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  • The Christian Goddess

    The Christian Goddess

    There are several female Deities that can lay claim to the title Christian goddess. Mary, the Mother of Jesus/Yeshua, first comes to mind. There is Mary Magdalene the “Goddess in the Gospels” the Church refused to acknowledge as the wife of Yeshua and probably co-Messiah. “Mary” is a Greek pronunciation of the Hebrew name Miriam or Miriamne. There are many theories about this name, such as Mary might not even be a name, but a title meaning Priestess of Goddess.

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  • Genocide of the Holy Bloodline

    Genocide of the Holy Bloodline


    Genocide of the Holy Bloodline

    By Dan Green

    Just about everything imaginable has been either said or suggested about the biblical figure presented to us as Mary Magdalene. That much we can agree. The most favoured and recent of the many hypothesis is that she was the partner of the historical and biblical figurehead Jesus carrying his child and along with that the continuation of a Holy Bloodline. This Mary figure, who after the biblical account where she was the first to visit the tomb of the rising Christ, simply vanishes from record yet warrants becoming an object of character assassination by the Catholic Church and added to their tarnishing of all things female by virtue of Original Sin propaganda and inventing us the lie that she was a prostitute. This enigmatic Mary must have been a potent female in particular, an actual spiritual Teacher who had a following whose importance may well have been thought better removed in order to satisfy a preferred emphasis on a male Jesus figure to cater for the deep-seated homosexual tendencies that have now been brought to light by the exposure of systematic and covered up Catholic Church child abuse in both USA and Ireland and suspected in many other countries if not all where Catholicism is rooted. That the figure of Mary Magdalene may well have been far more important in history than we could have imagined, eclipsing that of the male Jesus storyline as it is told, may well be one of the better secrets held in relation to her and the mystery attached to Rennes-le-Chateau. Is her connection with blood – menstruation – the one thing a male church hierarchy loathed, to menstruate being ‘men’s true hate’? Was this enigmatic Mary considered such a threat that she was physically removed from accurate recordings of history that would displease the Church, preferring an emphasis on an elevated and deified male Jesus figure? This story line may be some two thousand years ago, but in that time human nature has changed little and powerful women who worry the residing male authority of the day are usually removed, Princess Diana and Benazir Bhutto being two recent examples. Could a pregnant Mary Magdalene have been demised?
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  • Destruction of texts and deification of Jesus

    Destruction of texts and deification of Jesus

    Tony Bushby said in his book entitled “The Bible Fraud” that his study to the version of the Holy Bible known as (Codex Sinai), the oldest version of the Holy Bible that discovered in Sinai which was said that it was dated back to the fourth century, demonstrated 14800 contradictories to the present the Holy Bible.
    Accordingly, this proves how much changes and modifications such a book really suffers from.

    The researcher confirmed that no one can know the real condition...
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  • Die Witman se Geloof – Die Hamer van Thor - I

    Die Witman se Geloof – Die Hamer van Thor - I

    Die Witman se Geloof
    Die Hamer van Thor - I

    Deur: Waldor

    Ek het in die reeks “Dawid se Slingervel of Die Hamer van Thor” daarop gewys dat die grondlegging, en die hele geskiedenis van die Christen geloof, nie die ‘Woord van God’ kan wees nie. Die basis van my réde is dat die legio valshede en weerspreking wat dwarsdeur die Bybel gedy, nie vereenselwig kan word met ‘n Onberispelike, Alomteenwoordige, Almagtige Skepper God nie. Verder is die prinsiepe daarin vervat moreel onaanvaarbaar.

    Ek glo dat ek die moontlikheid van “Dawid se Slingervel” empiries uitkanselleer het. Verder het ek in die heel eerste artikel dit baie duidelik gestel dat ek met die alternatief - “Die Hamer van Thor” - nie na ‘n letterlike ‘Thor’ verwys nie maar na die: “...prinsipiële verteenwoordiger van die Aries religieuse begrip en moraliteit – die mitologiese verpersoonliking van die Nordiese karakter.” Daarmee bedoelende, die dieper waardes en betekenis agter die mitologiese verhale. Die Ou Testament is op die beurt die mitologie van die Israeliete en is soos enige mitologie, ‘n verpersoonliking van hulle psige omdat dit ontspring het uit hul moraliteit - soos waar dapperheid en heroïsme daarin gesien word om ‘n klip te slinger wanneer jy uitgedaag word vir ‘n tweegeveg met swaarde,...
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