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Ancient Maya Prophesies

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  • Ancient Maya Prophesies

    Many people today react to prophesies with an attitude that it will take hundreds of years for such dramatic events to take place. This is because they are stuck in a materialistic worldview were consciousness is perceived as secondary to materialism. Consciousness evolved according to a Divine Plan whether we like it or not, all we need to do to acknowledge this is to balance the calendars of physical time with the tun-based Tzolkin Calendars of Spirit.

    Ancient_Maya_Holy_Time.jpgKnown as Time’s Special Witness, 7Th century Maya prophet (Pacal the Great) left a universal message for future generations of an evolving earth. Proclaiming,

    “If Humanity Wishes To Save Itself From Biospheric Destruction It Must Return To Living In Natural Time.”

    Pacal foretells of our accelerated technological society and the resulting damage of our collective divergence from Natural Law in exchange for materialist values. Pacal the Great’s prophetic call is alerting present-day humanity that our biological process is transforming, approaching the culmination of a 26,000-tun evolutionary program. Bringing the return of universal telepathy, heightened sense capacity, and selfreflective consciousness, this is a return to the sacred domain of our inner technology.

    This time we are now in has been called “The Time of Trial on Earth,” “ Judgment Day,” “The Time of Great Purification,” “ The End of this Creation,” “The Quickening,” “The End of Time as we Know It,” “The Shift of the Ages.” It is foretold that the completion of this Creation cycle brings regeneration of earth, offering awakening to all open and willing hearts. Many people’s spoke of these last days of the Great Cycle, including the Aborigines, Hopi, Egyptians, Kabbalists, Essences, Qero elders of Peru, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois confederacy, Dogon Tribe and the Ancient Maya.

    The Maya messengers, renowned for their astronomical, artistic, mathematical and scientific achievements, left a calling card as a series of super-human sized stone monuments and pyramids with precise calendrical computations. Planted with great intention, these dates were left to ensure that future generations would be alerted to the coming end point of this Great 26,000-tun cycle. A cycle which corresponds also to a 26,000-tun relationship of our sun orbiting Alcyone, the central star of the 7 Sisters Pleiades constellation. According to the Maya, the future, which lies beyond this end date, is literally “a New World – a New Creation.”

    The 26,000-tun cycle of the Homo sapiens development is mirrored by the 260-day cycle of human gestation. Collective humanity is right now maturing into the being we have long been encoded to be. As with any labor, it is not the mother or the baby who is in charge. It is the primal process of the birth itself unfolding its own destiny, working to ensure the survival of mother and child.

    Some Amerindian Nations understood this Great 26,000-tun cycle to be specifically composed of 5 lesser cycles, each 5,200 tuns long. Each of these 5 Suns was considered a World Age, as depicted on the Mesoamerican Sunstone. Each Sun specifically: 4 Jaguar, destroyed by jaguars – 4 Wind, destroyed by a hurricane – 4 Rain, destroyed by fire raining from the sky – 4 Water, destroyed by a flood; and our present Sun – 4 Conscience, will be destroyed by an earthquake.

    Our present great cycle (3115 BC – 2011 AD) is called the Age of the Fifth Sun. 4 Conscience rules this time period. The fifth age is the synthesis of the previous four. 4 Conscience (called Caban in the Maya language and Ollin in Aztec) has several meanings including movement, shift, evolution, earthquake, navigation, synchronicity, clue tracking, and turtle. In the Maya language, the word “ol” of ollin means consciousness.

    Within the 5,125 solar years World Age lies 13 smaller cycles, known as the “13 Baktun Count.” Each Baktun cycle is 144,000 days or 400 Tuns = aprox. 394.2 solar years. Each Baktun has its own historical epoch or age within the World Age Cycle, carrying a specific destiny for those who incarnated in each Baktun. For example, many of the Maya inscriptions were seeded precisely during Baktun 10 (434 – 829 AD.) This era is known as the time of the Classical Maya.

    Divine Creation Vs. Precession Theory: If we look at the inscription of the birth of First Father or (One Hunahpu) found at Palenque Mexico, his birth is said to have taken place on June 16, 3122 BC. The inscription also reveals a glyph that indicates the celebration of the 7Th birthday of a king. By adding 7 years to the birthday of First Father we arrive at June 16, 3115 BC which = 13 Ahau in the Classical Tzolkin count. The Precession Theory is based on the sun at zenith in Izapan Aug. 11, 3114 BC, and ending on Dec. 21, 2012 AD which = 4 Ahau. The beginning & end date must = 13 Ahau.

