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Thread: The Hollow Earth - Fact or Fiction

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    Default The Hollow Earth - Fact or Fiction


    Admiral-Richard-E-Byrd.pngAdmiral Richard Byrd of the United States Navy, the man who was there and saw with his own eyes, said emphatically that YES there is an inner earth, and that the truth must be told. His logbook and diary tell of his flight to the North Pole and of his discovery of the land “beyond the Pole”, or more explicitly of the land within our Inner Earth (February 19, 1947). He tells of the highly evolved civilization with which he came into contact, and of their warning to the U.S.A. and other world governments.

    His logbook of the flight records that in spite of compass and control problems, they flew over an unknown mountain range, and that there was no longer snow and ice as expected, but a green valley, a small river and rolling green hills. He was astounded to see a city below and his craft which by then was under outside control, is landed. They are cordially met by tall blond Nordic-type men, given refreshments and then he alone is taken to have an audience with the 'Master', who he describes as a softly spoken man with delicate features and with the etching of years upon his face.

    The Master advises that Byrd is to be witness to the culture and science of this inner-earth race of 'Arianni' people, who are thousands of years ahead of the outer-earth humans. He tells of their alarm that America had exploded atomic energy bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki and of the indescribable consequences to all humanity. He warns that messages have already been sent to the world powers, but without response, and that they now believe the outer-world is headed for another period of dark ages and suffering. However, when we have learned the futility of strife and war, they will assist the surviving few to begin anew. Byrd is asked to transmit that message.
    Byrd and his crew are escorted safely back to their Arctic Base Camp, and from there are summoned to the Pentagon for a six and a half hour grilling by top Security Forces and a medical team, and forcibly sworn to secrecy for his lifetime under the Official Secrets Act.

    Byrd determines that on his death the secret shall not die with him and that the inevitability of truth will triumph over the greed and exploitation of certain of mankind. He drew strength and hope for the future from his knowledge of that land of the Arianni within the Inner Earth, that center of the Great Unknown.

    It is for us to question why we are not allowed to know of the inner-earth world, and of the highly advanced Arianni, our elder brothers ?? The greed and lust for power of those in high places in our various governments ensures that they will not risk losing their control, especially now that they are reaching for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT – the ultimate draconic control mechanism, to ensure that we lose all freedoms and remain wage slaves. Yet the truth cannot be kept from us any longer, as the evidence is there and it is indisputable ! Our world, in keeping with ALL other planets, is hollow and has an outer and an inner surface world !


    Leading edge scientists have abandoned the old theory that the earth is solid because they know that it does not weigh enough; and also accept the impossibility that the earth is filled with molten lava as the attractive properties of the sun and moon would create huge tides in the supposed inner oceans of molten rock and metal, and cause outbreaks of lava vast enough to submerge continents. They are now entertaining the nebular hypothesis of the actual genesis and evolution of planets, which results in a doughnut or torus shaped hollow planet !

    From observation of the nebulae which are at this moment in various stages of their evolution, the conclusion is reached that the rotating mass of gas breaking off from its central nucleus, forms an envelope of a roughly spherical shape which afterwards solidifies, leaving the nucleus still in the center to form an inner sun.

    We shall now proceed to explain the shape and formation of the earth which has resulted from the evolution of our planet from the nebula; a shape easy to understand after the study of Mars and other planets.

    Why should this whirling motion and differentiation of parts end in the formation of planets with two polar openings, one at each terminus of the axis of rotation? The answer is simple. We know that the earth is not actually a spherical body, but an oblate spheroid, that is to say it is a body whose equatorial diameter is greater than the polar diameter. In other words, the polar axis is shorter – the poles are flattened. This is the case in all planets we can observe with the telescope. That it would naturally be the case follows from the nature of the centrifugal force.

    Due to the play of the centrifugal force, the lips of the polar opening would gradually be defined, as indeed, in the Dumb-bell nebula we see them gradually becoming defined. Then as the mass liquefied and ultimately hardened, the inner nucleus or sun would also have shrunk, and the light that once shone through the outer envelope would now be illuminating its inner side and only escaping through the polar openings, as the northern aurora borealis or the southern aurora australis !

    From that point the evolution of the surface of the planet goes on in the way that has sufficiently been described, with constant upheavals at first, with the separation of land and water after the planet has cooled to the point where the water can form, and some similar sort of evolution going on in the inside and hidden portion of the planet.


