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2nd December 2011, 21:30
Ek het nou onlangs op hierdie berig afgekom wat in 'n plaaslike koerant gedruk was...


Natuurlik baie bonatuurlik in beskouing, tog interessant...

Na aanleiding van al die geskrifte deur Stefanus geplaas ivm onderandere die "manna" of wit poeier goudstof wat lewensverrykend is volgens vele geskrifte, plaas ek ook die volgende uittreksel vanaf 'n ander webblad...

The ORME -- related to Star Fire (http://halexandria.org/dward481.htm), and also known as The Philosopher’s Stone (http://halexandria.org/dward483.htm), the Elixir of Life, the White Powder of Gold (http://halexandria.org/dward469.htm), Ma-na or Manna, even potentially Morning Dew (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1C07Nhe7N0&NR=1) -- is also an acronym for “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”. The phrase was coined by David Radius Hudson (http://halexandria.org/dward467.htm), who has done an enormous amount of research on the subject (of which he has in turn shared with thousands of others). The word ORME -- perhaps coincidentally, or perhaps not -- is the same as the Hebrew word which means: the “Tree of Life (http://halexandria.org/dward001.htm)”.
However -- and this is an important "however" -- with regards to the ORME (as well as the ORMUS (http://halexandria.org/dward772.htm), White Powder of Gold (http://halexandria.org/dward469.htm), Philosopher’s Stone (http://halexandria.org/dward483.htm), Elixir of Life,Food of the Gods (http://halexandria.org/dward468.htm), Star Fire (http://halexandria.org/dward481.htm), the Ark of the Covenant (http://halexandria.org/dward484.htm), Alchemy (http://halexandria.org/dward452.htm), Secrets (http://halexandria.org/dward458.htm),Transmutation (http://halexandria.org/dward453.htm), Biological (http://halexandria.org/dward454.htm) and otherwise, and, of course, giving my regards to Broadway), there is a new kid on the block, a new development that really must be noted. It is The Book of Aquarius, a delightful treatise on The Great Work of Alchemy (http://halexandria.org/dward569.htm). Inasmuch as The Great Work is ultimately attaining the same abilites as from the ORME, but from a wholly different approach, both avenues need to be explored.
Halexandria gets a LOT of questions on these subjects involving where do I get it, how do I make it, whose stuff is better, and is this the Way to San Jose? Suffice it to say, no discussion of the The Great Work is really going to be complete without a pit stop at this link.
The ORME represents a huge subject area, involving state-of-the-art chemistry, physics, and physiology, interpretations of Sumerian (http://halexandria.org/dward183.htm)[/URL], Egyptian and other histories (the Anunnaki (http://halexandria.org/dward183.htm), Gods and Goddesses (http://halexandria.org/dward371.htm) of the Ancient World, the Adams Family (http://halexandria.org/dward191.htm), “Prime Directive” Violations (http://halexandria.org/dward355.htm),Chronicles of Earth (http://halexandria.org/dward006.htm), etc), philosophy, Sacred Geometry (http://halexandria.org/dward095.htm), the Tree of Life (http://halexandria.org/dward001.htm) and [U]Ha Qabala (http://halexandria.org/dward465.htm) -- to name only the more obvious connections. In many respects, the ORME is the connecting link between all of these subjects -- as well as a whole list of other subjects not mentioned.
Included in the above links to other web pages should be added one to the Halexandria Forums (http://www.halexandria-foundation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=98), where in particular the article by Barry Carter should be noted. (7/20/08)
The Chemistry and Physics of Monoatomic Elements (http://halexandria.org/dward479.htm), describes the characteristics of those elements which have come to be known as the “Precious Metals (http://halexandria.org/dward480.htm)”. These eight metals include: ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, and silver (known as the “light platinum group”), osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold (known as the “heavy platinum group”).
These eight Transition Group elements, can in a monoatomic, superdeformed, high spin, and low energy state, lose their chemical reactivity and metallic nature -- thereby resulting in a state of Superconductivity (http://halexandria.org/dward156.htm) -- a resonant condition complete with Meissner magnetic field(s), Cooper Pairs, and electrons which have literally changed into light (i.e. photons). These precious metals have the unique ability to remain stable in the monoatomic form, which can then lead to effects ranging from Levitation (http://halexandria.org/dward135.htm) (weight losses) to Zero-Point Energy (http://halexandria.org/dward154.htm)applications to fundamental biological and/or human physiological effects.
Of particular importance is the fact that all of these precious metals have a strong affinity for and are almost always found in their natural state in combination with gold. Gold, in turn, has a history of being the most precious of all commodities -- a “spiritual tradition” which has survived countless generations!
