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25th June 2012, 19:33
One reason why I believe the Bible!25 June 2012, 13:19

It looks as though the world is slowly coming to an end, as the world’s resources are slowly coming to exhaustion, Eskom has asserted that we have between 150 -200 years of coal reserves left to power our Homes & cities; this is too soon considering that in South Africa we only started to harvest coal for this purpose less than 140years ago as early as 1880. We are also considered to be one of the richest countries when it comes to coal & in the Top 5 of hard coal extractors in the world after China, USA, India, & Australia. About 80% (53% for electricity & about 27% for liquid fuel & chemical fabrication by Sasol & the likes) our energy needs in South Africa, & about 50% the entire world are served by coal, and indications are showing that the world’s consumption for coal is growing at a staggering rate considering the population growth. It is estimated that the world is left with about 141years of coal on a reserves-to-production ratio. Since burning coal is the most cost effective & the most effective way of producing energy in the world; most of it ends up in the stratosphere or rather on the ozone-layer which greatly contributes to GLOBAL WARMING.

Petroleum (petrol) which also leads to Global warming through carbon emissions has about 80years in the whole world before it becomes uneconomical to extract, as we would have to scrape more under the earth to get what’s left of it, thus meaning we will be spending more fuel in trying to get & refine, than in actually using it for ourselves. About 75million barrels are refined per day; not to mention how much is extracted. Demand for petrol is increasing every day as more & more cars are getting on the roads worldwide; which is then why petrol prices are forever going up. Imagine what impact both coal & petroleum oil will have on the environment by 2092 (80yrs from now) as we are already seeing signs in rising ocean levels, rising acidity levels in rain water (imagine the quality of food that will come from farms), in the form of earthquakes in various places of the world, temperate weather conditions; just imagine 80years from now. Considering this, let us move to the main point.

One noteworthy reason why I believe the Bible:
In the times of Jesus things like; motor cars & electricity were unheard of; In fact most human advancements just happened recently, a mere 200 years back i.e. aeroplanes, electricity & lights (globes, street lights e.t.c.), television, cameras, cell & telephones, the great big moon-landing , cornflakes, windshield wipers, loudspeakers, vacuum cleaners, advanced architecture(e.g. skyscrapers), computers, the internet, FACEBOOK(duh!!), radio receiver, zippers, traffic lights (robots), stop signs, trains, a fridge, nuclear power, submarines, a rain coat, coca-cola, a balloon, a match stick, bicycles, plastic, toilet paper(yep!), escalators, e.t.c… were all invented less than 200years ago. I can actually fill more than 50 pages just identifying some of these recent advancements. So just imagine how it was in the times of Jesus. How then was a man as ancient as Jesus able to predict what we are living in now? Probably the best inventions people had those days were sandals & swords! Then where on earth could one get such astounding knowledge about the end times? Till this day, with all the media, TV’s, radios & internet no name is more recognised than the name of Jesus Christ.
The end times?
FACT: There are earthquakes in various places destroying the earth left, right & centre (as prophesied in the Bible: Matthew24v.7),

FACT: We are living in the times of great famine in various places, do your own research, you will be amazed. (Prophecied in the Bible: Matthe24v7),
FACT: A week hardly ever passes without one hearing about devil worship, Satanism, the illuminati, “Now the Spirit clearly says that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and DOCTRINES of devils.”1Timothy4v.1.
FACT: We constantly hear of wars & some rumours of wars in the news these days (prophecied in the Bible: Matthew24v.6.),
FACT: There are many false prophets these days - wolves in sheep skin, you probably know some of them (prophecied in the Bible: Matthe24v.11),
FACT: There is no country in the world today where followers of Christ are not persecuted in one way or another (prophecied in the Bible: Mathew24v9), some places are worse already! Look at the Nigerian Christian church bombings in the news recently.
FACT: There is a great social & moral decay in society & the world today (all predicted in the Bible: 2timothy3v1 & Mathew24v.12-14). Look at the intensity of strange crimes we hear about these days; 5 year old gang raped, man’s head found in freezer, ambulances being hijacked, some butchers selling human flesh, crocodiles, zebras, cats, e.t.c. & disguising them as cow, lamb or pig.
The above, are some of the Bible prophecies about the end times. Nowhere else in the history of Mankind has all these things happened concurrently. How was this book able to predict reality many centuries ahead before it actually occurred? A lot of major companies today are pointing at one direction, that the world’s major resources are slowly perishing & that each year we live more & more are needed to sustain the rapidly growing world population. If the prophecies above are true, doesn’t that say to you - Jesus is real? And therefore the saviour of all who are perishing?
There you have it! I believe the Bible because written thousands of years ago; it still rings true to this day (and there’s more)! And its words are trustworthy! God Bless You!!!
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qhuggett (http://www.facebook.com/qhuggett) - June 25, 2012 at 14:41

One reason why I believe the bible:

1. Cause I haven't read all of it.
2. Cause I haven't researched is origins.
3. Cause I want to believe it.
4. Cause I am terrified if its wrong, then I am wrong, then my life is meaningless.
5. Cause rational thought is to hard I prefer to go with emotional responses.
6. Cause my pastor, father, mother, people at church said if I don't I will burn forever.
7. Cause believing with out justification is easier than searching for the real truth.
8. Cause the truth is what I am told it is.
9. Cause the world is a terrible immoral place and the bible has the only morals.
10. Cause I was brought up to believe it.

There I gave 10 real reasons.


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EddyDeepfield (http://www.news24.com/user/EddyDeepfield) - June 25, 2012 at 19:32

Have you read your Bible? You are cheery picking God is a monster. As for the trinity did you not know God was married. Of course! Even Yahweh had a consort--Asherah!. She was represented by the Tree of Life, but now she is hidden away. Each Jewish tribe had their own pantheons of gods and goddesses before the tribes merged and Yahweh was made "top dog" I also find it funny that almost every culture has a creation story that includes a male god and a female goddess--but not the Christians. They have an all-male threesome responsible for creation. Ironic--don't you think?

Further if your God was love, we would see it and we would not need the special pleading of the widely varying, often contradictory and conflicting, Christian apologists to tell us their different versions of what Bible-god actually meant.

If some God, worthy of being called a God, exists then it has the capacity to communicate directly with each of us rather than going through stupid intermediaries who reach different conclusions and, like you, even have different standards for which is the correct version of what God said.

Interessante stelling...