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1st January 2011, 11:12
Journey of the Soul


A soul looks like a spark of light, as all souls emerge from the same creational source or thought consciousness. The journey has begun. the soul spirals through the grids (matrix) of creation, entering one or more points on the grids of experience. The soul follows the path of the slinky effect often arriving in a physical body. No matter where it experiences, its journey and programing (DNA in the physical), will always remain the same - to find its way home, back to source, origin, where it is reunited with source and becomes whole once again.

1st January 2011, 11:19
Marietta Theunissen talks about the difference between soul mate relationships and twin flame relationships...


1st January 2011, 11:22
Soul mate

The term soul mate means many different things. These are souls that you have experienced with in past, parallel or future lifetimes. They can also be aspects of your soul experiencing at this time in another body. We are all multidimensional beings, your soul having experiences, in many realities, at the same time. As we all evolve from the same source of consciousness creation, we could say that we are all soul mates in a manner of speaking.

Soul mate is sometimes used to designate someone with whom one has a feeling of deep and natural affinity, friendship, love, intimacy, sexuality, and/or compatibility. Soul mates can have various types of relationships, which do not always include romantic love. They can be close friends, co-workers, a teacher, anyone who influences your life one way or another. They play the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental, games of third dimension with you. They can affect relationships in a positive or negative way depending on the emotional issues of the people concerned.

Souls often come together to work out issues or play reverse roles than that which they are experiencing elsewhere.

Anyone who is in your biological family, or adopted family, or pseudo-family, is a soul mate to you.

You feel closer to certain souls, because you have attracted them into your life as they are on the same frequency as you or because you want to work out issues with them.

Karma refers to responsibilities shared by soul mates.

Often souls mates come together to bring another soul into the physical realms. A man and woman mate and produce one or more children, the karma thus completed ends. The couple separates and share whatever karma is linked to the child.

Sometimes the karma in family is between mother and child, so the child remains exclusively with the mother. Sometimes the karma is with the father and the mother leaves or deceases. Sometimes it is with both parents or with a sibling who has entered the game before or after you.


As the soul seeks unity with self, the journey home, (twin flame connection), it tends to think of a soul mate as The One (which is actually the source of creation) who is there for us and to make us feel complete.

Did you know that you often attract people into your life who look as you do in parallel or past lives? For example, you are a man seeking a female partner. You will seek out someone who looks and acts if you were a woman, like a mirror image. Your ideal partner is who you are in that physical body. We are always seeking ways to experience ourselves.

Men often seek the goddess when searching for a mate, one who looks like the priestess, slim body, long flowing hair purity of soul, beauty and gentleness of creation that speaks to their soul of union with the female creational force. It is SHE who brings loves, guidance, compassion and reunion of your twin soul aspects. A younger person, child-like in essence, is also a major attraction.

Soul mates can bring out the best and worst in each other, depending on their issues, and often no matter how hard someone tries to hold on and help, the lesson is to let go.

This "crazy" feeling is typical of those who are on the verge of finding their twin soul. It's been one of the common denominators of everything I've been reading involving this subject. And the best part is... just when you have thoughts of futility about ever finding "the other," he or she is suddenly there! More often than not, it's when you least expect it to happen, because there's usually something else, another interest or goal sometimes equally (or almost) as passionate that has led you to that person!

From years of intensive and exhaustive past life hypnosis on clients, Dr. Michael Newton, in his book Destiny of Souls disputes the notion of twin souls. Not once did a client of his use the term "twin soul" during a past life regression. Also, when regressed to the time of a soul's creation, clients stated that their soul was not split-off from another soul or flame, as the twin soul theory suggests, but was instead "spit out" from the source as a tiny white light with a group of other little lights, each one unique. Clients do report that they have a "primary soulmate" rather than a twin soul.

1st January 2011, 11:29
Twin Flames


Your soul is consciousness or thought frequency - a light or a soul spark of light. Physical reality is made of electromagnetic energy which has poles (north/south), polarity, duality, opposites, male/female, yin/yang.

When your soul enters the physical, it divides in half - male and female - above and below - experiencing together simultaneously. Encoded in every soul's DNA is the need to reunite with that twin aspect, or to seek that energy out through a physical soulmate. The need to reconnect keeps us linked to the other side and a knowing that Oneness awaits. To find our answers we heal ourselves, other by healing others. Reunion comes through balance.