    The next step in the proof of the hollow earth theory is to scan other planets to see if indeed they do have this formation. Earth does, as evidenced by this subsequently withdrawn NASA photograph. Mars also has two polar openings through which gleams have been seen coming out by astronomer Lowell who has studied Mars for more than 25 years. Why are these supposed or so-called “polar caps” of Mars seen to throw a mass of light many miles above the surface of the planet, (when seen in a side view) if they are only of ice ? How could they be so luminous and how could the scientist Lowell see direct gleams from the caps if these were not beams from a direct source ? Those gleams can only be from the interior sun of Mars shining through the polar openings. Mercury, Venus and Pluto also have the so-called “ caps” with indications of a central inner sun as well. When the planet Mars is viewed through a telescope at night, its light is yellow and not white as the light from “snow caps” would be? An incandescent electric light looks yellow when seen from a distance through darkness, so the direct light from the incandescent Martian sun would appear yellow, which Lowell confirms.

    Sundog.jpgGreely in his "Three years of Arctic Service" says a number of interesting things. He remarks that there is always a feeble auroral light even when there is not a brilliant display. The aurora is described as having a very pronounced arch form and also the prismatic colours showing that the aurora is colored through the breaking up of sunlight, just as in the case of a rainbow. He discusses observing a perfectly circular aurora which he calls a mock sun. Enough observations of the aurora were made with specially designed instruments and recorded, to establish the fact that no disturbances of the magnetic needle accompanied the displays, and that there was no noise as is usual with an electrical discharge.

    There are other considerations which show that the aurora is really due to the interior sun. The aurora is brightest when it is white. That shows that when the reflection of the sun is so clear that the total white light is reflected, we get a much brighter effect than when the light is cut up into prismatic colours. In the latter case the atmosphere is damp and dense which is the cause of the rainbow effect.

    If the two sorts of light, that is the sun’s corona and the aurora (if it is the reflection of the central sun), give precisely the same spectroscopic appearances, they must come from precisely similar sources. That is to say, if the corona is light caused by the sun, the aurora must also be light caused by a sun. . When the spectroscopic observation of the sun's corona and the earth's aurora were compared, the light in both cases were found to be the same, and furthermore the sun's corona pulsated in just the same manner as the aurora does. What further proof could anybody need?

    Prof Adolf Nordenskiold found that whenever the sky was clear, and there was no sun or moon, he saw constant in the northeast horizon, and almost always in the exact same spot, a faintly luminous arc so motionless as to be easily measurable. The phenomenon, he concluded, came from an actual aureole, or ring of light surrounding the northern portion of the globe. But the fact that it was circular and steady, showed that it was a reflection of a body that was also circular and steady, and reflected through a circular opening. That body was no less than the interior sun.

    Nordenskiold whose experiences in the Arctic extended over twenty-one years was always accompanied on all his expeditions by a staff of scientists, whose observations are not unsupported guesswork , and whose Arctic expeditions were made under the auspices of the Swedish Government.


    Based upon relative proportions and whatever proportions are known or estimated, these are the most likely approximations:
    The polar openings then, we should put at not less than 1400 miles across in each case. And it is probable that the thickness of the earth’s shell is 800 miles. This means that when a ship sails over the lip of the polar orifice, it is sailing over what may be compared to the circumference of a circle whose diameter is 800 miles. This also means that the curvature would be just as imperceptible as the ordinary curvature of the surface of the earth – which indicates how absurd are some of the notions which critics have of the nature of the apperture.

    The interior sun may be supposed to be 600 miles in diameter, so that the distance between it and any point on the inner surface which it warms is 2900 miles and these figures added give us 8,000 miles, which is the diameter of the earth.

    ARTIST’S IMPRESSION of the Inner Earth, showing the earth bisected
    centrally through the polar openings and at right angles to the equator,
    giving a clear view of the central sun and the interior continents and oceans


    Map_of_the_Interior_World.pngThe earth is continually indulging in small shivers – which can be explained more easily on the hollow earth theory, than if we suppose it to be solid.. These shivers are probably due to the fact that the crust is seamed with great cracks , and occasionally there is a sort of cave-in which will send a tremor throughout the whole shell. Experiments have shown that the earth is in a constant condition of vibration, not discernible to us, of course, but clearly shown by the pendulum and other delicate apparatus by which the tremors were recorded.

