the near future.

Please share this information with everyone you think suitable and also follow the information on the websites I have created around this subject.

Please see our websites www.makomati.com and help support the foundation with any donations possible. There is also information at www.adamscalendar.com

Keep exploring – universal peace to you all.
Michael Tellinger.

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