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We all judge too quickly sometimes

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  • We all judge too quickly sometimes

    I read a very emotional story about a man waiting in the ER for his son to have an emergency operation, he was pacing up and down the hall impatiently waiter for the surgeon, when the surgeon arrived the father confronted him, "why did you take so long? my son needs to be operated on immediately, what if it was your son lying on that table, don't you have any consideration?" so the surgeon replied calmly "I am sorry I was not in the hospital, I received the emergency call and I came as quickly as I could", then he walked into the operating room, the father needless to say, very upset. after a few hours the surgeon came out and told the father that everything went well, he can speak to the nurse about any questions he might have, then went home again. so the father confronted the nurse about the upsetting behaviour of the surgeon and asked her what the hell is wrong with him, why is the surgeon avoiding him and not make time for his situation? he finds the surgeon most uncaring he said, then the nurse burst into tears and told him that the surgeon's son died yesterday, he was at home preparing for the funeral when he received the emergency call and went straight back home to finish his preparations for the funeral. the father was speechless.

    The lesson here is that we all tend to judge quickly, we all are inconsiderate of others at times, we must try to consider all possibilities before judging someone's behaviour. Every one is fighting some kind of battle, therefore we must always try and be kind to others.
    Cause and effect applies to us all, consider therefore your thoughts, words and actions carefully.