    In Maya calendrics, the initial date that earth entered the Fifth Sun was (June 16, 3115 BC) known in Classical Tzolkin count notation as 13 Ahau. Every day from that point was reckoned by the number of days passed since the event of this cosmic beginning point and it also culminates on 13 Ahau, (October 28, 2011 AD.) Based on a 13x20 = 260 day cycle, the Classical Tzolkin is the Sacred and Primary Cycle.

    In the past 5,000 years or so people have been engaged in developing maps of their spacial reality, mostly of the earth and outer space. The Maya 260-day Tzolkin calendar, which again emerges, represents the beginning of a mapping of Time. In the landscape of the Galactic Consciousness that we are now in (1999-2011AD,) a map of Time may be even more important to us than a spacial map, as our perception of reality will dramatically change. Time will no longer be what it used to be. It is for this reason that we will need a new calendar that accurately describes spiritual, rather than physical time and thus the exact progression through energies. The Tzolkin calendar therefore, may be seen as a tool for those seeking to break out of the rat race and the physical time of the Planetary Consciousness (1755-2011AD.) This will allow us to come into phase with the sacred vibrations of the divine plan, or the wave frequencies of the World Tree; the rhythms that will ultimately bring us ever closer to the Completion of this Creation.

    Baktuns5,125 CycleSolar Years Katuns256 CycleSolar Years
    173115 - 2721 BC394.2 yrs.171755 – 177519.7 yrs.
    212721 - 2326 BC394.2 yrs.211775 – 179419.7 yrs.
    382326 - 1932 BC394.2 yrs.381794 – 181419.7 yrs.
    421932 - 1538 BC394.2 yrs.421814 – 183419.7 yrs.
    591538 - 1144 BC394.2 yrs.591834 – 185419.7 yrs.
    631144 - 749 BC394.2 yrs.631854 – 187319.7 yrs.
    710749 - 355 BC394.2 yrs.7101873 – 189319.7 yrs.
    84355 BC - 40 AD394.2 yrs.841893 – 191319.7 yrs.
    91140 - 434 AD394.2 yrs.9111913 – 193219.7 yrs.
    105434 - 829 AD394.2 yrs.1051932 – 195219.7 yrs.
    1112829 - 1223 AD394.2 yrs.11121952 – 197219.7 yrs.
    1261223 - 1617 AD394.2 yrs.1261972 – 199219.7 yrs.
    13131617 - 2011 AD394.2 yrs.13131992 – 201119.7 yrs.

    Mother Earth and her inhabitants are currently travelling through the 13Th Baktun cycle – the final period of 1617 – 2011 AD. This cycle is known as “The Triumph of Materialism” and “The Transformation of Matter.” The Maya predicted this final Baktun would be a time of great forgetting in which we drift very far from our sense of Oneness with Nature and experience a kind of collective amnesia. Like a memory virus in which we begin to believe the limited reality of appearances and grow dense to the spiritual essence, which fuels this world. So humanity’s sense of ego and domination has grown.
    We entered this Baktun cycle right after establishing the world wide coordination of Pope Gregory XIII’s 12 month calendar system (1582) as well as the perfection of the 24-hour 60-minute mechanical clock (1600,) which had been evolving for centuries. These are no small matters. According to Valum Votan, these two instruments are what manifested humanity’s “error in time” which is the following of artificial instruments of time that served to separate man apart from the rest of nature, operating by our own false timing frequency, to the detriment of the natural world. The Gregorian calendar is not based on logic, science or nature. It denies and covers up the true biological cycle conserved in the body of woman. It is the current world standard because of the forceful issuance of this system upon (indigenous) peoples who lost their land as well as their religious freedoms. The Gregorian calendar is a product of its predecessors – Julius Caesar’s calendar and the earlier Roman Empire calendar. Most people would think the choice of a calendar is of little consequence and has little influence on the worldview of a civilization. But the calendar is the very heartbeat of any civilization. Today because of the Gregorian calendar our consciousness is focused on materialism; which in turn has created civilized chaos. The Gregorian calendar, now in use worldwide, is taken as a given, and there seems little reason to replace it. But what if this calendar exerts an illusion that most people are unaware of, and strengthens a worldview that is false? This book is written to highlight this illusion and to present the Tzolkin Calendars as an alternative.

