View Full Version : Where am i?

28th June 2011, 20:21
The most dangerous place to wonder in is oneís mind

It seems I have lost my way out

I have imprisoned myself

The walls are my own illusion.

Maybe if I let my emotions come through the walls might break down

There are glimpses of sunshine, but I canít reach it

I cannot find the key to my heart

I must have lost it on the battlefield,

Therefore chains hold my emotions so tight I canít breathe

I have worn masks for so long I donít which one is me

I donít know if I still exist, sadly reality reminds me that I do

I should find joy in that right? But why?

Is there a purpose for me I must first complete,

What mark am I meant to leave on this world?

There are songs written, if I listen to them..

I feel like all my emotions have been ripped from my chest and put into songs

Like a mirror it makes me see my reflection Ė my own worst enemy

My dreams fade, the universe steals them to break me down

My faith is but a dim light, it can barely show me the way

The breath of life chokes me, strangles my hope away

It is beyond my understanding, when my thoughts turned on me

I am fighting myself for my life, which one of me will claim my soul?

Source: It matters not.