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  • Stefanus
    Re: What about them?

    5 Spiritual Concepts That Seems Complicated, But Important for Your Soul Growth.

    by Vour Essence

    We often feels like getting away with life could be hard. Most people just choose to ‘wing it’ and then stuck in behavioral patterns that seems to keep hitting them over and over again. They do the same dysfunctional activities and complained each times without even realizing that those patterns are brought to them by their own actions.

    I know it sounded hard when you put it that way.

    But everything that’s happening to us in our life is there because of a reason. There’s something you need to learn from that situation, and when you’re ready to move on, those situations will be gone.

    In today’s society, there is little to no knowledge taught to member of society about the importance of being aware. We are taught to ‘be a nice people’ so that people would be ‘nice back’.

    But this is not enough, as there are different kind of basic concept you need to understand before going through life.

    At least when you are aware of these things, you won’t be living life aimlessly, like cars that just keeps on colliding the same corners without having no idea the corner needs to be avoid.

    1. The Law of Karma

    Whatever you put out there in the universe, it will be back to you.

    Even if it’s something insignificant. Even if you think it’s so small. Everything will be coming back to you, everything.

    Your mental stimulation, your thoughts, your mind, your overall vibration, and the biggest one : your actions.

    Every single little thing that happened will be balanced out, there should be no question asked about this. The interesting thing about the law of karma is that we never know when it will hits us.

    It could be right the next second after the actions been taken, the next hour, the next month, or even the next lifetime.

    Karma is not cruel.

    It is justice, and fair.

    That’s why we need to examine our actions and be discerning, as often as possible. That way, we will only do things that are for our highest good and doesn’t have to reap the harvest of bad karmas in the future.

    2. Soulmate/Soul Companion/Twin Flame Concepts

    Human beings needs something or someone to really live life. We need certain degrees of connection in order for us to not being lonely.

    This is why having another souls that are by our side is really important.

    There are different kinds of soulmate for us, the one that teaches us so many different things in this journey of life.

    They could be a passing stranger that smiles, teaching you the value of treating other people nicely. Or they can be by your side until your last breath, teaching you many different things and be your strongest support (Parents, spouse, children).

    When you are discerning, however, you will catch some pattern that needs to be taken care of. Sometimes, people are just meant to come to your life for certain amount of times, and gone when the lessons done.

    We often struggle to let other people go when their time is up, because we have attachment to these people, without knowing that with these people’s departure, something new and even more meaningful journey will come to our life.

    When we are aware about the truth in our environment/situations, it will brings us more clarity about what next steps should be done. Doing the right thing may seems hard for that time, but it needs to be done because that’s just our human nature. Human beings keeps evolving and need to ‘level up’ whenever we finished one level.

    Another concept in human connection is Twin flame connection. Unlike soulmates, twin flame is one soul being divided by two. There needs to be whole other article being written about this, but basically, twin flame love is not for everyone. This is the love that can only be reunited when the people involved are ready.

    The purpose of twin flame connection is not only for helping each other getting through life, but also for helping other people getting through their life harmoniously.

    3. The Truth About Time (And How to Spend it Wisely)


    Ever heard the phrase ‘Time is only an illusion, the only thing that’s real is now’? I strongly believe that this notion is true.

    Human beings are so tied down to the word ‘time’, wishing we could do something to make it go faster, or slower.

    But the only thing that exist is the now.

    The future or past, when they are being experienced by us, it becomes the now.

    Which is why it will be wise of us if we choose to spend the now the best way possible. Don’t worry too much about the future or past, because really, what’s there to be worried?

    Try to imagine the worst worst worst scenario that could happen to you now. What are they?

    You could be imagining your own death, you suffering because of a sickness, or seeing your family/loved ones suffer or gone.

    When you are suffering, it will be pretty uncomfortable for range of time, but nothing last forever. That uncomfortable condition will eventually pass, and your life will be brought to whole new cycle.

    Try to enjoy the now time the best way possible, because it will soon be replaced by many other ‘now’ moment.