For example, the second chapter of the Book of Genesis (King James version), describes the creation of the heavens and the earth, its population with plants, animals, and herbs, the creation and installation of man in the Garden of Eden, and the appearance from out of the ground of the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The Bible then quickly informs us that thar’s gold in them thar hills! “And the gold of that land is good; there is bdellium and the onyx stone.” [Genesis 2-12]
On the scale of creating heaven, earth, Eden, mankind, and so forth, why is gold suddenly such a priority? If the science of the ORME is correct, gold, along with Rhodium and Iridium (http://halexandria.org/dward475.htm) (and potentially the other precious metals) may in fact be the Tree of Life. [Note that in this connection Genesis 2:5 - 2:25 is considered to be from an earlier source than Genesis 1:1 - 2:4, and thus may be alluding to a deeper meaning.]
Alchemy (http://halexandria.org/dward452.htm) books talk about “the White Powder of Gold”, the Food of the Gods (http://halexandria.org/dward468.htm) -- a substance derived from yellow gold, but which has been transformed into a white powder upon reaching its monoatomic state. This is the same form, and may be equivalent to the same process by which Hudson found all eight of the monoatomic precious metals.
For the alchemists, “The Master Work” was to prepare the Elixir of Life (bdellium?) and The Philosopher’s Stone (onyx stone?) -- or in more anecdotal, traditional terms, transmute lead into gold. [The latter is more likely a diversionary fabrication to mislead those with less lofty ambitions, and who have not been initiated into the Mystery.]
In the quest to accomplish this noble work, the alchemists of old taught that the key to success was to “divide, divide, divide...” The implication of this advice is that only in freeing the atoms of an element from the confines of its crystalline-like metallic structure of many atoms of the same or diverse elements, could one hope to achieve the alchemists’ esoteric goal. In effect, the alchemists were apparently attempting to reach the monoatomic form of the gold and the other precious elements -- even if they might not have described the process as such.
Hudson has also connected the ORME with the Hebrew tradition of the Ma-Na or Manna -- also thought to be the White Powder of Gold. Curiously, manna means literally: “What is it?” This phrase is found repeated over and over again in The Egyptian Book of the Dead, The Papyrus of Ani [1]. The historical and philosophical implications thus include the ORME as part of the Melchizedek priesthood and the metallurgical foundry at Qumrun, where the Essenes were located. (The Essenes are described in [2])
Other references include the mixture of the white powder of gold in water as being “that which issues from the mouth of the creator”, “the semen of the father in heaven”, and The Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus (http://halexandria.org/dward505.htm). Hudson believes that Moses knew the secrets of making the ORME, and that the Ark of the Covenant (http://halexandria.org/dward484.htm) was merely a container for the ORME. As a volatile, superconducting, electrical device, the ORME’s presence within would explain the incredible properties of the Ark; from levitation to “blasts of heavenly displeasure.” Later in the Escene tradition, the white powder of gold began being referred to as the “teacher of righteousness”, something which was swallowed and taken internally.
[This latter point emphasizes the point of approaching spiritual practices, including eating (as in the Theory of Eating (http://halexandria.org/dward045.htm)), with a profound sense of being in the presence of divinity.]
With respect to the Ark, Laurence Gardner (http://halexandria.org/dward196.htm)’s book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark [3] is a brilliant expositon about the “amazing revelations of the incredible power of gold”, and gold’s inimate association with the Ark of the Covenant. Combined with his earlier book, Genesis of the Grail Kings [4], a great deal of information can be obtained. For anyone new to the subject, these two books are ideal reading (beginning with Grail Kings).
The astounding result of combining the theories of the Anunnaki and the ORME lead to the almost inescapable conclusion that the Anunnaki’s purpose on arriving on Earth was to acquire the monoatomic elements for the purpose of ingesting them and thus being able to lead long lives. It is noteworthy that the first attempt by the Anunnaki to obtain gold was extracting it from sea water, specifically the upper reaches of the Persian Gulf where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet. According to Hudson, the primary form in which gold occurs in sea water is in its monoatomic state.
From the perspective of Earth, numerous scholars Zecharia Sitchin (http://halexandria.org/dward195.htm)[/B], Laurence Gardner (http://halexandria.org/dward196.htm), and others] have concluded that:
· Extraterrestrials from the planet Nibiru came to Earth,
· Their primary purpose was to mine gold and precious elements,
· They created mankind in order to have someone to work the mines,
· They provided the rudiments of civilization to their workers to control them,
· They also provided the ORME’s natural, organic equivalent, [I]Star Fire, to selected individuals (i.e., the kings and patriarchs, aka the local mid-level managers), and
