View Full Version : With You by my side

Die Vrou
20th December 2011, 11:10
With You by my side

When I'm feeling all alone
And I'm far away from home
Father I need You to be here
When my friends all turn away
Then I need to here You say
That You are with me through it all
You are the One You're the song that I'm singing
Whom shall I fear when You are with me
For You are my Father and with You there is
Nothing I can't do, with You by my side
When I feel all scared inside with no safe place
to hide
Father I need You to listen when it seems I can't go on
Then I long to hear your voice reminding me You are
my friend
And as I go through this life I will keep You in my sight
To walk with me and be my strength
Your love is my light that lights up my road