Godsdienstige verwysing na sogenaamde buite-Bybelse geskrifte word velemaal begroet met afwysende opmerkings, as sou dit dui op ongelowigheid en teenstrydig met die geloof in die Bybel as sogenaamde Woord van God.

Tóg verwys die Bybel in velerlei gevalle na buite-Bybelse boeke. Hier volg voorbeelde:

  • The Book of Jasher (whose title fully translated means the Book of the Upright or the Book of the Just) is mentioned in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18.

  • The Book of the Wars of the Lord
    Referenced at Numbers 21:14.

  • The Chronicles of the Kings of Israel and Chronicles of the Kings of Judah are mentioned in the Books of Kings (1 Kings 14:19, 14:29). They are said to tell of events during the reigns of Kings Jeroboam of Israel and Rehoboam of Judah, respectively. The Chronicles of the Kings of Israel is again mentioned in 1 Kings 16:20 regarding King Zimri. Some believe that the information of these books was later compiled into Kings, but others differ, citing the above passages from Kings which state they contain "other events".

  • "The Book of Shemaiah the prophet, and of Iddo the Seer" is mentioned in the book of 2nd Chronicles. (II Chr 12:14-15). Iddo was a seer who lived during the reigns of Solomon, Rehoboam, and Abijah. His deeds were recorded in this book, which has been completely lost to history, excepting its title.

  • The Covenant Code
    Exodus 24:7

  • The Manner of the Kingdom
    1 Samuel 10:25

  • The Acts of Solomon
    1 Kings 11:41.

  • The Annals of King David
    1 Chronicles 27:24.

  • The Book of Samuel the Seer
    1 Chronicles 29:29.

  • The Book of Nathan the Prophet
    1 Chronicles 29:29.

  • The Book of Gad the Seer
    1 Chronicles 29:29.

  • The History of Nathan the Prophet
    2 Chronicles 9:29.

  • The Prophecy of Ahijah
    2 Chronicles 9:29.

  • The Visions of Iddo the Seer
    2 Chronicles 9:29.

  • The Book of Shemaiah the Prophet
    2 Chronicles 12:15.

  • Iddo Genealogies
    2 Chronicles 12:15.

  • The Story of the Prophet Iddo
    2 Chronicles 13:22.

  • The Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel
    2 Chronicles 16:11, 2Chronicles 27:7 and 2Chronicles 32:32.

  • The Book of Jehu
    2 Chronicles 20:34.

  • The Story of the Book of Kings
    2 Chronicles 24:27.

  • The Acts of Uziah
    2 Chronicles 26:22.

  • The Vision of Isaiah
    2 Chronicles 32:32.

  • The Acts of the Kings of Israel
    2 Chronicles 33:18.

  • The Sayings of the Seers
  • 2 Chronicles 33:19.

  • The Laments for Josiah
    2 Chronicles 35:25.

  • The Chronicles of King Ahasuerus
    Esther 2:23. Esther 6:1.

  • The Chronicles of the Kings of Media and Persia
    Esther 10:2.

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