· They gave the knowledge of the ORME’s importance, as well as the method by which it could be made and taken internally by the individual, to this same very limited, elite group of human beings (thus accounting for their extraordinarily long lives, and the claims of superiority of Kings, Queens, Monarchs, and Aristocracy (http://halexandria.org/dward339.htm)).
Prior to the human use of the ORME, the kings had access to Star Fire, essentially the menstrual blood of the “goddesses” of the Anunnaki. Because of the long lives of the Gods and Goddesses -- due to their ingestation of the ORME and possibly genetic factors as well -- this simple infusion of the goddess menstrual blood was more than sufficient to extend the lives of ordinary human beings. Keep in mind that the Anunnaki, the Gods and Goddesses of mythology, may have lived for hundreds of thousands of year!
Laurence Gardner [4] wrote: “It was from the milk of Hathor that the pharaohs were said to gain their divinity, becoming gods in their own right. In more ancient Sumerian times, during the days of the original Star Fire ritual, the bloodline kings who were fed with the hormone-rich lunar essence of the Anunnaki goddesses were also said to have been nourished with their own milk -- notably that of Ishtar.
Gardner also suggests that “this milk contained an enzyme that was especially conducive to active longevity -- and this was very likely the enzyme that genetic researchers have calledtelomerase.” This enzyme apparently has unique anti-aging properties, but apart from being present in malignant tumors and reproductive cells, telomerase is not normally expressed in body tissues. “It seems, therefore, that somewhere within our DNA structure is the genetic ability to produce this anti-aging enzyme, but the potential has somehow been switched off.”
[Which would also imply the ability to switch it back on again!]
After the flood, there appeared to be less availability of the Star Fire (or the ORME). Then, around the time of Abraham, the Star Fire became totally unavailable, and the patriarchs from Abraham to David saw their ages diminish to the point that David only lived what might be considered a normal life span. In contrast to the later patriarchs, however, the lifespans of the Sumerian kings in descent from Ar-wi-um (Cain) and Etana continued at a generally high level. This was apparently accomplished by the substitution of the ORME for the Star Fire, but in this case only if you were a devotee of Enki -- as opposed to Enlil, who had cut off his disciples (including Abraham, et al).
The ORME’s Modern Possibilities
The alchemists Lapidus and Eirenaeus Philalethes have said: “The Philosopher’s Stone is no stone, but a powder with the power to transmute base metals into gold and silver.” They go on to claim: “The stone which is to be the transformer of metals into gold must be sought in the precious metals in which it is enclosed and contained. It is called a stone by virtue of its fixed nature, and it resists the action of fire as successfully as any stone -- but its appearance is that of a very fine powder, impalpable to the touch, fragment as to smell, in potency a most penetrative spirit, apparently dry, and yet unctuous, and easily capable of tingeing a plate of metal. The stone does not exist in nature, but has to be prepared by art, in obedience to nature’s laws. Thus, you see our stone is made of gold alone, yet it is not common gold.”
Gardner [4] has asked: “Given the facilities of today’s scientific advancement and our knowledge of atoms and nuclei, is it possible (as it was in the distant past) to convert gold [and other precious metals] into a sweet-tasting, ingestable white powder? Is it possible for that powder to outweigh its optimum weight of gold? Is it also possible for that same powder to under-weigh itself and to weigh less than nothing? Under such circumstances, is it possible that the powder can disappear from sight into another dimension of space-time and then be returned to its original state? The answer to each of these questions is yes -- for this is the post-Star Fire mystery of the phoenix, and it is the key to the Messianic bloodline enhancement through the fire-stone.”
The May 1995 issue of Scientific American discussed the effects of ruthenium (one of the precious metals), by noting that a single ruthenium atom placed at each end of the double-helix DNA increases the conductivity of the strand by a factor of 10,000, causing the DNA to become, in effect, a “superconductor”. Based on a synthesis of additional historical, philosophical, mythological, and scientific evidence, David Hudson has determined that the ORME is truly the “Tree of Life”. Hudson has noted in the Scientific Literature (http://halexandria.org/dward477.htm) (Guidice, et al), the basis for human cells being able to exhibit Superconductivity (http://halexandria.org/dward156.htm) and the extensive amount of research being conducted on treating cancer and other diseases with precious metals. These precious elements appear to be correcting the DNA, literally “flowing the light of life” within the body.
