Missing Link Found - Ida, The 47 Million-Year-Old Fossil

Scientists have unveiled the missing link between humans and apes at the American Museum of Natural History, New York. The missing link is a 47 million years old primate, and the discovery has been dubbed as the Holy Grail of human evolution. The fossil is of a lemur-like animal which was nicknamed Ida, while the official name is Darwinius masillae because the creature is a proof that confirms the Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin.

The 47 million-year-old fossil is the missing link between man and ape as the creature had opposable thumbs, and fingernails. Ida was a lemur-like animal the size of a cat, and the hind legs shows that this primate was standing upright. All these are evidence which plead in favor of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Jorn Hurum, the scientists who had studied the fossil, compared this discovery to the Lost Ark for archeologists or the Holy Grail, and he said that the picture of Ida will be seen in textbooks at least for the next century.

Ida was found by amateur fossil hunters in a crater located near Frankfurt in 1983, then the fossil was bought by the Univerity of Oslo, and it was studied by John Hurum, and Jens Franzen who said that this is “the eighth Wonder of the World.” This scientific discovery is probably the most important of the century so far as it really is the missing link between humans and apes. In the following days a documentary, and book will be released about Darwinius massilae.