    The clock was the first existing machine – going on to become the heart of all machine technology to come. The presence of the clock gave birth to the notion that time lies outside our bodies. That a machine can track it, and that we can sit by and watch it fly by tick – tock as though it is something linear, confinable and separate from the organic flowing process of life. The adherence to the clock for our sense of time and timing is noted as the greatest obstacle to allowing the full telepathic abilities of the human to flower. Next came the Cartesian Coordination Rectangular Grid System (1637) which went on to establish the foundational platform for all-modern math and science. Thanks to Rene Descartes the man infamous for his quote “I think therefore I am,” the ceiling of perception validated only the reality of the 3 dimensions of the physical space. The coordinates of X, Y and Z rendered the 4Th dimension obsolete from our worldviews. At that moment, time became reduced from its qualitative essence to that of a quantity. The mind that adopted the lens of the linear grid also adopted the limited perception of time as a 3rd dimensional linear progression of pure duration. Our societies have continued to operate with these limitations in place. Thus if something cannot be seen, touched or proven with measurements, it does not, in effect exist. Through the Cartesian lens, nature has become reduced to a pure quantifiable resource no longer a living qualitative aspect of ourselves, but now something outside of ourselves which we observe, analyze and ultimately come to replicate, manipulate, dominate, toxify and even destroy and extinguish. It seems the modern world wants nothing more than to improve upon nature or at least extract her wisdom’s and magical properties in order to make a buck or two, by fulfilling increasing consumer demands.

    These times are so accelerated that no answer could encompass the vast implications of the phase we are in. A range of responses is available to us. Depending on whom you talk to and what area you research, one can find all kinds of claims as to what can be expected. From cataclysm to enlightenment, world war to world peace, massive earth changes and physical destruction, to massive spiritual awakening to our inherent oneness. There are many views of the implications of the approaching years 2010, 2011 and beyond. One thing is clear – we are right in the thick of this critical, transformative period. The Maya teach us these basic understandings through their calendars and their legacy – The Law of Time. There is only one timing frequency, which unifies the whole galactic order from its largest constituents to its smallest. This timing frequency is the 13:20 ratio, found within the harmonic structure of the Time Guardians as well as our human bodies – our 13 main joints and our 20 fingers and toes. Knowing that we are the living prophecy, what does it mean to be nearing this return and what can we expect personally as well as planetary?

    This Time on Mother Earth with all its heightened energies has never existed before. The opportunities and challenges of today’s world are the climax of all that has preceded us. Never before has the population of this planet increased by 216,000 people a day! Never before has the earth’s biosphere been in such a precarious state. That which seems like normal lifestyle decisions and behaviors are but precedents set by our modern standards, not necessarily reflecting the most balanced, healthy or sane way to operate. All that is manifesting on the inner and outer planes reflects the sacred intensity of these prophetic times. More than ever, the polarities and imbalances within us and around us are becoming clearer. Love, beauty, exuberance and compassion permeate this world multi faceted victories of art, co-creation, community support, healing and evolution shine all around us, illuminating the spirited grace of our true nature. Meanwhile, this world is steeped in fear, brutality, pain and disease, endless anguish of anxiety, disconnection, confusion, isolation – alongside the toxic realities of egos, callous greed and corruption, materialism, addiction and dangerous ignorance. This is now the time to embrace all that has been dishonored or denied, for it is emerging to be purified and sanctified. Accountability is required on all levels of our existence. The cosmic climate is changing at rapid rates, allowing us to now transduce and shed egoic programs of fear and limitations easier than before.

    Science reveals that earth’s base resonant frequency (earth’s heart-beat,) is increasing and that the magnetic field of the planet is shifting – reflected in the shifting migration patterns of animals. These shiftings of the earth’s body allow us to release unwanted baggage – mental, physical and emotional patterns, conditioning, beliefs, attitudes and programming. Simultaneously, that which we think or desire is becoming actualized more and more swiftly. Much of the genetic potential we are born with is lying dormant within us, waiting to be turned on. We can only imagine what the full activation of our DNA will allow us to accomplish and manifest for planetary healing and restoration. It has been foretold that we will be able to transmute the problems of our 3rd dimensional physical reality by utilizing our own stored internal technology. More and more this is happening. This is definitely an important aspect of this time of Quickening. The time has never been so ripe to realize each other as one planetary organism in contact with itself anywhere on the planet. The emergence of our empowered potential our divinity is presenting itself to be claimed. How to experience this reality consciously? Where-ever one looks, the universal answer points to one’s own body, one’s own mental attitude, the energy of one’s own heart, one’s own living breath as the beginning place for orientation to feel one’s unique connection to the functioning of Totality.

    As the frequencies continue to rise, our connection to the 5Th dimension continues to rapidly increase. This allows for maximum transformation and mutation of who we are and how we live life, or how life lives us. Doors of opportunity are forever-presenting themselves. Any limit we might place on what’s possible in the next 8 years is not recommended. Let us instead Dream the Exaltation of Humanity and all of Life in the Universe.
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