The Platinum Metals Review includes articles which discuss the treatment of cancers using platinum, iridium, and ruthenium. Apparently, the application of a platinum compound to an altered DNA state (as in the case of a cancer) will cause the DNA to relax and become corrected. It is known that both iridium and rhodium have anti-aging properties, that ruthenium and platinum compounds interact with DNA, and that gold and the precious metals can activate the endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens awareness and aptitude to extraordinary levels.
The ancients from thousands of years ago knew of the superconducting effect of the precious metals on our consciousness -- what they referred to as the light body (the ka), and that both the physical body and the light body had to be fed. In so doing, we can also use the properties of the monoatomic elements to levitate, and quite possibly activate the body’s so-called “junk DNA”, along with the generally unused 90 to 95 % of the brain!
There is also evidence that the Hathor Temple on Mount Horeb (http://halexandria.org/dward482.htm) in the Sinai Peninsula was involved in the construction of the pyramids. The furnace laboratories were not only used to provide food for the light-bodies of the pharaohs in the Star Fire (http://halexandria.org/dward481.htm) tradition, but by use of the levitation potential, the massive blocks of the pyramids could be easily moved into place. For, in fact, the white powder is capable of bending space-time, providing for a gravitational attraction of less than zero, and of transposing its own weightlessness to a block of stone. Even more exotically, Gardner has noted that: “The once-sealed King’s Chamber was, in fact, contrived as a superconductor, capable of transporting the pharaoh into another dimension of space-time through the Meissner Field (http://halexandria.org/dward157.htm) (a body’s polar magnetic aura).”
The possible implications of the existence of the ORME -- adding the white powder of gold (and other precious metals) to one’s “diet” -- is astounding. Based on the full range of literature, Hudson believes a human ingesting the ORME [I]in the correct manner can fulfill all the dreams of the esoteric alchemists, i.e.:
· To have perfect telepathy,
· Be able to levitate and/or bilocate,
· Know good and evil when it’s in the room with you (i.e. eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil),
· Project one’s thoughts into someone else’s mind,
· Heal by laying on of hands, and
· Cleanse or resurrect the dead within two or three days after they have died.
The latter comes from the traditions of the Anunnaki in raising their own from the dead (after their Descent into the Underworld (http://halexandria.org/dward385.htm)), as well as the gospels of Jesus Christ.
The good news is that the precious elements occur in herbs and numerous vegetables. Grapes, for example, can be a primary source. A four ounce glass of Concord grape juice frozen concentrate can yield 127 mg of rhodium and 48 mg of iridium (more than an equivalent amount of virtually any other food). A key to the grape’s concentration of these precious metals is apparently connected to the fact that the grape roots go so much deeper into the Earth, where there is, apparently, a much better source of the elements. This explains why the deepest mines on Earth are gold mines, and furthermore that volcanoes are also a source. This implies that the interior of the Earth seems to be a primary “manufacturer” of the elements, and thus the ash from a volcanic eruption leaves downwind crop fields enormously fertile for years.
Hudson has discovered in the brain tissue of pigs and cows, that over 5% of the brain tissue by dry matter weight consists of rhodium and iridium! Gardner, in his book, Genesis of the Grail Kings notes that “by dry-matter weight, over 5 per cent of our brain tissue is composed of iridium and rhodium in the high spin state.” This latter fact has often been missed because of the limitations of conventional testing sequences which do not take the time to go beyond thinking the test material is carbon, aluminum, or silica.
This implies that our self-aware [B]Consciousness (http://halexandria.org/dward397.htm) may be the result of a portion of our brain having monoatomic precious metals in our cells. This suggests the natural state of having a heavy metal mind, but also suggests we may need to ingest far more than we’re currently taking in.
Okay. Is this is all true, then it would suggest that whoever controls the gold and precious metal supply of the planet would control everyone’s ability to be able to take advantage of the ORME. It suggests, in fact, that slant on “The Golden Rule (http://halexandria.org/dward302.htm)”, Dem Wid de Gold (http://halexandria.org/dward485.htm) makes de rules! And therein lies the Mother of Conspiracies (http://halexandria.org/dward459.htm). In point of fact, the market on the precious metals is one of the most closely held, protected, and guarded Cartels (http://halexandria.org/dward341.htm) on the planet today. Allegedly, such vested interests are motivated only by money. But don’t count on it!
It is perhaps worth mentioning that even if the powers that control the precious metal markets don’t realize the full implications what they’re controlling, this does not lessen the control. Buying and holding gold might thus be a nice investment against the future.

