What did the beetle represents among the Egyptians? To the Egyptian initiates it represented the Soul.

How worth could it be for a man to accumulate all the riches of world if loses his Soul?

The resurrection is only for the men with Soul; the true immortality is only for the men with Soul.

It is not possible to awake the Consciousness, to make it become objective, if before we have not eliminated the subjective elements. Those infra human elements are formed by the multiplicity of "I's" which in their conjunct are the Ego, the myself.

The Essence, trapped among all of those subjective and incoherent entities, asleep profoundly. The annihilation of each one of those unhuman entities is indispensable in order to freed the Essence.

"We know that the Essence is a fraction of Soul, but with that fraction we can elaborate what the Tao calls Golden Embryo. That Golden Embryo establishes in us a perfect equilibrium between the material and spirit; but it is not possible to elaborate that Embryo if before we have not liberated the Essence, that is inclosed among the Ego, the "I," the myself."

Disintegrating the Ego, the Essence or Buddhata is transformed in the Golden Embryo.

Only the person who has a Golden Embryo, is conscious; only he that reaches the elaboration within himself of the marvellous Golden Embryo, awakes in all the Worlds of Consciousness and incarnates his immortal triad (Atman-Buddhi-Manas). Undoubtedly, he who attains this, becomes a legitimate man [woman], an Adept of the White Fraternity, a true Master.


First of all my dear brothers, it is necessary to know the path which leads to the Inner Self- Realization of the Being. Undoubtedly, it is urgent to comprehend the necessity of crystallizing in us that which is called Soul. Jesus Christ said: "In your patience possess ye your Souls;" but first, it is necessary to understand what is that something called Soul.

Certainly, I have to say you that the Soul is a conjunct of laws, principles, virtues, powers, etc.; people have the Essence, the psychic material to elaborate Soul, or better to say, to crystallize the Soul, but they do not have Soul yet.

Obviously, he that wants to have that something which normally is called Soul, will have to disintegrate the undesirable psychic aggregates that we carry inside: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. Virgil, the poet of Mantua, said: "Even if you would have one thousand tongues to speak and steel palate, you would not be able to enumerate all your defects correctly..." Obviously, the defects are called psychic aggregates in Tibet; those aggregates are very same to the elementaries that are mentioned by different occultist organizations and are the living representation of our errors.

It is said that Jesus of Nazareth threw out seven demons from the body of Mary Magdalene, these defects represent the Seven Capital Defects and multiply themselves constantly; that affirmation (of the Christic gospel) means that the Inner Chr ist threw out the different inhuman psychic aggregates that Mary Magdalene had.

Each one of those aggregates is organized in a very similar form than the human personality; it has three brains: the intellectual, the emotional and the motor- instinctivesexual; each aggregate really looks like a person. If we say that within our human person there live many persons, I would say, that we are not exaggerating.

All of those aggregates fight among themselves, fight for the supremacy; each one of them wants to be the owner, the lord and, the one that can overcome the rest, that is able to control the five cylinders of the organic machine in a determined moment, believes that is the only one; moments later, however, is overthrown and another takes its place.

So, in reality, every person, is not the same, not even for half an hour; this seems to be incredible, but it is truth! Even you, that are now sit hear in Second Chamber, begun this lecture with an aggregate, you sat down in order to listen; no one of you is very watchful, but if you pay attention to what has happened within yourselves since then to this precise moment, you will discover that now are different, that are not the same that came here and sat down.

Why? Because the psychic aggregate that controls the organic machine and that begun by taking seat, was displaced by other that now is listening to me; if I would say that you are the same that started, I would be abusing of your mind and mine also. Therefore, in truth, the psychic aggregates change constantly; suddenly, one of them controls the capital centers of brain, and then another, they never are the same.

About the Essence, is the most worthy and decent that we have inside, obviously the Consciousness is inclosed among all of those multiple aggregates and process itself according it own condition.

Each one of you is legion; let us remember what Master Jesus asked to the possessed of the Christic gospel: "What is your name?" And the possessed answered: "I am legion...!"
What is the name of the presents here? Legion! You do not have a true individuality, you have not attained it, the Consciousness, in each one of you, asleep terribly. Why?
Because it process itself according its own enclosure; therefore, is in hypnotic state, and this is something cannot be deny.

About the Soul, have you attained its crystallization? If I would say that you do not have an immortal Soul, I would be lying; I am aware that obviously each one of you has his own immortal Soul, but you do not possess it... One could have a beautiful diamond, kept in a security box; possible one could enjoy thinking that has that diamond, but if this jewel were pledged, one in reality would not have it; one would know that has that jewel, but it would not ignore that in reality one does not possess it. Many times somebody receives a good inheritance, and knows that has it, but one thing is to have it and another is to possess it.

Where is your Soul? Travels through the Milky Way, its moves in all this galaxy; but you do not possess it, you know that you have it, but one thing is to know that you have it and another is to possess it. However, how one could attain his Soul? By means of disintegrating the psychic aggregates in definitive form, because the Soul and the aggregates are incompatible, are like the oil and the water: it cannot be mixed.

If we do not attain the disintegration of the psychic aggregates, living personification of our psychological defects, we lose the Soul. The Christ says: "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Is it possible to lose the Soul?

Yes, it is possible; he that enters in the infernos worlds, loses his Soul, that is obvious (sad it is to lose that treasure). Does exists a method to avoid to lose it? Yes, I repeat, crystallizing it in oneself, here and now.