    Don’t tainted your supposed-to-be-good now moment with worrying about the future, let alone the past. Maximizing your now to fully experienced your journey in life is something you won’t regret once you pass the line and go to the other side.

    4. Universe Guidance


    We are not alone, we are never alone.

    Even if in the surface it seems like we absolutely have no one (No family/friends, which is a rare case), there’s always beings that are watching us and loving us from the other side.

    These beings could be our spirit guide, guardian angels, spirit animal, or just loved ones that already pass away.

    They are watching our every moves, and guides us the best way possible so that we can learn our lessons here. Sometimes, they make sure we do our mission that we carried long before we were even born.

    Their job is to reassure us to continue being strong, and sometimes guide us to the right path. However, they can’t just ‘save us’ without our consent because this is contradicting the law of freewill. We all are as a spiritual being have the right to choose which way to go, which is why spirit can’t interfere with our freedom to choose.

    They can help us and showing us the best way to take, but only if we asked them. These ‘asking’ comes in the form of prayer, meditations, or even conversation with them when you reach certain level of consciousness.
    Universe guidance can come in so many different forms such as synchronistic number, synchronistic events, abrupt epiphany (Spiritual awakening), and many other. All you need to do is listen to your intuition.

    Make sure you do your soul work and take care of your body, soul, and mind to really sharpening up your intuitions.

    5. What it Really Means to be Enlightened / Spiritually Awakened

    The concept of enlightenment and spiritual awakening is different.

    Being enlightened is the highest form of consciousness a human would ever achieve. It means they have obtain certain kind of understanding towards all that is (Love, universe, God, whatever it is that you portrayed), and keeping it in their heart, fully aware of the God within them.

    Spiritual awakening is the beginning step towards spiritual enlightenment.

    It usually occurs as epiphany of what’s really going on in the world around them, and who they really are/what they are doing here in this planet.

    Being spiritually awakened people, you can face different kinds of challenges because not everyone will think the same as you.

    I strongly believe that in this time of civilization, many of us are having spiritual awakening due to the raising of consciousness in human mass (By many, it could be millions).

    The purpose of them being awakened is not to spend their entire life meditating. Usually, it simply because They want to be awakened to experience the journey of being human more fully.

    By raising their awareness, they could avoid having unnecessary suffer like what their ancestors did for centuries. This then leads to the raising of human vibration in general, resulting in less and less suffering in human consciousness as a species.

    If you are on the verge of your spiritual awakening, I know how hard it is. However, all you have to do is have faith that it will all soon be over. You are loved, and you are not alone.

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  • Silencio
    started a topic What about them?

    What about them?

    So I have been pondering a thought that gives me restless nights, who can tell me, how it works, bear with me, there are a few questions in one theory, so if good and evolved souls pass on after have learned the lessens to be learned and have reached the necessary spiritual growth, do they pass on to the next plane or do they stay here to help and guide? it seems to me that the cosmic universe is very unbalanced right now, it seems as though the evil in this world or the dark souls/young souls/soulless far outweigh the good souls. if the earth is the lowest hemisphere for souls to be brought into to evolve and learn, then it seems that the earth is overrun with darkness more than light. some souls just don't learn, some take quite a few lifetimes and if the good souls (the wise) all leave this plane, who will then guide the lost souls? what will happen when there is only chaos and destruction because it seems pretty much like that at the moment, what makes me sad is that whilst every soul must journey his/her own path to learn and evolve so many innocent lifes suffer, all beings living are here for a reason, it just feels like some people and animals live pointless lives, because apathy must be turned into empathy yet it is a lesson some do not learn and lifes goes to waste because of this. I am scared for everyone and everything on this earth who is left in the hands of ignorant souls, and too few to guide and protect and teach, without enough of them this earth seems lost to darkness, but I ask, can you choose to go to a better place or do you stay and help? everyone wants something better and will not necessarely pass up the upportunity for that, so please explain to me if this is the case, how will this earth survive all the darkness if there is not enough light to guide humans back to the light within? what about all the lives that must suffer the same fate over and over because the souls don't evolve?