Baie insiggewend...
bron (http://www.whitepowdergold.com/frameormus.html)


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Natuurlik sal daar nou oral gieriges opduik wat dit sal uitbuit... huidiglik vir so R400.00 per fyn ons botteltjie...

http://www.whitepowdergold.com/img/wpg-small.jpg http://www.whitepowdergold.com/img/wpg-large.jpg

Mysterious, Wonderful, Exotic, Intriguing

This precious powder has been lost to mankind for thousands of years. It has been called many things through the ages. It has been called the Fruit of the Tree of Life, and Star fire-Gold of the Gods. More recently, it has received wide notice as the Philosopher`s Stone. It is the crown jewel of Western legend , the stuff of literature. We have linked to Star fire at the bottom of this page. In it Laurence Gardner explains that the white powder of gold has been known to the initiated few for millennia. Now , you can experience the forbidden fruit for yourself. Additional links on the navigation menu lead to reference information and other related topics. Monoatomic? Maybe. A superconductor? We hope to know soon. Is it real? Absolutely!The ancients believed this substance would facilitate extraordinary life-spans, and cure many diseases by allowing the body to operate as close to perfection as possible. We would say today that it would vastly increase the ability of each cell to conduct electrical impulses, almost like a high performance re-wiring job for the entire body.
Our White Powder Gold has been tested by the Department of Materials Characterization at a prominent English University, and Sir Laurence Gardner deserves all the credit we can give him for his generosity. He is not only an author and historian without equal, he is a fine gentleman. The test results show that white powder gold is not totally unique. It can be found as a residue at crop circles, and it has been collected by NASA astronauts as Stardust, at the ratio of 1 per 10,000 particles. White powder gold is "astonishingly" similar to David Hudson`s ormus, with minor differences attributable to the primary PGM used to produce it. Our PGM is 24K gold. It should be pointed out that the process used to produce white powder gold definitely works on silver and should be applicable to all PGM`s, including ruthenium. The possible applications boggle the mind. We would like to point out that since only a handful of human beings know how to produce a substance such as a white powder gold , the residue found at crop circles strongly suggests that they have an extra-terrestrial origin. Also, this powder and its brother PGM`s should be investigated by major research facilities for possible health and other scientific benefits for humanity. It appears to be "not of this world" and its relationship to the Ark of Isreal and antiquities of Egypt point to greater potential than we at whitepowdergold.com are able to properly investigate.
Dave C. tells us
I must admit that I am extremely satisfied with this products` effects on me personally. I have used this white powder gold for over a year now. My smokers skin has been gradually replaced by soft, yet tough skin that does not tear or bruise like before , and it heals quickly. My muscles have grown strong. I now have the energy and ability of a thirty year old man, again. Every time I look in a mirror, I marvel at how much younger I appear , because this has literally taken most of my facial wrinkles and my gray hairs away. White powder gold has changed me for the better. I use just 4 drops a day of this product , and it has restored my health , my youth ,and my life!
We have developed a process to create White Powder Gold that is more efficient than the original process described by David Hudson. We have striven to maintain the protocols described by Laurence Gardner as we believe that this is indeed the formula the ancients refer to, the Great Work of Alchemy.
We must advise that you consult your Doctor or other licensed health care provider before you ingest this or any other substance as a dietary supplement.


(http://www.whitepowdergold.com/)Wat stuit ons om die resep self te gebruik en elkeen dit self te maak werk?


ns. my Wederhelfte gaan maar swaar afstand doen aan daai gesogte blink ringetjies.... en dinge... pappie, hier kom 'n ding!

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Nou's die miljoen dollar vraag... wat is die resep??

