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Demiurge, Demiourgos (Greek) [from demos the people + ergon work] In Gnosticism, the deity as creator or cosmic artificer was a secondary or subordinate god, distinct from the supreme deity of the hierarchy, acting as creator or former of worlds, with which function the supreme is not directly concerned. because of this seeming duality of rival gods, monotheistic christian theology classed the demiurge among the powers hostile to god and mankind, as it did with Satan, the Serpent, Lucifer, and so many others. Marcion (2nd century) and his school attempted to reconcile these by equating the Demiourgos with the jewish Jehovah. the Demiourgos, however, is the deity in its creative aspect, the second logos -- not a personal deity, but an abstract term denoting the host of creative powers. Later, the conception was anthropomorphized. It is the elohim of the bible who make kosmos out of chaos; the universal mind, separated from its fountain-source; the four-faced Brahma; the seven principal dhyani-chohans. In the Qabbalah, Hokhmah (wisdom) becomes united with binah (intelligence), which latter is jehovah or the Demiourgos. but the Demiourgos itself is dual in the same sense as are those formative powers for which the name stands: acting on all planes from the highest to the lowest, the contrast between above and below, light and its shadow, is shown; added to which, it includes potencies which are symbolized by human minds as masculine and feminine. there was plenty of scope, then, for confusion as to the meaning and application of the word. See also Architects; DHYANI-CHOHANS ; LOGOS

the creator of a world, whether real or mythical

demiurgedem"i*urge (?), n. [gr. dhmioyrgo`s a worker for the people, a workman, especially the maker of the world, the creator; dh`mios belonging to the people (fr. dh^mos the people) + 'e`rgon a work.] 1. (gr. antiq.) the chief magistrate in some of the greek states. 2. god, as the maker of the world. 3. according to the gnostics, an agent or one employed by the supreme being to create the material universe and man.


The chief magistrate in some of the greek states.


God, as the maker of the world.


According to the Gnostics, an agent or one employed by the supreme being to create the material universe and man.

Noun1. a subordinate deity, in some philosophies the creator of the universe (hypernym) deity, divinity, god, immortal

Demiurge (from the Greek, latinized , meaning "artisan" or "craftsman", literally "worker in the service of the people", from "of the people" + "work") is a term for a creator deity, a divine artisan or architect responsible for the creation of the physical universe.

Translation of demiurge

Afrikaans | demiurge
German | Demiurg
Greek | Δημιουργός
English | demiurge
Finnish | demiurgi
French | démiurge
Hebrew | הדמיורגוס
Dutch | schepper
Norwegian | demiurg
Swedish | Demiurgen
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