When one disintegrates the psychic aggregate of lust or the aggregates, because they are many, it crystallizes in the Essence that we carry inside, that precious virtue of the Soul known as chastity. When one attains the destruction, the annihilation of the psychic aggregate of hatred, then crystallizes in one the precious virtue of love; when one reduces to cosmic dust the psychic aggregate of egotism, then crystallizes in one, the precious virtue of altruism or Christ-centrism; when one annihilates the psychic aggregate of pride, then it crystallizes in us, the ineffable virtue of humbleness.

In this part of our lecture, I have to say you that unfortunately many esoteric books, etc., lead the person to the mystic pride and that is serious. Connoted authors affirm that "we are Gods," that "each one of us is a God;" obviously, that declaration strengthen the mystic pride, and this produces a lot of damage in the Path of Self-Realization because one, vain, convinced that it is a God, can become a Megalomaniac.

Undoubtedly, it is not possible to become a true illuminated when one has pride; I could never think in a fornicating, adulterous, egotist, envious, jealous, lustful God, etc. (each one of us, as a matter of fact, is all of that). I feel pain when I see in the occultist books, etc. (not mentioning any organization in this moment, some of them very venerable), the tremendous affirmation that we are Gods; it is better to be serious and to see the reality of the facts; to see what we are and not to have false illusions.

We eat, drink, fornicate, adulterate, hate, criticize, we are jealous, etc., do you believe that a God is like that? It is better to say: "we are mere worms of the mud of Earth" and to be convinced that we really are that (if we want to self-convince ourselves, what we need is to be sincere).

If we examine carefully our existence, we discover that one in truth is not one of the seven wonders of world, that examination (about ourselves and over our own life) will have extraordinary consequences, because it will let us know what we are, will let us understand that we are just poor sinners, that we are mere worms of the mud of Earth... In that form, we will walk through the path of simplicity and humbleness.

When in truth one disintegrates that psychic aggregates of pride, obviously crystallizes the humbleness which is the most precious virtue. Let us take in account that not only exists the pride based in the social positions, in the capital, in the family's lineage, etc., there is a kind of pride that is worst and more harmful that all the forms that I have already described: the mystic pride, to believe that we are saints, wise men, to feel that we are Gods, to believe or to think that there is nobody bigger than us, that we are great initiates, etc. This is serious because as a matter of fact, the pride never will let us to have a correct relation with the most elevated parts of our Being.

When one cannot attain a correct relation with the most elevated parts of the Being, one is unable to enjoy the illumination; one will be based in the books, in the lecturer, but will never have the mystic experience of the Real. Therefore, the first thing to do in these studies, is to eliminate from ourselves the mystic pride, because it is the most dangerous; if we attain this, it will born the precious virtue of the humbleness.

Each time we eliminate a psychic aggregate, it crystallizes a virtue, a power, a law, a faculty, etc., in this manner we are crystallizing Soul little by little, the Soul that normally lives over there, in the Milky Way.

However, we have to affirm that "if the water does not boil at 100 grades," does not crystallize in us what has to be crystallized and it is not disintegrated what has to be disintegrated. When I say: "the water has to boil at 100 grades," I am speaking in parable; I mean that we need to pass through great emotional crisis in order to disintegrate each defect of psychological type.

I know the case of a gnostic sister that is working in terrible form on herself, with the danger of even getting a heart illness. That sister, in tremendous and supreme self repentance, weeps moan and suffers, she has never felt more than anybody and however she is a fallen Boddhisattwa, the Boddhisattwa of an Angel, I wish that many could imitate that example! Those that act in that form, with supreme repentance, working over a determined defect of psychological type, undoubtedly disintegrate one by one the psychic aggregates and in its replacement will crystallize that which is called Soul.

He that attains the complete disintegration of the undesirable psychic elements that carries inside, will crystallize in himself the 100 % of his Soul. Even the mere physical body has to be transformed in Soul; only in this form it is possible to reach the goal.

I know many erudite people with bright intellects, that have drunk from all philosophies of Occident and Orient; that know Hebrew, Sanskrit, Greek, etc., who suffer terribly because they do not enjoy the illumination, because they have not created the Boddhisita.

This word can sound a bit estrange to you; it is an Oriental term. In Japan, China, India, Nepal (in where it was born Gautama, the Buddha Sakyamuni), is called Boddhisita the Soul crystallized in a man or woman.

It is marvellous to see how those different elements (virtues and powers), slowly crystallize in the Essence, according it becomes liberated; for this reason we have said that the Essence is the necessary material for the crystallization of Soul...

The term "to fabricate" it does not seem to be the most correct, is very heavy, rough; however, many authors use that term. Let me take the liberty of dissention in relation with that term; I prefer to say "to crystallize," because the Soul is not something that has to be fabricate; it exists, what one must do, is to crystallize it and that is different.

You have seen a piece of ice; it is the crystallization of the water element. Undoubtedly, once that element is really cold, it takes the form of ice. It is amazing to see the crystallization of the water; it is done according some extraordinary geometric principles.

The same happens with the Soul element: it crystallizes according with some mathematic lines, some geo-technical and precise lines; even the very body that we have, has to be transformed in Soul, and it is possible to do so when in reality we commit ourselves to do it.
Samael Aun Weor