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29th March 2011, 20:37
It has begun!

The Man Christ Jesus

(False prophet)

Dr. José Luis De Jesús Miranda


Jose Luis DeJesus Miranda ,61 himself claims to be the Anti-Christ. He also claims that he is Jesus Christ, the Jesus Christ man ,and the second comingof Jesus Christ.

Jose Luis De Jesus has a million followers, and ordered his members to put the 666 tattoo on their body. 666 the mark of Satan mentioned in Revelation chapter 13.

He said the word Anti Christ is just a bad translation of new Christ. And 666 is a symbol of new Christ and a mark that you are a Christian. He also said. Do not put your eyes to Jesus of Nazareth , put it on Jesus after the cross.

Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda Church

Creciendo en Gracia is the name of the church organization of Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda. He founded this church 20 years ago. All members has the 666 tattoos in their arms, neck. Jose Luis De Jesus Miranda preaches that there is no sin, no hell, the devil has already cast into the hell and earth is already the heaven, this doctrine attract so many followers.

The believers of Creciendo en Gracia believes that Jose Luis is god.
Pictures of Creciendo en Gracia members with their 666 tattoos.


Beware! The bible said it will happen

Matthew 24: 4-5 > Jesus said: “watch out that no one deceives you. Many will come in my name, claiming I am the Christ”.


30th March 2011, 21:13
EISH!!!! wel daar is baie skapies verlore!!!