    Both earthquakes and volcanoes are phenomena of the surface of the earth only, and do not go deep . Many ARTIST’S IMPRESSION of the Inner Earth, showing the earth bisected centrally through the polar openings and at right angles to the equator, giving a clear view of the central sun and the interior continents and oceans earthquakes are attributed to the existence of “pot holes” which are deep, vast and ramifying caverns in the earth, connected by smaller ones. Where the earth is thus honeycombed, a subterranean landslide may take place at any time, due perhaps to water erosion in the caverns and the result would be a local landslide.

    That volcanoes are purely surface manifestations is further shown by the fact that on many occasions it has been proved that the cause of a volcanic eruption was the ingress of sea water through one or more fissures to the hot base of the mountain. The proof of this is the presence of compounds formed by the salt of the sea water in the lava which was ejected. The geologist Edward S. Grew admits that the “earth is not as solid as it looks nor as solid as it feels”, and makes this very significant confession: “We know that the earth cannot be solid all through because it does not weigh enough.”

    Furthermore he supports the impossibility of a molten interior being held in by a crust. We all know what great tides the sun and moon by their attractions raise in the earth's outer ocean of water. Think what tides they would raise in this vast inner ocean of molten rock and metal. The earth's crust would not be able to hold such tides in. The molten stuff would always be breaking through the outer solid rock as if it were eggshell. Twice a day there would be outbreaks of lava vast enough to submerge continents.”

    Now if the earth is not a solid, rigid body on the one hand or a shell-encrusted viscous or fluid body on the other hand (and as we have seen scientists can prove neither the one thing nor the other), there is left only the one possibility – that the earth is hollow !


    agarthamap.jpgA study was done in Japan and Germany of the tide-like movements of the surface of our earth, of earth tremors and various other movements which we are assured are continually happening beneath our feet, and which are now being observed and recorded. That the earth is breathing is a fact which has received but little recognition.

    Let us refer to one more point: The further one digs into the earth, the hotter it gets. This led to the false belief that eventually it would come to a depth where everything would be in a molten condition. It is now known that there is an increase in temperature, the rate of which decreases. It then ceases to increase at about 13,550 feet; i.e. the heat of the earth's crust does not continue the further down we go, as has always been supposed, and the increase only holds for a short distance.

    Another of the surprises was the discovery that the further north, the greater was the depth to which the ground thawed. Observations showed that the ground thawed to a depth of twenty to thirty feet, whereas the ground ten degrees further south did not thaw to anything like that depth. So based on the temperature of the earth itself, it is clear that after a certain point, the further north the warmer it becomes. It was also observed that when the tide was flowing from the north pole it was found that the water was warmer than when flowing in the opposite direction. As explorers go north beyond the polar ice barrier, they find that the weather and the water instead of becoming colder, gradually begin to get warm again.

    The voluminous observations by the many expeditions over virtually 500 years all lead to the conclusion that once past the frozen ice barrier, there is not only an open polar sea, but a fertile land beyond it. Always the same phenomena … where the climate was expected to grow colder as they approached the “pole”, instead it grew warmer. Even when the wind blew strongly from the north for days on end, they saw no ice borne down from the north. However all reported that the early days of the journey due north had been over an unbroken sea of ice, which however eventually deteriorated and gave way to open water the further north they travelled. It is thought that any land suitable for animal breeding and feeding – such as it is clear there must be, is still further north on the other side of that deep sea, in other words, over the lip of the polar orifice.


    Actual solid poles have never been discovered in the earth's Arctic and Antarctic regions. What Peary discovered was not an actual polar point of solid ice at the northern apex of the world, but rather a point which he identified by the compass needle, which it should be remembered points to the magnetic and not to the geographical pole. Furthermore, bear in mind compass needles giving totally untrue readings in the higher polar latitudes. Neither Peary nor Cook were able to prove that the pole had been reached, and the scientific societies which considered their claims agreed that in neither case could it be said authoritatively that the explorers had reached the pole. The claims were subsequently rescinded.

    Another of the strange contradictions that the polar region presents is the increasing difficulties experienced by explorers in ascertaining just where they were while trying to find the poles which do not exist. Nansen, one of the foremost explorers frankly admitted that he was lost in the Arctic and did not once know just what his bearings were or where he was. And of course, Admiral Richard Byrd, during his flight to the Inner Earth also experienced compass and control problems. The extreme variation of the compass in the polar regions is not due to the fact that the magnetic pole does not coincide with the north or south pole, but is due to the peculiar conformation of the regions. In calculating the magnetic pole's position, geographers have not allowed for the actual shape of the earth at the polar regions.

