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Thread: Hoe moet ek as gelowige so iemand liefhe?

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    Default Hoe moet ek as gelowige so iemand liefhe?

    Mense ek probeer hard om 'n voorbeeld te wees vir my medemens, om myself af te vra "wat sou Jesus doen" maar hierdie artikel breek my hart en ek is stomgeslaan dat so iemand die aarde kan wandel, ek vra myself wat is die les wat ek hieruit moet leer, en ek is jammer maar geen logiese redenasie kan ek mee opkom nie, ek erken dat dit my vul met haat en mismoedigheid, nou vra ek julle - ons moet mekaar liefhe maar hoe het jy so 'n persoon lief, miskien omdat ek 'n diereaktivis is is dit vir my erger, nee dit is onaanvaarbaar,


    Douglas Barahona to eat a cat, a dog either another animal while still he is alive is not a satanic act nor something revolting. It considers it as something normal and until says that to these they help it meals not to become ill don't mention it. Although it seems incredible, a man of 34 years has been four years of to have changed the rice and the kidney beans by everything what it moves prefer and it alive. Douglas Barahona, a mounter of Cane bulls, is fed on animal that are alive and enjoys to feel how its mouth gives off the head to them while still they move. “I rise and what breakfast is any thing that walks that way, a dove, a chicken, zanate, which is I take hold, them, I take the head to them, I take the blood and later me the control”, explained Barahona. He initiated by chance with this unusual diet four years ago, looking for a weapon to feel like more fort before any sum, because its passion is to dominate to bravest of the bulls, and discovered that to take the blood from an alive animal he gave that strength him. “It was a thing that was born the anything that, it was happened to me, and when me as an alive animal I feel with more energy, more force to dominate the bull, that blood gives one force, that is my secret”, commented. Four days before the sum Douglas Barahona, known in Canes like “Tata”, it looked for a tiernito cat, or a small dog, went away to some pasture and ate it. Arrived the day of the sum it takes in his stock market a bat and shortly before raising the back of the bull eats it.
    According to Barahona, this secret him has allowed to have more force to dominate to any bull and for that reason it will continue it doing always, and as it feels that type of meat and blood is very healthful, decided to make them part of his daily feeding.

    bron: care2

    kommentaar en antwoorde please!
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    Default Re: Hoe moet ek as gelowige so iemand liefhe?


    In die eerste plek, sal ek nie enigiets wat ek lees sommer voor die voet glo nie, en behoorlik navorsing doen. Die mens is ongelukkig van nature heeltemaal te geneig om sensasie vir brekfis te wil eet.

    Formal complaint filed in case of Cañas man's strange diet
    By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

    The most controversial news story in Costa Rica is not about the free trade treaty. It's not about narcotraffickers or even about robbers and scamsters. It's about a man who, they claim, eats cats.

    Such a wacky story normally would be confined to discussions between the newspaper that published it and readers. But The World Society for the Protection of Animals made the issue a public one Friday when it announced that it had filed a criminal complaint.

    The object of the complaint is a man named Douglas Barahona of Cañas. He was depicted July 20 in El Diario Extra eating a small chicken and a cat, both presumably alive when he started.

    El Diario Extra is known for putting the dead body of the day on Page One and using other sensational, newspaper-selling techniques. The newspaper also has a reputation of publishing the most sensational available version of the truth.

    Whether the story of the animal eater is true or a fabrication is yet to be determined. Newspapers have been known to publish hoaxes. And members of the public have been known to trick newspaper reporters and photographers.

    Nevertheless, the story was republished in English elsewhere, and animal lovers have been, well, clawing at El Diaro Extra since.

    The newspaper responded by publishing last week an unkind column by Mario Ugalde, a subdirector. He said, in part that "many animals live better than the average Costa Rican and surely many of their defenders have their fathers in an old folks home so as not to inconvenience the dog of the house." He also noted the obvious, that readers eat cows, pigs and chickens that have to be butchered.

    Perhaps what upset animals lovers the most was the newspaper's front page photo of Barahona gnawing on the kitten. Inside was a series of photos also supposedly showing him eating a live chick. Such antics have been popular for centuries in carnivals and sideshows. The word geek used to mean one who bites the heads off animals instead of the current computer nerd reference.

    Now the matter is in the hands of the Ministerio Pública, the nation's prosecutor, in Cañas. The animal protection society alleged cruelty to animals and, strangely, bestiality, although there was no indication of the later sex crime in the Diario Extra article. The charges come under Artículo 382 of the penal code for which the punishment is a fine. The cruelty to animals prohibition is in the same league as public drunkenness and using obscene words and gestures. Bron
    Let op die datum van die gekwoteerde aanhaling - 30 Julie 2007. Dit is die tipiese manier waarop 'n internet "hoax" voorkom. Dieselfde storie dop elke nou en dan in dieselfde gewaad op 'n nuwe webblad of in 'n nuwe epos-sirkulasie uit - net om gou nog 'n paar goedgelowiges naar te maak. Jy ken die stories van die vigs-bloed in KFC tamatiesous pakkies, en die besmette naalde in die speel areas van MacDonalds, en die hoenders wat spesiaal vir KFC geteël word sonder voete of snawels, en, en, en....

    Ek is glad nie oortuig die storie is waar nie, maar kom ons gestel dit is... dink jy daar gebeur nie elke dag sulke dinge op hierdie vreemde planeet van ons nie? Dink jy nie daar gebeur selfs baie erger dinge met mense en selfs kinders nie?

    Om jou vraag te beantwoord uit my persoonlike oogpunt - ek dink nie daar word van jou verwag om so iemand "lief te hê" nie, maar om 'n vreemdeling wat jy nie ken nie en wat nie eens in die selfde land of op dieselfde vasteland as jy woon nie te haat - is regtig net vir jou eie eie siel skadelik. Hy weet nie eens hoe jy voel nie en jou emosie maak aan hom absoluut geen verskil nie - maar aan jou eie saligheid doen dit wel. Jy kan sy dade afkeur, maar jy ken nie die persoon nie en weet nie wat sy omstandighede is, of hy dalk 'n geestes-siekte het, en of dit dalk algemene gebruik is in sy gemeenskap nie (soos bulle met kaal hande doodmaak in KZN?) - en dan heel laaste weet jy mos ook hoe 'n dodelike stukkie gereedskap Photoshop is, nê?
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