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The Great Work of Alchemyhttp://halexandria.org/images/pixrule.gif
New -- August 19, 2011
(The First Day of the Month of Thoth)
Much as been written in these pages about Alchemy (http://halexandria.org/dward452.htm) and related variations on a theme (the ORME (http://halexandria.org/dward466.htm),ORMUS (http://halexandria.org/dward772.htm), Star Fire (http://halexandria.org/dward481.htm), White Powder of Gold (http://halexandria.org/dward469.htm), Philosopher's Stone (http://halexandria.org/dward483.htm), Food of the Gods (http://halexandria.org/dward468.htm), Biological (http://halexandria.org/dward454.htm)and other Transmutations (http://halexandria.org/dward453.htm), and so it goes). All of these substances purport to lead the true believers to the promised land, to embark on a path, which in Alchemy is called, “The Great Work”. On the one hand, according to one source, Ancient Writings (http://www.world-mysteries.com/awr_alchemy.htm): “The goal of the Great Work of alchemy, called also the Art, is the “Philosopher’s Stone”. While others (http://www.spirit-alembic.com/alchemy.html) -- with less faith in such physical chemistry manifestations -- insist that the only Great Work is to “harness the spirit within matter into the service of humanity.” (The latter tends toward being a little holier than thou, but it's also not entirely amiss.)
In fact, the two versions might actually be considered complementary. [Now, there's a perk!] Anyone who does the physical transmutation of matter through chemistry is also very likely going to be simultaneously engaged in the more spiritual aspect. There’s just nothing quite like having all the gold you can possibly imagine, to reach a point where it’s more fun to give it away than to hoarde it, haul it about, and/or constantly bury it (and dig it back up) just in order to hide it from thieves and IRS agents... particularly the latter. Also, as Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, notes: “I never imagined that doing public charity would provide such a rush.” [1] There’s a lot to be said for Glinda’s view.
In any case, this particular web page will devote itself instead somewhat exclusively to the physical transmutation of matter (with the transmutation of such things as base metals into gold being one of our lesser goals, and thus with comparatively less emphasis). For the fact remains that when one considers the other end results of this physical, chemical transmutation, and following that, the ingestion of said results (to be described a bit later), one quickly recognizes that such things as perfect health, longevity, and so forth and so on, will almost certainly have beneficial effects on the health of the mind and spirit as well. In other words, The Great Work is both physical and spiritual!
This particular web page (the one you're now reading... and/or glowering at) has been designed as alinkage to some truly astounding possibilities.
But before that, it might be important that we first take particular note of the distinction and connection between Alchemy and some of the other disciplines mentioned above; some of the latter which claim apparently related physical elements and processes... not to mention end results.
It should be noted, for example, the possible connection between the Philosopher’s Stone of Alchemy (and/or the Elixir of Life... also of Alchemy), and the ORME (aka Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements), as well as, in some cases, the ORMUS.
As it turns out, the original thesis of the ORME, as brought down from the heavens by David Hudson (http://halexandria.org/dward467.htm), was based to a large degree on the possible relationship of the ORME to the ancient, traditionalWhite Powder of Gold (http://halexandria.org/dward469.htm). According to King David (private joke) -- and now, others -- gold, silver, and the other six precious metals (http://halexandria.org/dward480.htm) (Ruthenium, Rhodium (http://halexandria.org/dward475.htm), Palladium, Osmium, Iridium (http://halexandria.org/dward475.htm), and Platinum) -- when brought down to the monatomic state -- appear as white powders. Furthermore, these white powders allegedly have some remarkable powers, most of which describe the same effects claimed by Alchemy for the Philosopher’s Stone and/or the Elixir of Life. It is the latter two which are claimed to be the culmination of The Great Work of Alchemy.
Other considerations seem to further link Alchemy and the ORME -- such as the alchemist’s advice of “divide, divide, divide”. In the ORME metals, the process is one of physical division of, e.g., gold molecules, to the point where the individual gold atoms are actually separate (i.e., monatomic, or in technical terms... all by their lonely). This is despite the fact that the atoms of gold have a strong affinity toward one another in formulating their yellow gold state (the one we all love so much)... and which accordingly, makes the monatomic state an apparent rarity. Such things as Microclusters (http://halexandria.org/dward394.htm) of elements of the same kind have been shown to exhibit some unexpected and astounding new properties, such that the theory of ORME would therefore seem to have substantial physical evidence to support the idea that extending the microcluster state down to the monatomic stage, would almost certainly result in some very unusual properties of the ORME’s white powder.
In Alchemy, the “divide, divide, divide” advice might be more akin to "dilute, dilute, dilute" [no relation to the Egyptian Gal from Duluth]. The repetition of diluting a substance over and over should perhaps remind us of homeopathy (http://halexandria.org/dward575.htm), where successive, careful dilutions can arrive at a solution where the probability of having a single molecule of the original “active ingredient” is very near zero... and yet, the massively diluted solution not only has the power to heal as effectively as the original solution, but now does so without all those pesky little side effects -- such things as swelling, bloating, flatulence, drowsiness, and, oh, did I mention: death? This aspect of Alchemy which suggests similar methodologies as homeopathy then appear to provide some physical evidence to support Alchemy as a credible science as well.
Other evidence for the reality and validity of The Great Work of Alchemy tends to arrive from a different type of source: That of the alchemists of old who have written numerous books on the subject. Admittedly, such books are often cloaked in mystery by being ever so slightly less than forthright in their descriptions of exactly what one should do first, and with what substance, how long, and by what strange and bewildering means. The Primary Alchemical Assumption has always been that the esoteric (“for the few”) Philosopher’s Stone is NOT something for the exoteric (“for the many”), aka the masses, the peasants, and all those equally pesky orthodox religious fanatics.
Furthermore, the accumulated literature of Alchemy requires considerable study for anyone who might wish to create the Philosopher's Stone... and thereafter accomplish all of the wonders associated with it. Said wonders are, in fact, reputed to include: 1) a universal medicine for the body, mind, and spirit, 2) an ability to turn any metal into silver or gold (a bit of the Midas touch, there), 3) an elixir for plants, even minerals (e.g., growing rubies for your slippers), 4) unlimited energy (for individuals, or in the form of electrical or other energy generating techniques), and even, 5) the creation of life.