    THE FLORA & FAUNA OF THE “FROZEN” NORTH (beyond the polar ice barrier):

    General A.W. Greely, arctic explorer and scientist, in recounting his experiences, tells that the wonders of the Arctic regions are so great that he modified his actual notes made at the time, and under-stated them rather than lay himself open to the suspicion of exaggerating.

    Observations by explorers show that birds and animals migrate further to the north to feed and breed instead of down to the south. In fact, when they get into really high latitudes, explorers find a greater wealth of animals and vegetable life than they do in the lower latitudes of the arctic and sub-arctic regions. And they find logs, green budded trees which had evidently been growing only a short time before, and other debris of the land, washed down from the north in those strangely warm currents. It is thought that any land suitable for animal breeding and feeding – such as it is clear there must be, is still further north on the other side of that deep sea; in other words over the lip of the polar orifice.

    It is a fact well attested by whalers and confirmed by fishermen in the northern seas, that inumerable and almost incredible numbers of whales, mackerel, herring and other migratory fish annually come down in the spring season from the arctic seas towards the equator. These shoals from the north are a source of life so prolific and never failing, in shoal after shoal, that one cannot doubt that there must be immense fish-breeding grounds on the other side of the so-called polar ice, for only in a favourable location could these shoals live and breed. It must be remembered that they would require an immense quantity of food, and only in a very temperate sea would enough food grow.

    Regarding animal migration, seals migrate north twice each year, going beyond the icy circle to produce their young and then again to complete their growth; always returning remarkably fat. And reindeer are also seen in the spring coming down from the north in good condition, in droves of eight to ten thousand and are known to return northward in the fall, when the snow gets deep. Short of such an hospitable country as is afforded by the interior of the earth, where could these animals possibly find warmth and food?

    Animal life which for so long had been non-existent to the south, now became more prolific and marine bird life became so crowded together that food foraging became easy for the explorers. Geese fly in rapid flight further northwards in immense flocks. An astonishing variety of birds are noted flying north. The increasing vegetable life, the rise of the thermometer in the water, etc., all have a bearing on the question of a milder climate near the “pole”, and would seem to prove that there is somewhere beyond the frozen belt not penetrated by man, a warm country.


    While the Arctic regions are inhabited by Eskimos, there have never been discovered any traces of human life either near or within the Antarctic circle. Penguins, seals and fish are practically alone in those regions. No Antarctic explorer has ever met a native tribe or seen a native village. In the great sweep of the earth's surface which surrounds the South polar region and extending far into the temperate zone, there has not been found the footprint of man. However, in 1893, Captain Hatfield whose ship The Gladys was completely embayed for a time by icebergs at latitude 43 degrees S, saw signs of human beings having lived for some time on an iceberg. On the northwest side was a beaten track, a place of refuge formed in a sheltered nook on the summit, and apparently five dead men lay on different parts of the berg. There were no indications of life, and since the wicked weather precluded any attempt at further search, The Gladys was kept on course. Subsequent enquiry did not reveal the loss of any ship in the Antarctic prior to this discovery.

    Other icebergs were sighted in this vicinity with sand and earth on them, proving that they too came from a land source. And it was undoubtedly from this same land source that the iceberg upon which were, rocks, earth and five humans, must have come. This is surely a strong presumption that they came from an interior continent the other side of the southern polar orifice. An Antarctic voyaging scientist has noted that many of the seals there had remarkable scars upon their bodies which indicate that they had been hunted, but there were no known hunters or seal hunting industry in the Antarctic.

    In common with the Arctic explorers, Sir Ernest Shackleton of the Antarctic also recorded his bafflement at the number and type of birds flying deeper into the south polar region, and not away as was to be expected.

    INFO extracted from:
    The Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd – Adm. R.E. Byrd
    Journey to the Earth’s Interior - Marshall B. Gardner

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    Default Re: The Hollow Earth - Fact or Fiction

    He`s words are forever in the dairy he kept while on the Ross Barrier,it was read and not understood at all by his pears where he stated "For those who seek it,there is inexhaustible evidence of an all prevading intelligence".

    "Man is not alone"

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