The third dimension is often referred to as 'In The Box'. When your polarities merge, your male and female aspects will move 'Out of the Box' igniting and creating union with your Twin Flame or Twin Aspect. As consciousness moves toward reunion, people miss their twin soul aspect and feel incomplete, often abandoned, lost, and depressed. They cannot find themselves. A piece of themselves is always missing. They search for it in third dimension but never completely find it. If they are lucky, they find someone who comes close to making them feel whole. They want someone to love them, share with them and help them through this journey. While here, you can meet someone who acts as a catalyst, carrying the frequency of your Twin Flame, giving you the feeling of union, while making love.

1st January 2011, 12:14
Our other half

Each of us has a Twin Flame, a SoulMate - the other half of the being we are.


Each person was created by God at the Moment of Creation with a Twin Flame (or SoulMate), our other half. Each SoulMate pair (the “two who are one”) is a unique and individual cell in God's heart with its own signature or vibration. Each is one being but with two streams of consciousness, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. This is not about gender of bodies on Earth (or even necessarily about bodies on Earth), but about the grand forces or electrical currents of Creation.

The Twin Flame is an integral part of your own energy field that is and has always been with you. You have never been apart from your Twin Flame, nor can you be. You were created together and you are the same energy. Here on Earth most of us have lost awareness of our Twin but our hearts are now opening in the transformation that is taking place in our world and we feel the longing, not just for relationship on Earth but for reunion with the other part of us.

1st January 2011, 12:18
Soul Mates & Twin Flames

Relationships are the most challenging and the most rewarding aspects of this life. The more intimate the relationship the larger opportunity for growth we are given. Relationships are mirrors for us to learn more about ourselves. There are three different types of relationship mirrors.

One is the mirror of who you were. This mirror gives you the opportunity to see how far you have come, the chance to experience the karma that you have already cleared. So don’t get caught up in this relationship worried about why it is coming back at this time, thank it and let it go.

A second type of relationship is the one that is mirroring where you are now on your path. If an issue or person has an emotional "charge" to it, then you still have work to do. This mirror is the hardest to look at because it reflects the things you have not yet finished in your karma. These are the things that we are the most blind to.

The last type of relationship is the one that mirrors your potential. This allows you to have a glimpse at who you could be, if you wanted to. This person is usually someone that you idealize and put on a pedestal.

So look at your various relationships and see which group they fall into. By knowing this you will gain insight into yourself. Self understanding is the entire reason for these mirrors, not to ‘fix’ the other person, but to look at yourself.

Now there are two additional overarching categories of relationships that people always want to know about. The questions go something like this: "Is there a perfect mate out there for me?" or "Will I meet my Soul Mate?" These are interesting questions.

The entire reason for most relationships are so that you can work on your spiritual self and your karma! So with that said, the more you clear up issues for yourself, the more you ARE the ‘right’ person, the more you will attract the person you are looking for.

Soul Mates and Twin Flames are not the same thing. Soul Mates are other souls that have agreed to connect with you on this planet for a purpose. In some cases it is to clear up karma, in other cases it is to finish unfinished business, and for some it is to accomplish a particular goal together. These relationships may be a joy to be in or these relationships may be a pain in your life. Either way they are here for a reason.

When Soul Mates first meet they sometimes feel as if they already know each other. They may feel very familiar to each other. Soul Mates can have a beautiful relationship together, but it will take work. Soul Mate relationships may last a lifetime and others may only be for a particular purpose and be temporary. You can have more than one Soul Mate in a lifetime.

Twin Flames are very different and very rare. Twin Flames are two people in two separate bodies that share the same Soul. Twin Flames meet each other in their first incarnation so that they remember the soul frequency of the other being. They are then usually reunited on their last time to this planet. If Twin Flames meet before they are ready they can be the total opposite and not at all compatible. When Twin Flames meet and are ready for each other, it is the most enjoyable experience possible on Earth.

At this point, Twin Flames are almost identical. They truly compliment each other and it is a hardship for them to be apart. As an outside observer it is sometimes hard to distinguish the two people. They also have a very strong bond and often have telepathy with each other. Their lives even before meeting each other have many parallels. Again, meeting your Twin Flame is very rare on this planet.

So, all relationships serve a purpose and should be honored and appreciated for what they have to offer you in your personal spiritual growth. Thank the person and the experiences for all that you have had the opportunity to learn and clear. Know that ALL relationships are sacred, because they bring us closer to the Light of All That Is. Amen and Be Blessed!