NOTE: The apparent reality of Biological Transmutations (http://halexandria.org/dward454.htm) would suggest that any and all of the above just might in fact be a real possibility. On the other hand...
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The information contained within the pages of this website is for educational purposes only. Nothing set forth herein is intended to be medical advice or able to be construed as such. This discussion is private in entirety and non-negotiable between the parties. Anyone acting on any of the contents herein does so solely on the basis of her or his own volition and at his or her own risk. Everyone has the duty and absolute right to think, evaluate, research, learn, and act autonomously. Inasmuch as Medicine and Law equate to the “right” to use potentially deadly force (destructive violence), it would appear prudent for anyone to refrain from adopting any course of action without first understanding the basis and reasons thereof and how to defend it if challenged.
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The idea that all of the benefits of the Philosopher’s Stone and/or ORME (or ORMUS), can and should be made available to just anyone has always had a strong element of... well... hesitation... as in No way Jose! In the simplest terms, does one really want to give a Hitler such powers? Assuming the truest and best answer is "No!"... then what is there which might prevent the Stone/ORME/Elixir/Star Fire (by any name, smelling as sweet) from “falling into the wrong hands”? Like yours, for example.
In the original ORME material (ala David Hudson) -- which also links to the Ark of the Covenant (http://halexandria.org/dward484.htm) -- there is the strong suggestion that anyone who is not in the proper “righteous” frame of mind will -- as had been described by many abruptly aborted attempts to approach the original Ark of the Covenant -- be done away with on the spot... essentially blasted to kingdom come [pardon the pun]. This bit has been popularized (if that be the word) by movies such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the evil doers (Nazis of course) were struck down by electrical discharges from the Ark, despite an attempt to approach the Ark in a righteous manner. (Obviously most “raiders”, by definition, are not typically in a “righteous frame of mind.” Nazis, on the other hand, are always the epitome of evil doers. They serve a very useful purpose in that regard.)
Meanwhile, this particular de-facto-prohibition or outright elimination (essentially, a separation of the wheat from the chaff) might be criticized on the basis of a possibly rather arbitrary interpretation of just exactly what constitutes “righteousness”. This quandary might be somewhat similar of the question of: Exactly who and/or what enforces the Prime Directive (http://halexandria.org/dward355.htm), for example... and how? Well... it just might be (as suggested by Sol [2]) -- in the case of the Prime Directive: once a civilization reaches a certain threshold level -- that such enforcement is simply a matter of the laws of physics... as in who and how is gravity enforced? (The general assumption is that, basically, if a civilization is meaner than we are, they don’t make it.)
The same might apply to both the ORME and Alchemy... and accordingly, this quickly becomes an article of faith in some kind of “rightness” to the universe, where the laws of physics have their own agendas... and they are "good". This might well be... but at the same time, probably a bit more is needed to convince us that it’s not simply a matter of choosing either the red or blue pill, Matrix (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Matrix) style.
That additional “barrier” might well be that the ORME and the Philosopher’s Stone of Alchemy are both items which require a fair amount of preparation, likely over an extended period of time... and thus that it takes a fair amount of faith in the process for anyone to persevere. There is also the assumption that one is going to be doing a lot of study prior to even getting started.
In Alchemy, for example, despite numerous misleading comments in many alchemical texts about processes taking hours or days, the current consensus is that The Great Work is more like a three year process... assuming that you do it right! There is also the need to somehow gleam from all of those alchemical texts the precise methodology of The Great Work. The ORME process, meanwhile, would appear to require an equal amount of intellectual investment, time and effort, as well as a healthy amount of patience. And of course, such a time-frame presupposes that one will have an unrelenting faith in the process and the goal, before expending all that effort.
Okay... that’s the bad news.
The Good News is that in the case of The Great Work of Alchemy, we may now have a road map -- that is to say, enough of the description of the process to encourage those with the faith, patience, and credulity to actually leap into the process. This “road map”, which has only recently become available, purports to have extracted the essential elements from several dozen alchemical texts (but only the good ones, and not the yucky ones). In addition, this particular “road map” complements an impressive amount of worldly experience in related matters... things like common sense, and notably, a clear, definitive, natural theory of what’s actually happening... the Why bit. There is also sufficient information in this new revelation to make the process clear and straightforward. Then there's the credibility factor stemming from the fact that the author is not receiving money from the sale of the books (i.e., nothing in excess of printing, shipping and handling costs). Better yet, the entire tract is available on the Internet for FREE! There is even available a place for questions and answers, for those leaping to the fore, just in order to try their hand at this.
Of course, since we’re talking about alchemy, its heritage, and all of those ancient alchemists... One is inevitably tempted to ask: Why this retreat from the typical “gibberish” and outright misdirections of the ancient alchemical trade? Better yet, why free... where just anyone could get hold of it?
Ostensibly, with regards to Secrets (http://halexandria.org/dward458.htm), the author (with the curious name of Anonymous) believes that with regard to secrets: “Now is the time to release them. Forget any promises you made or vows you took.” “The Philosopher’s Stone is a natural occurrence of Nature, in fact it is the aim of Nature.” Most importantly, “The revealing of the Stone is the catalyst which will collapse the corrupt civilization and usher in the Golden Age.”
Clearly the book is more than a recipe book! And with its numerous quotes from various alchemical texts, it covers the landscape of Alchemy really rather well. It is also an entertaining, fun, and potentially mind-boggling, paradigm-shifting read.
Thus... without further ado -- save a drum roll or two... with a hundred and ten cornets close at hand... and trumpeters improvising a full octave higher than the score [2]...
The link to The Book of Aquarius by Anonymous is quite simply:

BTW, the author, the curiously named Mr. Anonymous, flatly states that the ORMUS (ORME or White Powder Gold) “is not made like the Stone, it doesn’t look like the Stone, it doesn’t act like the Stone... it’s not the Stone.” However, in the interests of fairness -- and the fact that Halexandria already has a LOT of web pages on the other stuff -- it should be noted that there is considerable doubt that anyone has yet achieved reducing gold, et al to the ORME state... or at least told anyone about it. Thus making comparisons and judgments as to what it might do or not do... would be difficult at best.
Furthermore, with regard to The Book of Aquarius -- and this is a biggie! -- the author also states that he (or she) has not yet finished The Great Work of Alchemy either... at least not yet. Everything is reportedly looking good, things are appearing in the process as expected... but apparently, we ain’t quite there yet.
But then again, possibly another commonality between the Alchemical and ORME research: would anyone actually reaching the end result be telling anyone else? Who really wants the world beating at your door for your new improved mousetrap... or for the Elixir of Life?"
So why would I, personally, endorse this book, go out on the narrow end of the branch... as I am accustomed to doing? Well basically... the book simply made sense to me. This sense of credibility is based on a lot of my own personal experience over the years, a degree of rational thinking, and just enough credulity to openly profess what Mark Twain said many moons ago:

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but this is because Fiction
is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.”
It is my profound belief that Truth ultimately knows no limitations, that possibilities are beyond belief, and that one can do anything by simply saying the right magical phrase [ala [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Potter"]Harry Potter (http://www.forgottenbooks.org/info/9781451020168)], having the right technology [Douglas Adams (http://halexandria.org/dward406.htm)], the right food [The Book of Aquarius, ORME, or the well known meat candy, bacon]... or just being willing to assume that, really... anything is possible. It is the classic Suspension of Disbelief that allows the really fascinating and delightful truths to emerge... and inevitably, to strut about the stage and thoroughly relish the resulting standing ovation. I do in fact LOVE standing ovations... assuming that the audience is not just in a hurry to exit the theater.
Also, curiously, and to my mind very importantly, I really liked the author’s poetry on pages 214 and 238-239 of The Book of Aquarius. If these words of wisdom in brief form don’t inspire you, then you just may not be ready to begin your quest for The Great Work of Alchemy.


At the same time, inasmuch as the word “ingesting” was used above, everyone is warned that following any advice in The Book of Aquarius should not be construed to mean that any such advice is medical advice, and that instead, anyone contemplating the process should consult with a licensed health professionals prior to doing so.

One last item: I particularly liked the unplanned coincidence of this web page being posted to the Internet on, auspiciously enough, the First Day of the Month of Thoth. Cool, huh?

Opmerklik is die naam van die boek waarin die "resep" verskyn...

bron (http://halexandria.org/dward569.htm)